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File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
ACAD_BM.ZIP01-Jan-19901621AutoCAD benchmark test. Used as a standard AutoCAD speed test.
BENCH12.ZIP05-Mar-19956193A new AutoCAD benchmark which shows the changes in preformance in AutoCAD with different display-list drivers. This shows the actual AutoCAD preformance; including the working environment and the overall effect on your AutoCAD system.
CADBENCH.ZIP30-Jan-1994237897AutoCAD benchmark program for release 12. Requires the drawing files in CADB_2.ZIP to run the test on.
CADB_2.ZIP30-Jan-199450022Drawing files STPAULS and SITE-3D required to run the CADbench 12.0 benchmark program.
GRPERF.ZIP20-Dec-199250817A benchmark suite for measuring relative performance of graphics dsiplay hardware and drivers used in conjunction with AutoCAD release 10 and 11. Useful in evaluating relative performance of display boards and DLP ADI drivers.

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