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There are 31 files in the AutoCAD Blocks Furniture category:

File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
ARCHFURN.ZIP19-Dec-199184731AutoCAD furniture and fixture symbol library drawings.
CHAIR.ZIP12-Apr-19951546AutoCAD block of a chair.
CHAIR1.DWG02-Aug-1996440003d Secretary chair w/ armrests
CHAIR2.DWG02-Aug-19961540003d Secretary chair w/out armrest
CHAIR3.DWG02-Aug-19961390003d Secretary chair w/ armrests tubular
CHAIR5.DWG02-Aug-19961170003d Secretary chair w/out armrests telescopic
CHAIR7.DWG02-Aug-19961700003d Sofa with center table
CHAIR_3D.ZIP24-Jul-199319700AutoCAD release 10.0 3D drawing of an office chair.
DECK.ZIP01-Jan-19906406AutoCAD Drawing of a wooden deck.
FCHAIR.ZIP01-Jan-19901525AutoCAD block of a chair.
FILECAB.ZIP01-Jan-19901416AutoCAD Block of a file cabinet.
IBMPC.ZIP01-Jan-19902799AutoCAD drawing of an IBM Personal Computer.
OFFICAD.ZIP08-Jul-199250104A collection of 82 office furniture block drawings for symbol library use; ACAD release 2.0.
PC.ZIP01-Jan-19901172AutoCAD Drawing of a Personal Computer.
PHONE.ZIP01-Jan-19901962AutoCAD Block of a Ma Bell phone.
SCHAIR.ZIP01-Jan-19901999AutoCAD Block of a chair.
SDESK.ZIP01-Jan-19901542AutoCAD block of a desk.
SINK.ZIP01-Jan-19901580AutoCAD block of a sink.
SOFA.ZIP01-Jan-19901527AutoCAD block of a sofa.
SPEAKER.ZIP24-Jul-19937951AutoCAD release 10.0 2D drawing of an external speaker adapter card for the IBM PC and compatibles; listing parts needed and technical notes.
TABLE1.DWG09-May-199611000Round center table w/4 chairs Plan View
TABLE2.DWG09-May-199611000Round center table w/5 chairs Plan View
TABLE3.DWG09-May-199612000Rectangluar conference table w/8 chairs Plan View
TABLE4.DWG09-May-199613000Rectangular conference table w/12 chairs Plan View
TABLE5.DWG09-May-199611000Round center table w/6 chairs Plan View
TABLE6.DWG09-May-199615000Rectangular conference table w/16 chairs Plan View
TRASHCAN.ZIP01-Jan-19901477AutoCAD block of a trash can.
TUB.ZIP01-Jan-19901418AutoCAD block of a bath tub.
WC.ZIP01-Jan-19901535AutoCAD block of a toilet.
XCHAIR.ZIP01-Jan-19902233AutoCAD block of a chair.
XDESK.ZIP01-Jan-19901471AutoCAD block of a desk..

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