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AutoLISP Routines Part II
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 File Name	     Date	Size		Description
DD.ZIP07-Mar-20011070There are actually two lisp routines in one. You can produce detail designators with Circle or Elleptical shape around your detail. Specify detail desegnator location, type detail No. and sheet it will be shown.
DDA.ZIP07-Mar-2001149307This program calculates the area of a polyline and writes the area as well as user supplied data to a text file. This data can then be brought into a datbase or spreadsheet program like Excel.
DDAREA.ZIP07-Mar-20012800dda.lsp (DD Area) is an AutoLisp program for use with AutocadŽ. This program calculates the area of a polyline, boundary, or selected entities and writes the area as well as user supplied data to the selected point on the drawing and or a text file.
DDATTE.ZIP30-Jan-19944758Revised version of DDATEXT.LSP that fixes two bugs. 1. Explicit selections ignored and extract always global. 2. Does not honor noun/verb entity selection. From Tony Tanzillo.
DDBS.ZIP18-Mar-1995110283"Suite of AutoLISP and DCL routines for manipulating layers according to the ""Layer Naming Convention for CAD in the Construction Industry"" from the British BS1192 standard."
DDCONV.ZIP07-Mar-20015409An AutoLisp program using DCL that performs conversions between metric and english. Compatible with AutoCad R12, R13 DOS and Windows.
DDOOR.ZIP01-Jan-19901794AutoLISP program to draw double doors.
DEBUG.ZIP01-Jan-19903788AutoLISP program to aid in the debugging of AutoLISP programs.
DEBUGLSP.ZIP14-Jan-19952129Lisp routine useful in debugging Lisp routines. Place a break function within the code being debugged. Set TEST to a non-nil value and run the routine. Program will pause at the break so user can determine variable values at the time.
DELBLK.ZIP01-Jan-19901424AutoLISP program to slectivly delete blocks from drawing.
DELLAYR.ZIP01-Jan-19901163AutoLISP program to delete all items on a layer.
DETAIL-EN.ZIP07-Mar-200116398DETAIL - The DETAIL command creates an enlargement of a specified area of a 2D drawing. It also labels the detail and the enlargement with the detail name and scale factor.
DETAIL.ZIP20-Dec-199212389AutoLISP routine to explode a portion of a drawing for a detail in a baloon.
DIARY.ZIP27-Nov-199313501Lsip desk diary for AutoCAD 12.0 that provides a monthly calendar from January 1993 through December; 1997. Allows notes to be placed within the calendar.
DIMISO.ZIP01-Jan-19901804AutoLISP program to dimension in isometric mode.
DIMMER.ZIP01-Jan-19901058AutoLISP program to toggle feet and inch dimension variable.
DISTANCE.ZIP01-Jan-19901206AutoLISP program to measure distances.
DIVAREA.ZIP07-Mar-20011796DIVAREA.LSP Land division utility. Divide boundaries in equal areas or parcels
DIVDIST.ZIP01-Aug-19932952"AutoLISP routine that places marker or lines on an entity at equal or given intervals OR places markers or lines on a path specified ""on the fly"" at equal or given intervals."
DLEADE.ZIP14-Jan-199515816LISP code to let users pick combinations of leader line styles. Friendly dialog box shows what types are available.
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