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File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
ACDLOGIC.ZIP04-Jul-199210151A collection of symbols for insertion of logic schematics; includes and; or; nor; xor; ohm and more; in AutoCAD release 9.0 format.
ATTEXLPD.ZIP17-Jan-19941858AutoLisp routine to explode a block & keep the attribute values intact.
ATTREDEF.ZIP17-Jan-19943308AutoLisp file to redefine a block and update the attributes assoiated with previous insertions of that block.
BLKMGR.ZIP08-Jul-19927837Block utility using screen menu that lists and inserts; wblock; mslide or renames blocks. Has block insert cycle routine to greatly aid wblock and slide making at same time to same directory. List programming to pare blocks list.
BNAME.ZIP02-Mar-19921243A LISP routine to return the name only of a selected block.
BORDER.ZIP01-Jan-19901286Standard size AutoCAD border.
BORDERB.ZIP01-Jan-19901535Standard 'B' size border.
BORDERC.ZIP01-Jan-19901777Standard 'C' size border.
CENTER.ZIP01-Jan-19901514AutoCAD block of standard center line symbol.
CERTILE.ZIP19-Dec-1991137473Ceramic tile details and drawings and specification text files. Drawings are in rel 2.1 file format.
CHAIR.DWG01-Jan-19901546AutoCAD block of a chair.
EVERTREE.ZIP04-Jul-199229953A collection of 12 evergreen tree block drawings for symbol library use; ACAD release 2.0.
FLOW.ZIP01-Jan-19903183AutoCAD Block of a flow arrow.
GTS.ZIP04-Jul-199225892An AutoCAD macro that allows you to pick a Geometric Tolerence Symbol from an Icon menu and inserts it at the proper scale in your drawing.
H1.ZIP08-Mar-200140817Block of a 3D Man walking, render ready. Scale 1:1 in metric
H2.ZIP08-Mar-200142228Block of a 3D Man walking with a briefcase. Render ready. Scale 1:1 metric
HCPARK.ZIP01-Jan-19905571AutoCAD block of a standard handicapped parking symbol.
M1.ZIP08-Mar-200160209Block of a Woman sitting with legs crossed, Render ready. Scale 1:1 metric
M2.ZIP08-Mar-200143279Block of a standing older Woman, render ready, Scale 1:1 metric
M3.ZIP08-Mar-2001494333D Block of a young Woman walking, Render ready, Scale 1:1 metric
M4.ZIP08-Mar-200143832Another 3D Block of a Woman walking with textures applied, Render ready, Scale 1:1 metric.
M5.ZIP08-Mar-200143498Another 3D Block of a Woman standing with textures applied, Render ready, Scale 1:1 metric.
M6.ZIP08-Mar-200148289Another 3D Block of a Woman standing with textures applied, Render ready, Scale 1:1 metric.
M7.ZIP08-Mar-200143934Another 3D Block of a Woman siting with textures applied, Render ready, Scale 1:1 metric.
NUTS.ZIP19-Dec-199186181Nuts and bolts symbol library.
PIPELIB.ZIP05-Jul-1992201218A collection of 238 piping block symbols in release 9.0 format. Includes pipe fittings and equipment drawings.
PIPESYM1.ZIP09-May-199435959A collection of piping block symbols for creating flow chart diagrams.
PIPESYM2.ZIP09-May-199449514A collection of piping block symbols for creating flow chart diagrams.
SCREWIT.ZIP22-Nov-1993149383Total screw library.
SHARELIB.ZIP03-Jan-199593312 Drawings containing 7 window elevation blocks; and 11 plan blocks asorted (tub;doors;wc;sink;etc)…The beginning of a Library
TBLOCK.ZIP01-Jan-19909028AutoCAD Title Block.
TEMPLT.ZIP23-Jan-1995203610Block cataloging and retrieval system that works within AutoCAD. Similar to the WBLOCK command; but places all wblocks into an icon menu automatically. The wblock can then be picked visually from the icon menu and inserted into a drawing.
TITLEB.ZIP01-Jan-19902232AutoCAD B-size Title block.
TITLEC.ZIP01-Jan-19902165AutoCAD C-size Title block.
TITLED.ZIP01-Jan-19901977AutoCAD D-size Title block.
TITLE_1.ZIP01-Jan-19902015AutoCAD Title block.
TREE.ZIP09-May-199412643Assortment of 6 tree elevations.
WBLK.ZIP19-Jan-19942575Autolisp file writes AutoCAD block reference to specified directory.
Y14_5M.ZIP04-Jul-1992180891ANSI block symbol libraries for AutoCAD release 9 and 10.

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