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File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
ACOMP.ZIP19-Mar-199460503Release 12 386 Real Mode ADS application with extra AutoLISP functions for DOS file compression/decompression. May be used to compress symbol libraries and slide collections.
BCCADS.ZIP15-Sep-19932540Compiles real-mode ADS programs for ACAD12 using Borland's C++ 3.1 compiler. USes the environmental variables APATH; BPATH; and SWITCHES to set thing sup. Change the variables APATH and BPATH to point to the appropriate directories.
BLKLIB1.ZIP05-Mar-199547502AutoCAD ADS program that uses slides and scrolling list boxes to display blocks for insertion. All blocks are stored in a single drawing. The program allows for 10 seperate headings that can be customised by the user.
DOSLIB.ZIP24-Jul-199491294ADS application that adds DOS command line functionality to the AutoLISP programmign language. Extends DOS capabilities offered by current AutoLISP functions. Change between drives; check free disk space; make/change/remove directories; files; etc.
LSPPLT.ZIP27-Nov-199330387Protected mode ADS program which lets you access ACAD R12 plot dialog box from within a Lisp routine. Lets you run a datestamp routine; for example; then invoke the Plot command and have the plot dialog box appear for the user.

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