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There are 27 files in the AutoCAD Details Sanitary Water System category:

File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
D203002P.DWG14-Mar-199626610Typ. sump Pump (N.T.s.)
D203003P.DWG14-Mar-199682610sump Pump and sump Pump Pit (N.T.s.)
D203004P.DWG14-Mar-19964760sump Pump Basin (N.T.s.)
D203005P.DWG14-Mar-1996104910sump Basin Installed in Concrete Pit (N.T.s.)
D203006P.DWG14-Mar-1996129490sewage Injector Basin and Pit (N.T.s.)
D203100X.DWG14-Mar-199623330Vent Thru Roof (N.T.s.)
D203101E.DWG14-Mar-199642940Waste/Vent Line Penetrating Comm. Ctr. (N.T.s.)
D203201X.DWG14-Mar-199659050"dilution/Neutralization Basin (1/4""=1'-0"")"
D203202E.DWG14-Mar-199688620dry sump (N.T.s.)
D203301X.DWG14-Mar-199623040Floor Cleanout (N.T.s.)
D203302X.DWG14-Mar-199613730Wall Cleanout (N.T.s.)
D203303X.DWG14-Mar-199620080Trench drain section (N.T.s.)
D203304X.DWG14-Mar-199630880sanitary Cleanout Floor slab (N.T.s.)
D203305X.DWG14-Mar-199611990Floor drain (N.T.s.)
D203306X.DWG14-Mar-199639890Typ. double Wall drain section (N.T.s.)
D203307E.DWG14-Mar-199629160sump Pump (N.T.s.)
D203308E.DWG14-Mar-199628550Floor drain in Open Area (N.T.s.)
D203312E.DWG14-Mar-199645650Floor Cleanout for Finished Rooms (N.T.s.)
D203313E.DWG14-Mar-199622580Non-Clog Floor drain w/sediment Bucket (N.T.s.)
D203314E.DWG14-Mar-199636830Wall Cleanout for Finished Rooms (N.T.s.)
D203315E.DWG14-Mar-199621840Typ. Tub and Condensate drain (N.T.s.)
D203316E.DWG14-Mar-199650180Typ. exterior Cleanout (N.T.s.)
D203317E.DWG14-Mar-199639470Typ. Custom-Made Grease Interceptor (N.T.s.)
D203318E.DWG14-Mar-199619910Typ. semi-Automatic Grease Interceptor (N.T.s.)
D203319E.DWG14-Mar-199629840Typ. semi-Automatic Grease Int. w/draw-off Valve (N.T.s.)
D203320E.DWG14-Mar-199621710Typ. enzymatic Grease Interceptor (N.T.s.)
D203321E.DWG14-Mar-199626170Typ. Manually Operated Grease Interceptor (N.T.s.)

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