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There are 26 files in the 3-D AutoLISP category:

File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
3D.ZIP01-Jan-19902991Three dimensional domes; spheres; cones; and dishes.
3DARRAY.ZIP01-Jan-19903536AutoLISP program for creating graphical three dimensional arrays.
3DCIRC.ZIP01-Jan-19902306AutoLISP program for circles in 3-D space.
3DCURV.ZIP01-Jan-19901392AutoLISP program for curves in 3-D space
3DFF.ZIP20-May-19942269Written by Tim Johnson. AutoLisp program which will construct a simple 3D footing and foundation. A nice companion to 3DHouse and 3DHouse2.
3DFILL.ZIP01-Jan-19902244AutoLISP program for solid fills in 3-D space.
3DFUNC.ZIP01-Jan-199015794 Functions to create 3D Faces
3DFURN.LSP16-Oct-1996148113d furniture construction; Creates basic 3d cabinets; tables; and two types of chairs based on user supplied input. Program allows for the creation of multiple objects.
3DL.ZIP08-Mar-19921564LISP routine to draw 3-D lines by selecting x; y coordinates of an onscreen entity and entering 2 coordinates through the keyboard.
3DTUBE.ZIP25-Feb-19923122"This program will take a polyline; 2D or 3D; and use it as the centerline for a tube. The number of segments are supplied by the user through ""Surftab1"" and ""surftab2""."
BRK3DFAC.ZIP07-Mar-20011401This function was developed for breaking walls while INSERTing 3d Window/Door Sections. The Walls are created using anticlockwise direction.
CHGELEV.ZIP04-Jul-19921901LISP routine to change elevation of 3-D entities in a selection set; relocating entity to the new location.
COIL.ZIP01-Jan-19901558AutoLISP program to creat coils in 3-D space.
CYLIND.ZIP01-Jan-19901570AutoLISP program to create 3-D cylinders.
C_SECT.ZIP01-Jan-199019986AutoLISP program to create three dimensional drawings from sections.
DOME.ZIP01-Jan-19901327AutoLISP program to create 3-D domes.
FPLOT.ZIP21-Mar-19932690Plot the function of two variables. Can make a three dimensional polygon mesh representing the values of a function in two variables across a specefied range of values for the two variables with a defined resolution.
HF.ZIP19-Jul-19944376Makes the edges of 3dfaces invisible. This makes 3D drawings appear like isometrics.
PYRAMID.ZIP21-Mar-19932839"Constructs various tetrahedrons and pyramids with a flatbase on the X-Y plane with either 3 or 4 corners; using""3DFACES"". Can construct pyramids with flat tops; which may be closed or left open."
P_SURF.ZIP01-Jan-19901869AutoLISP program to create polygon surfaces.
R_SURF.ZIP01-Jan-19904290AutoLISP program to create revolved surfaces.
SOLID_3D.ZIP01-Jan-19901456AutoLISP program to create three dimensional solids.
SPHERE.ZIP01-Jan-19901496AutoLISP program to create three dimensional spheres.
SPIRAL.ZIP01-Jan-19901489AutoLISP program to create spirals in 3-D space.

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