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There are 75 files in the AutoCAD Details Landscaping category:

File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
E7810.DWG10-Nov-199769000Floating Fountain Details.
G205101X.DWG22-May-199931108 Rotor Assembly (N.T.S.)
G205102E.DWG22-May-199929939 Drip System Assembly (N.T.S.)
G205103X.DWG22-May-199967444 Automatic Controller (N.T.S.)
G205104X.DWG22-May-199955295 Riser Assembly (N.T.S.)
G205105X.DWG22-May-1999102357 Water Valve (N.T.S.)
G205106X.DWG22-May-199942260 Backflow Preventer (N.T.S.)
G205107X.DWG22-May-199927612 Emitter Line Flush (N.T.S.)
G205108X.DWG22-May-199937402 Emitter (N.T.S.)
G205109X.DWG22-May-1999151550 Control Valve (N.T.S.)
G205110X.DWG22-May-199924271 Trenching Standards (N.T.S.)
G205111X.DWG22-May-1999176278 Gate Valve (N.T.S.)
G205112X.DWG22-May-1999104709 Ball Check Drain (N.T.S.)
G205113X.DWG22-May-1999103448 Gate Valve (N.T.S.)
G205114X.DWG22-May-199933355 Gear Drive Pop-Up Sprinkler (N.T.S.)
G205115X.DWG22-May-199939734 High Pop-Up Spray Head (N.T.S.)
G205116X.DWG22-May-1999315725 Interior Automatic Irrigation Controller (N.T.S.)
G205117X.DWG22-May-199932319 Irrigation Main Trenching Detail (N.T.S.)
G205118X.DWG22-May-1999108083 Lateral Piping Trenching Details (N.T.S.)
G205119X.DWG22-May-1999110584 Quick Coupler Valve (N.T.S.)
G205120X.DWG22-May-1999212183 Remote Control Valve (N.T.S.)
G205121X.DWG22-May-199918381 Trench Details Irrigation Control Wiring (N.T.S.)
G205122X.DWG22-May-199932836 Typ. Insulating Flange Detail (N.T.S.)
G205123X.DWG22-May-1999177035 Typ. Thrust Blocking Details (N.T.S.)
G205201X.DWG22-May-1999131923 Non Native Shrub (N.T.S.)
G205202X.DWG22-May-1999162232 Shrub Planting (N.T.S.)
G205203X.DWG22-May-199964197 Shrub Planting (N.T.S.)
G205204X.DWG22-May-1999144952 Shrub Planting (1:50)
G205205X.DWG22-May-1999131300 Shrub Planting (N.T.S.)
G205206X.DWG22-May-1999141178 Shrub Planting (N.T.S.)
G205401X.DWG22-May-199963423 Metal Edge Detail (N.T.S.)
G205402X.DWG22-May-199919768 Wood Edging (N.T.S.)
G205501X.DWG22-May-199972383 Stake/Plant Trees (N.T.S.)
G205502X.DWG22-May-199976501 Vine Planting (N.T.S.)
G205503X.DWG22-May-199997639 Planting on a Slope (N.T.S.)
G205504X.DWG22-May-1999128675 Boulder (N.T.S.)
G205505X.DWG22-May-199969580 Coniferous Tree Planting (N.T.S.)
G205506X.DWG22-May-199987760 Deciduous Tree Planting (N.T.S.)
G205507X.DWG22-May-1999176380 Ivy Planting Detail (N.T.S.)
G205508X.DWG22-May-1999127101 Planting Detail (N.T.S.)
G205509X.DWG22-May-1999162642 Tree Planting Detail (N.T.S.)
G205601E.DWG22-May-199975537 Installation of Landscape Filter Fabric (N.T.S.)
G205602X.DWG22-May-1999117319 Landscape Edging Detail (N.T.S.)
NAT_01.DXF13-Aug-199763643Quadra-Bubbler Below Grade Installation.
NAT_02.DXF13-Aug-199763643Quadra-Bubbler In Box Installation
NAT_03.DXF13-Aug-199763643Quadra-Bubbler Above Grade Installation.
NAT_04.DXF13-Aug-199763643Dual Quadra-Bubbler In Access Box.
NAT_05.DXF13-Aug-199763643QB2 Below Grade Installation
NAT_06.DXF13-Aug-199763643QB2 In Box Installation.
NAT_07.DXF13-Aug-199763643QB2 Above Grade Installation.
NAT_08.DXF13-Aug-199763643Octa Bubbler In Access Box.
NAT_09.DXF13-Aug-199763643Octa Bubbler Above Grade Installation.
NAT_14.DXF13-Aug-199763643QuadraBubbler Layout.
NAT_15.DXF13-Aug-199763643Octa Bubbler Layout.
NAT_19.DXF13-Aug-199763643Laser Soaker LineŽ Above Grade On Octabubbler.
NAT_22.DXF13-Aug-199763643Adjustable Bubbler On Riser.
NAT_23.DXF13-Aug-199763643Riser Adapter On PVC Riser.
NAT_33.DXF13-Aug-199763643Turbulent Flow Clip On Emitter - Above Grade.
NAT_34.DXF13-Aug-199763643Turbulent Flow Clip On Emitter - Below Grade.
NAT_36.DXF13-Aug-199763643Pressure Compensating Emitter Above Grade.
NAT_38.DXF13-Aug-199763643Turbulent Flow Emitter On End Of Tubing.
NAT_39.DXF13-Aug-199763643PC Emitter On End Of Tubing.
NAT_40.DXF13-Aug-199763643PC Emitter With Laser Water Ring.
NAT_41.DXF13-Aug-199763643AcuSpray Stick in Pot or Box.
NAT_44.DXF13-Aug-199763643"12"" Stake with Pepco Pep-Jet."
NAT_45.DXF13-Aug-199763643"12"" Stake with Pepco Vari-Jet."
NAT_48.DXF13-Aug-199763643"12"" Stake with Pepco Vari-Mini Sprinkler."
NAT_51.DXF13-Aug-199763643Micropop Base With Vari-Mini Sprinkler.
NAT_52.DXF13-Aug-199763643MicroPop Base with Pepco Acu-Jet Sprinkler.
NAT_53.DXF13-Aug-199763643MicroPop Base with Pepco Pep-Jet.
NAT_55.DXF13-Aug-199763643MicroPop Base with Pepco Vari-Jet.
NAT_56.DXF13-Aug-199763643"GV750 Valve Filter & PRL Pressure Regulator Assembly With Poly Tube."
NAT_57.DXF13-Aug-199763643"GV750 Valve Filter & PRL Pressure Regulator Assembly With PVC."
NAT_58.DXF13-Aug-199763643"GV750 Valve Filter & PRM Pressure Regulator Assembly With Poly Tube."
NAT_59.DXF13-Aug-199763643"GV750 Valve Filter & PRM Pressure Regulator Assembly On PVC."

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