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File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
4664.DWG20-Nov-1998284000Drawing of the Union Pacific Challenger Locomotive Side View
4882CAB.DWG20-Nov-1998411000Drawing of the Southern Pacific Cab Forward Steam Locomotive Side View
AIRPLANE.ZIP24-Jul-199312489AutoCAD release 10.0 3d wireframe drawing of an airplane.
ATF.ZIP20-Jun-19937462AutoCAD drawing of the Advanced Technical Fighter (ATF) Jet; a 2-D drawing.
A_6E.ZIP04-Jul-19924712"Drawing of a Navy Gruman A-6E ""Intruder"" fighter plane; release 2.6."
BIGBOY.DWG20-Nov-1998939000Drawing of the Union Pacific BigBoy Side View This drawing is to scale and has dimensions!
CAR1.DWG01-Dec-19982570004 door sedan 3D
CAR2.DWG01-Dec-1998120004 door sedan side view
CAR3.DWG01-Dec-19989000Utility Van side view
CAR5.DWG01-Dec-1998130004 door sedan front view
CAR6.DWG01-Dec-1998150004 door sedan plan view
CAR7.DWG01-Dec-199823000City Bus plan view
CHDE01PL.DWG14-Mar-199815000Vehicle Plan View of a VW Beetle
CHDE02PL.DWG14-Mar-199822000Vehicle Plan View of a Convertible
CHDE03PL.DWG14-Mar-199819000Vehicle Plan View of a Sedan
CHDE05PL.DWG14-Mar-199810000Vehicle Plan View of a Sports Car
CHFA01PL.DWG14-Mar-199817000Vehicle Plan View of a Luxury Car
CLASS_D.DWG20-Nov-1998192000Drawing of the Illinois Terminal Class Electric Locomotive built in 1940 Side View
CORSAIR2.ZIP04-Jul-199222964Release 9.0 drawing of an A-7E US Navy Corsair II LTV.
CYCLE.ZIP01-Jan-199022171AutoCAD drawing of a futuristic hovercycle.
F18.ZIP01-Jan-19909023AutoCAD Drawing of F18 Fighter.
F4.ZIP01-Jan-199033093AutoCAD drawing of F4 phantom fighter.
FAIRING.ZIP01-Jan-19902316AutoCAD Drawing of motorcycle fairing.
FORKLIFT.ZIP01-Jan-199014723AutoCAD drawing of three dimensional forklift.
FORMULA1.ZIP01-Jan-1990100308AutoCAD Drawing of Formula-1 racecar. Very detailed three view drawing.
GULFSTRE.DWG13-Mar-200034044Drawing of a small Jet in plan and profile view, nice detail.
HARLEY.ZIP01-Jan-1990152186AutoCAD drawing of a Harley Sportster.
JCLASS.DWG20-Nov-1998115000Drawing of the Northfork & Western #611 Locomotive Side View
KLINGON.ZIP04-Jul-199278464Release 10 drawing of a Klingon Battle Cruiser.
K_36.DWG20-Nov-1998226000Drawing of the Denver Rio Grande K-36 built in 1923 Locomotive Side View
MERCEDES-CLASS-C.ZIP13-Feb-2001461313A 3D drawing of a Mercedes Class C
PACIFIC.DWG20-Nov-19981335000Drawing of the Southern Pacific (Fireman Side View) SP #2472 - 4-6-2 P-8 Built May 1921 This drawing is to scale and has dimensions!
PAGODA.ZIP01-Jan-19906243AutoCAD drawing of a Japanese pagoda.
PULLMAN.DWG20-Nov-1998249000Drawing of a 1897 Pulllman Coach Side View
STREKDXF.ZIP25-Nov-1993214867DXF file of Start Trek's USS Enterprise spaceship?
TIGER.ZIP01-Jan-199019385AutoCAD Drawing of a Tiger tank.
TYPE4.ZIP04-Jul-1992199088AutoCAD drawing of a Boston Elevated Railway Company Type 4 semi-convertible rail car.
VEHICLE.ZIP07-Jul-19957283319 Views of Cars and Trucks in 2D and 3D
VEHICULOS.DWG20-Apr-1999457680Collection of 14 vehicle profiles, including buses, scooter, cars, firetruck.
VW-GOLF-3D.ZIP12-Feb-2001557060A 3d Drawing of a Volks Wagen Golf
VW-GOLF.ZIP25-Jul-2000409713 views in 2D of a Volks Wagen Golf
VW.ZIP01-Jan-199064472AutoCAD drawing of a three dimensional Volkswagon.

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