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File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
3DPEOPLE.ZIP08-Mar-1992132778Demo slide show run inside ACAD of 3-D People blocks available from vendor for use in 2-D and 3-D drawings; can be modified from pulldown menu at time of insertion.
ADT.ZIP19-Nov-1994200130File access and document amangement utility for AutoCAD R12 DOS. Works inside drawing editor. Features a drawing file viewer; drawing file album; and a file finder. Demo version works for 10 minutes at a time.
AMDEMO.ZIP19-Dec-1991301652Working demo version of Cyco's AutoManager file viewing utility; haslimited ability in demo version.
DIMVAR.ZIP25-Feb-199250631Interactively controls DIMVAR & Units settins by highlighting and press of spacebar to toggle or edit. Settings can be saved for retrieval; supports rel 10 & 386 DOS. Graphic screen shows default & custom effects in comm. version; disabled in demo ver.
ELECSO.ZIP19-Sep-1994444356Fully functional demonstration version of an ADS application for residential and commercial electrical drafting and design. Runs under Release 12 for Windows.
FACTCAD.ZIP01-Jan-1990109454AutoCAD Demo of Factory CAD; an industrial factory layout program. Material flow diagramming and reporting. Relationship diagramming and scoring. Industrial CAD tools and symbols. For AutoCAD for Windows; DOS and Sun.
FASTPLOT.ZIP01-Jan-199019879AutoCAD demo of Fastplot; a plot spooler.
FOUND.ZIP01-Jan-199014863AutoCAD demo of Foundation; an application to aid in creation of concrete foundations.
HASSHOUS.ZIP01-Jan-199066066Demo of Hass House; application software for residential fire protection design running inside AutoCAD.
LIGHTZM.ZIP01-Jan-1990126914AutoCAD Demonstration package of Lighting Zoom; an EGA/VGA card display list software to provide instantaneous pans and zooms.
OCAD3.ZIP19-Nov-1994307136Demo of a parametric design tool. Users can create 2D & 3D designs and define associative links between object instances. Objects are compiled and new instances and edit instances can be created from within the AutoCAD drawing.
PARADE.ZIP15-Sep-1994463653Automates parametric design for mechanical drafting. Use any .DWG file as a prototype. Establish associative and relational dimensions. Create instant variations by changing dimension text. No programming required.
PARADESN.ZIP04-Jul-1992250994Parametric application generator slide show demo creates graphics by specifyig parameters within the drawing editor and program creates the drawing.
PNTDEMO.ZIP01-Jan-199011703AutoCAD Demo of Point n shoot; front end file management for AutoCAD.
STEPDEMO.ZIP01-Jan-19907411AutoCAD Demo of STEP's; a full screen step through AutoLISP debugger running in real time inside AutoCAD. STEP's allows you to step through your program; monitoring its progress; changing and viewing variables; finally encrypting and protecting.
UNFOLD.ZIP19-Nov-199427304Demo of mechanical drafting utility to create flat sheet layouts for transition shapes. Transitions can be round to round; elliptical to round; or any user defined shape. For AutoCAD Release 12.

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