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File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
1HRPAR.ZIP22-Jan-19941870Draws a 1 hour fire partition or smoke partition at any angle.
2DLDR.ZIP20-May-19942475Written by Brigitte Robertson. AutoLisp program which will draw a 2D ladder front and side view; as well as dimension the views.
2LINE.ZIP02-Mar-19922052AutoLISP routine to create double lines where a single line would be used; such as in drawing double lines to represent walls in an architectural drawing.
AC-DDMDOOR.ZIP07-Mar-200120646DDMDOOR v 2.0 © 2000 by Asbjørn Værnes. Door creator for Intellicad/Autocad. Ddmdoor is a fast and versatile tool for inserting 2D doors. Customize the door creation mode to meet your company's standards. Includes advanced layer handling options (set it and forget it). Preset entity type to polyline/block. Preset units to mm/cm/m.
ACAD2.ZIP17-Jan-199461880Various drawing blocks for architectural drawing. Included are doors windows & lumber.
ACADARCH.ZIP01-Jan-199059051Standard symbols and details for Architectural design
ADIMDE.ZIP13-Mar-1995165788DCL driven tool to create and manipulate architectural dimensions according to conventions of German architects. Working demo for AutoCAD R12 and R13. Documentation is in German; but English versions are available.
AMSTAN.ZIP07-Jul-1995119813 Samples from the American Standard 3d symbols library; THE SYMBOLS ARE 3D/WIRE-FRAME BATHROOM BLOCKS WITH ATTRIBUTES.
ARCAD.ZIP14-Jan-199566648Information about ArCAD; in a Windows help file. ArCAD is an architectural add-on for AutoCAD R10-12.
ARCHBLK1.ZIP18-Feb-199549147architectural symbols part 1 of 3
ARCHBLK2.ZIP18-Feb-199567290architectural symbols part 2 of 3
ARCHBLK3.ZIP18-Feb-199574767architectural symbols part 3 of 3
ARCHITEC.ZIP07-Jul-199547752Over 80 Architectural Symbols; Sofa; Tables; Cabinets; etc.
ARCHLIB.ZIP01-Jan-19909352Standard Architectural library of AutoCAD symbols and details.
ARCHSYM.ZIP07-Jul-199525655Collection of 25 2D Symbols for Architectural Plans
AREAX10.ZIP02-Mar-2001184709AreaX v1.0 AreaX (formerly Area EXpert) is an AutoLISP program for managing/calculating areas in drawing by exploiting the power of AutoCAD's attribute entity. Performs easy multiple areas calculation, customizeable area annotations, automating creation of thumbnail-style annotation gallery/library, creates customized table from defined areas (support filtered fields), import & export table for easy interaction with spreadsheet apps FREEWARE - Programmed in AutoLISP AutoCAD R14/2000
ARQLIB.DWG19-Dec-2000443169Collection of 180+ architectural symbols,including bedroom, bathroom, kitchen furniture, appliances etc. In Autocad R14 Ver.
BATT.ZIP01-Jan-19903413AutoLISP program to insert HVAC batting.
BEAMS.ZIP01-Jan-19901379AutoLISP program for drawing beams.
BEVEL-LTRT.ZIP07-Mar-200121081This routine design to create standard bevel slope indicator. It will prompt user on which side to create it L or R, than it will prompt for user for integer A - top, B - vertical, it will ask for insertion point, insert block and calculate angle.
BRICK.ZIP07-Mar-20013904This program draws courses of brick in section (typically used in wall section drawings). The number of courses can be entered numerically (i.e. number of courses) or a two points can be picked. Brick is hatched and mortar joints are drawn.
CEILGRID.ZIP01-Jan-19908401AutoLISP program to generate variable ceiling grids.
CENTROID.ZIP01-Jan-19901947Basic program to calculate the centroid from a .DXF file. Use with
CIV2ARCH.ZIP01-Jan-19906073"AutoLISP program to convert drawings created with civil units (ie. 1.0 = 1'-0"") to architectural units (ie. 1.0 = 0'-1"")."
CLEANUP.ZIP01-Jan-19901276AutoLISP program to cleanup various wall intersections.
CROSS.ZIP01-Jan-19901938AutoLISP program to clean-up crossing walls.
CWINDOW.ZIP01-Apr-19902070No longer supported. AutoLISP program to draw casement windows.
DBEAM.ZIP01-Jan-19902334AutoLISP program to draw wooden beams.
DDOOR.ZIP01-Jan-19901794AutoLISP program to draw double doors.
DOOR.ZIP01-Jan-19901396AutoLISP program to create door swings.
DOOR2DEMO.ZIP07-Mar-20019191Door Creator V2.0 - copyright 1998 William Byrne III, Dialog driven autolisp routine to insert doors into walls. Fully customizable, many options. Works with R12 - R2000.
DRYWALL.ZIP20-Dec-1992150360Drywall and metal stud estimating database program; creates .dbf files; which can be imported into AutoCAD through another utility.
FYPON001.ZIP07-Feb-19961438576FyponCAD 1 of 2 Mouldings & Millwork Blocks; Complete set from Fypon Inc.Includes Autocad Menu; Requires AutoCAD R12 or higher
FYPON002.ZIP07-Feb-1996803680FyponCAD 2 of 2 Mouldings and Millwork Blcoks
GRIDLINE.ZIP01-Jan-19901826AutoLISP program to create variable grid and column lines.
HANDRAW20.ZIP07-Mar-20017699HANDRAW 2.1 for AutoCAD R9 @ R14 LISP routine to extend lines, arcs and plines Your drawings will look like drawn by hand. Allow fixed length extension or random values. Ideal for architects for rendering purposes. SHAREWARE - EVALUATION COPY ONLY
HRAILS.ZIP09-May-1994330393Six AutoLISP programs that draw elevation views of straight run schedule 40 pipe handrail. Automatically evenly spaced posts; rails & pickets. Unlimited overall length. Coped ends where applicable. Wedge-lock connectors. Material cut-list generator.
INSUL-BATT.ZIP07-Mar-20011716This program draws a polyline in the shape of insulation. The user enters or picks the insulation width; and enters or picks the insulation length and angle.
LADDER.ZIP01-Jan-19901632AutoLISP program to create ladders.
LADDERS.ZIP01-Jan-19902359AutoLISP program to create ladders.
LOAD.ZIP01-Jan-199099366Program to analyxe beam loads
MOMENT.ZIP01-Jan-19902068Basic program to perform calculations of Moment of Inertia on .dxf files. Use with Centroid.
MOMENTS.ZIP01-Jan-19902222AutoLISP program to calulate moment of Inertia on drawings with hatched object.
MVMAKE.ZIP15-Jan-19951609Creates views for each existing mview (paperspace viewport). Can be attached to mvsetup or used as a standalone utility.
PLYWD.ZIP19-Nov-19942756Draws plywood in section from a single starting line.
POLYAREA.ZIP07-Mar-20011916POLYAREA.LSP A program to calculate the area of all closed polylines representing rooms. A user-defined text file is created that contains a list of individual room numbers and areas. The total area of all of the rooms on the selected layer is also given. For ACAD2000 only.
RAILROAD.ZIP01-Jan-19901373AutoLISP program to aid in railroad layout.
RELITE.ZIP01-Jan-19901356No longer supported. AutoLISP program to place relite symbols.
SITE.ZIP07-Jul-19952249917 Blocks for Site Plans; Handicaped Symbol; Baseball diamond; Courts of Basketball; Tennis; etc.
STAIR.ZIP08-May-199451637Draw stair stringers and dimension them with a special fraction font standard to steel industry. Horizontal & vertical dimension porgram included. Detailer chooses stair pan style. Includes bolted treads & checkered plate.
STAIRCAL.ZIP01-Jan-19902544AutoLISP program to calculate stairways.
STEEL.ZIP01-Jan-19902216AutoLISP programs to create steel shapes.
STEELX.ZIP01-Jan-199013800AutoLISP programs to create steel shapes.
STUDWALL.ZIP12-Oct-19967754Construct 3D Stud Walls ver 2.7 Minimum Of Release 12 AutoCAD Required, Initger Based Sizes Only, Wood or Metal Construction, Wall Centerlines Included, Door or Window Openings, Jacks, Headers, & Plates, Verify Header Sizes With Local Codes, All Wood Headers, Maximum 9" Thick Walls ( Single Digit ),Limited Height Checking.
TILE.ZIP07-Jul-199587735Collection of Flooring Tiles; contains Laticrete Architectural specifications for AutoCAD; Basic thin bed system ceramic tile; Pavers; Brick and stone details.Tile;Pavers;Brick or Stone Facade/Wall over concrete. flooring with optional waterproof membrane
WALL.ZIP01-Jan-19901799AutoLISP program to draw walls.
WALLBEAM.ZIP19-Aug-1996Lisp Routine Construct Wall Beams Wood or Metal
WALLS1.ZIP08-Jul-199229901No longer supported. A wall generation LISP routine set for architectural floor plans with ACAD.MNU file for menu driven use of routines; creates parallel lines as walls; joins walls and cleans up intersections.
WIND.ZIP01-Jan-19901438AutoLISP program to create windows.
WINDOW.ZIP01-Jan-19901341No longer supported. AutoLISP program to create windows.
WIN_12.ZIP22-Nov-19943894Draws windows with multiple mullions in plan view between any two lines at any angle. Places mullions and glass on the current layer and wall jambs on the same layer as the walls.
WOOD1.ZIP01-Jan-19904382Program to calculate wood beams.

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