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There are 18 files in the AutoCAD Details Special Plumbing Systems category:

File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
D205501E.DWG14-Mar-199669550"Corrosion Control Test station (3/4""=1'-0"")"
D205502P.DWG14-Mar-199667580"Pressure Regulation station Plan (1/2""=1'-0"")"
D205503E.DWG14-Mar-199627550Insulating Flange Assembly (N.T.s.)
D205504E.DWG14-Mar-199666580Insulating Valve Assembly (N.T.s.)
D205505E.DWG14-Mar-199641050"Underground Valve 6"" and Larger (N.T.s.)"
D205506E.DWG14-Mar-199629690"Underground Valve 1""-4"" (N.T.s.)"
D205507E.DWG14-Mar-199611330Roof Curb For Gas Line Penetration (N.T.s.)
D205508E.DWG14-Mar-199636100Gas Meter and Regulator Connection (N.T.s.)
D205509E.DWG14-Mar-199623960Gas Meter Configuration (N.T.s.)
D205510X.DWG14-Mar-199649360Gas Valve and Valve Box (N.T.s.)
D205511E.DWG14-Mar-199639130Natural Gas spigot (N.T.s.)
D205512E.DWG14-Mar-199641760Metered Gas service entrance (N.T.s.)
D205513E.DWG14-Mar-199648910Gas Line Railroad Crossing (N.T.s.)
D205514E.DWG14-Mar-199624640Gas Pressure Regulator (N.T.s.)
D205515E.DWG14-Mar-199635890Gas Meter and Regulator (N.T.s.)
D205516E.DWG14-Mar-1996170460Typ. Gas service Meter w/By-pass (N.T.s.)
D205517E.DWG14-Mar-199624170Typ. Anodeless Gas Meter Riser (N.T.s.)
D205518E.DWG14-Mar-1996131960Typ. Gas service Connection (N.T.s.)

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