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Ecotourism in Mexico

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There are 33 files in the AutoCAD Details Plumbing Fixtures category:

File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
D201002E.DWG14-Mar-199628146Flush Valve Support Detail (N.T.S.)
D201006E.DWG14-Mar-199620755Clothes Washer Connection Detail (N.T.S.)
D201008E.DWG14-Mar-199643439Drain Valve Detail (N.T.S.)
D201009E.DWG14-Mar-199658759Backup Plate for Lavatories (N.T.S.)
D201010E.DWG14-Mar-199660817Typ. Mounting for Cast Iron Lavatories (N.T.S.)
D201012E.DWG14-Mar-199664975Hot/Cold Water Mixing Gooseneck Faucet (N.T.S.)
D201013E.DWG14-Mar-199636167Lavatory Mounting for Metal Studs (N.T.S.)
D201014S.DWG14-Mar-199621932Plumbing Fixture Schedule (N.T.S.)
D201015E.DWG14-Mar-199636875Freeze-Proof Wall Hydrant (N.T.S.)
D201016E.DWG14-Mar-199652411Freeze-Proof Yard Hydrant (Box Type) (N.T.S.)
D201017E.DWG14-Mar-199645209Yard Hydrant (Post Type) (N.T.S.)
D201301E.DWG14-Mar-19969177Lavatory Tailpiece (N.T.S.)
D201401X.DWG14-Mar-1996234249Mop Sink (N.T.S.)
D201501E.DWG14-Mar-199618217Emergency Shower w/ Eyewash (N.T.S.)
D201502E.DWG14-Mar-199631442Emergency Shower w/ Eyewash (N.T.S.)
D201503E.DWG14-Mar-199632879Safety Shower ;Eyewash Detail (N.T.S.)
D201505E.DWG14-Mar-199670584Comb. Drench Shower w/ Eyewash (N.T.S.)
D201506E.DWG14-Mar-199692741Frost-Proof Drench Shower w/ Eyewash (N.T.S.)
D201507E.DWG14-Mar-1996117582Emergency Shower w/ Eyewash (N.T.S.)
D201801S.DWG14-Mar-19965066Water Heater Schedule (N.T.S.)
D201802E.DWG14-Mar-19966724Free Standing Drinking Water Cooler (N.T.S.)
D201803E.DWG14-Mar-19967710Wall-Hung Drinking Water Cooler (N.T.S.)
D201804E.DWG14-Mar-19966399Semi-Recessed Drinking Water Cooler (N.T.S.)
D201805E.DWG14-Mar-19969042Fully Recessed Drinking Water Cooler (N.T.S.)
D201901E.DWG14-Mar-199639621Eastern Water Closet w/ Wash Hose (N.T.S.)
D201902E.DWG14-Mar-199622577Emergency Eyewash Detail (N.T.S.)
D201903E.DWG14-Mar-199631835Wall Mounted Emergency Eyewash (N.T.S.)
D201905E.DWG14-Mar-199626112Typ. Water Hammer Panel Installation (N.T.S.)
D201906E.DWG14-Mar-199634869Freeze-Proof Yard Hydrant (N.T.S.)
D201907E.DWG14-Mar-1996117552Backflow Preventer (N.T.S.)
D201908E.DWG14-Mar-199635077Washing Machine Hook-Up (N.T.S.)
D201909E.DWG14-Mar-199625345Washing Machine Water Connection (N.T.S.)
D201911E.DWG14-Mar-199621055Laundry Sink Drain Connection (N.T.S.)

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