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File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
6CYL.ZIP01-Jan-199090388Animator movie of three dimensional 6 cylinder engine. Need AADEMO to view this file.
AADEMO.ZIP01-Jan-199012881Runtime version of the Autodesk Animator. Use this to view Animator movies.
AAPLAYER.ZIP20-Dec-1992270183A utility for playing Animator movies under Microsoft Windows. Supporsts DLL (dynamic link library). Supports MIDI and other sound formats. Also can manage scripts.
ANI-MATE.ZIP24-Jun-199835155Ani-MATE is a dialogue driven package designed to generate and display animation sequences from within AutoCAD r12;13 & 14
CATWALK.ZIP01-Jan-199023687Animator movie of Cat walking. Use AADEMO.EXE to view.
CLOWN.ZIP01-Jan-1990146404Animator movie of a rotating clowns head.
DANCAD44.ZIP22-Nov-1993857473-D dancad automater demo and program.
DOGBOT.ZIP01-Jan-199037099Animator movie of Mechanical robot dog running.
DTA15E.ZIP04-Jul-199239752A command line utility designed to post process TARGA-24 files by ray-tracers; and can create an Animator .FLI file or a .COL pallete file.
FISH.ZIP01-Jan-199063659Animator movie of fishs in aquarium.
FLY.ZIP01-Jan-199017583Animator movie of Jets.
HANDS.ZIP01-Jan-199085967Animator movie of hands.
QUICKFLI.ZIP04-Jul-19928864A simple player for 256 color VGA animations generated by AutoDESK Animator. .EXE file is only 13;706(1/6th the size of AAPLAY.EXE from ADESK); good for including with .FLI flics that are going to be compressed; for smallest compression.
STOOGES.ZIP19-Dec-199156392AutoDESK Animator movie of the Three Stooges.
TALKHEAD.ZIP01-Jan-199041350Animator movie of a talking head. Use AADEMO to display.

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