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File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
110SWCH.DWG09-May-19963990110 Switch Symbol
12-LITE.DWG09-May-1996575312 Panel Door Block (front View)
12-PANEL.DWG09-May-1996629312 Panel Door Block (front View)
18_M.ZIP31-Oct-1984205182-D drawing of a Ultracam shutter assembly in AutoCAD versio 1.4 format.
2DOOR-L.DWG09-May-19964178Double door front view block
2DRSLIDE.DWG09-May-19964313Double slide door front view block
3DRWR-L.DWG09-May-199643583 drawer cabinet front view block
4775.ZIP20-Jun-199328664Standard AutoCAD drawing for Benchmarks; timings; etc. Drawing is a Blade Index Screw Assembly #4775; a 2-D drawing in AutoCAD version 2.5 format.
4DRWR-L.DWG09-May-199645384 drawer cabinet front view block
50STAT.ZIP04-Jul-199227774DXF file format drawing of the 50 States of the US; with state names.
6-LITE.DWG09-May-199661136 panel door front view block
8-PANEL.DWG09-May-199666538 panel door front view block
8X4-PANL.DWG09-May-1996809312 panel door front view block
90_A.ZIP20-Jun-199319614The Temple of Apollo VI; in Delphi; Greece; a 2-D drawing of the front elevation in AutoCAD version 2.0.
9_M.ZIP20-Jun-199314930Ultracam model 9-M camera drawing in 2-D; in AutoCAD release 2.0 format.
AL-36X24.DWG09-May-19964313Window block front view
AL-36X36.DWG09-May-19964313Window front view block
AL-36X60.DWG09-May-19964313Window front view block
AL-60X84.DWG09-May-19964493Window front view block
AL-SLIDR.DWG09-May-19964358Window front view block
ALARM.DWG09-May-19964218Alarm Symbol
AZ-CITY.DXF03-Dec-19913183221AutoCAD DXF 3D Aztec City
BACKYARD.ZIP04-Jul-199224720A 3-D drawing of a backyard with pool with many 3-D symbols inserted.
BADMINTON.DWG07-Feb-199917000Badminton field in R13 or R14 format
BASKETBALL.DWG07-Feb-199938000Basketball field in R13 or R14 format
BATH.DWG09-May-199610778Drawing of a Bathroom front view
BHU04S.DWG09-May-19964814Screw profile Symbol
BOXING.DWG07-Feb-199966000Marine Boxing ring in R13 or R14 format
BRACKET.ZIP20-Jun-19939995AutoCAD Drawing of universal fairing mounts (brackets) in 2-D in AutoCAD version 2.0 format.
BRIDGE.ZIP20-Jun-199330201AutoCAD 2-d drawing of the Golden Gate Bridge in AutoCAD release 1.5 format.
BROOK.ZIP20-Jun-1993143082-D drawing of a front elevation of a ranch house in AutoCAD version 2.0 format.
BUSH.DWG09-May-19966518Bush Symbol elevation view
CALEDER.ZIP04-Jul-199231544Release 11 drawing of a 1991/1992 calendar.
CAM24.ZIP20-Jun-19933466Autocad drawing of mechanical cam used as an illustration for an advertisement for employment.
CAPITOL.ZIP09-May-1994449623D model (DXF) of the U.S. Capitol.
CDINSERT.ZIP19-Dec-19912218Drawing of a CD insert; ready for editing; to make your own inserts from.
CHFRZ-PL.DWG09-May-19963908Industrial Freezer plan view block
CHILD.DXF19-Mar-1995516897AutoCAD DXF 3D Child Wireframe
CHIME.DWG09-May-19964448Chime symbol
CHIMEBUT.DWG09-May-19964048Chime symbol
CHSTFRZR.DWG09-May-19964088Freezer front view (rotated) block
CIVILDET.ZIP17-Feb-1995434934Civil Engineering Details Library
CIVILSYM.ZIP07-Jul-19953390550 Blocks for Civil Engineering Field; plan and profile;Utility Symbols; Inlets; Manholes; Traffic Symbols; for Plan and Profile views.
CKTOP-PL.DWG09-May-19964831Kitchen Cooking top plan view block
CLAMP.ZIP20-Jun-19937669AutoCAD 2-D drawing of a mechanical clamp; fully dimensioned; in AutoCAD version 2.0 format.
CLNGFAN.DWG09-May-19964774Ceiling Fan plan view block
CLNGLITE.DWG09-May-19963810Ceiling fan plan view Symbol
CLOUD-S.DWG09-May-19964653Small Cloud symbol
COLORS.ZIP01-Jan-19901956AutoCAD Drawing of available colors on your setup.
COMBO-PL.DWG13-May-19964424Kitchen Combo (Oven; Microwave; Extract.) Plan View
COMBO.DWG13-May-19966473Kitchen Combo (Oven; Microwave; Extract.) Front View
COMBO30E.DWG13-May-19966351Kitchen Combo Front View
CRADLE.ZIP01-Jan-19909222AutoCAD Drawing of a mechanical cradle.
CSHWR-PL.DWG13-May-19964575Shower floor symbol
CSINK-PL.DWG13-May-19963839Sink plan view
CUBE.ZIP01-Jan-19901313AutoCAD Drawing of a three dimensional cube.
CURVES.ZIP01-Jan-19905499AutoCAD drawing of available curves.
DECSHRUB.DWG13-May-19967418Shrub front view block
DISHWASH.DWG13-May-19964755Dishwasher front view block
DISNEY.ZIP01-Jan-199047520AutoCAD Drawing of Mickey; Minnie; Donald; Pluto; and Goofy.
DOOR.DWG13-May-19968482Double door front view block
DOOR30.DWG13-May-19963908Door entrance front view block
DOOR36.DWG13-May-19963908Door entrance front view block
DRAGON.ZIP20-Jan-19942386Generates recursively defined drawings.
DWGSYM.ZIP07-Jul-199510637General Blocks for Sheet Layout
E12126.DWG10-Nov-1998148000Electric Escalator Installation Details
E26947.DWG10-Nov-199840000Residential Elevator Installation Details
E29026.DWG10-Nov-1998156000Marine Gangway and Docks Details
FAROL2.ZIP07-Mar-2001311093D drawing of a street lamp, Render Ready. Scale 1:1 Metric
FINAL.ZIP01-Jan-199023334AutoCAD Drawing of many students combined effort on AutoCAD final project.
FLOOR.ZIP01-Jan-19903812AutoCAD drawing of a proposed floorplan layout.
FLOPPY3.DWG01-Dec-1998640003d floppy/cd-rom drive drawing
FPLACE.DWG09-May-1996264390Fireplace Stone details drawing
FREESI1.DWG21-Mar-1996324217Fire Place Warmington Industries Ltd
HALFADD.ZIP01-Jan-19901557AutoCAD drawing of an addition.
HEART.ZIP02-Mar-199220679An AutoCAD release 10 drawing of a human heart in 3-D.
HOUSE.ZIP01-Jan-19903475AutoCAD drawing of a house.
HTCHART.ZIP20-Dec-1992126582AutoCAD release 10 drawing of a huricane tracking chart for the North American Seaboard and the Carribean.
ISOFLNG.ZIP01-Jan-199018532AutoCAD drawing of a flange configuration drawn isometrically.
JOIST.ZIP20-Dec-19923669Version 2.5 drawings of a left and right hand orientation of a joist.
LEVER.ZIP01-Jan-19903694AutoCAD drawing of a mechanical lever.
LLAMA.ZIP01-Jan-199038856AutoCAD Drawing of a Llama.
MAN.DXF19-Mar-1995559864AutoCAD DXF 3D Man Wireframe
MANIFOLD.ZIP01-Jan-19904252AutoCAD drawing of a mechanical manifold.
MISC.ZIP28-Sep-199542969Misc. AtuoCAD drawings & symbols
MOTOSEAT.ZIP01-Jan-19902597AutoCAD drawing of a motorcycle seat.
MQCOVER.DXF23-Aug-1992454820AutoCAD DXF 3D Woman Wireframe
N-ARROW.ZIP07-Jul-1995228778 Dofferent North Arrow Symbols
NFL_H.ZIP08-Sep-199442514.DWG files for all 28 NFL team helmet logos.
NOBOZO.ZIP01-Jan-199020888AutoCAD drawing of No Bozo's bumper sticker.
NOZZLE.ZIP01-Jan-199014978AutoCAD drawing of a fire nozzle.
OFFICE.ZIP01-Jan-19903007AutoCAD drawing of an office.
OIL.ZIP01-Jan-19908601AutoCAD Drawing of an oil rig.
O_RING.ZIP01-Jan-19907297AutoCAD drawing of typical o-ring seal.
PEOPLE.ZIP07-Jul-1995292949 Different Men and Women Blocks 2D
PLATE.ZIP24-Jul-19933729AutoCAD release 10.0 2D drawing of a mounting plate.
PLAYTEX.ZIP01-Jan-199010966AutoCAD drawing of an Uzi submachine gun.
PLSEC.ZIP01-Jan-19906684AutoCAD drawing of a typical parking section.
PUMP.ZIP01-Jan-19905080AutoCAD drawing of a pump cross section.
ROV.ZIP04-Jul-199230109Drawing of a Trojan sub rover; release 10 format.
SGLASS.DXF14-Apr-19963503023D Sun Glasses
SITE_3D.ZIP24-Jul-199334083AutoCAD release 10.0 3D drawing of a site plan for a house.
SITWIN.DWG21-Mar-1996365271Fire Place Warmington Industries Ltd
STAIRDTL.ZIP24-Jul-19939601AutoCAD release 9.0 2D drawing of a stair detail.
STATES.ZIP19-Dec-1991110696Drawing of the United States with states outlined.
STEAM.ZIP01-Apr-199041829AutoCAD process flow drawing of a steam system.
STPAULS.ZIP01-Jan-19905898AutoCAD Drawing of the St. Pauls Cathedral.
SUBDIV.ZIP01-Jan-19903665AutoCAD drawing of a subdivision.
TAJMAHAL.ZIP01-Jan-199018765AutoCAD drawing of the Taj Mahal in India.
TEMPLTS.ZIP24-Nov-19961604535Full HVAC Block set from Trane co.
TRANSAM.ZIP01-Jan-199018278AutoCAD drawing of the Trans America building.
TRINCO.ZIP07-Jul-199580396Menu of Macros to Manipulate 3D Architectural Symbols
TURNDOWN.ZIP20-Dec-19925909Concrete slab turndown drawing detail; AutoCAD version 2.5.
USMAP.ZIP01-Jan-199011062AutoCAD drawing of the United States.
VISER.DXF14-Apr-19961218033D Viser
WHYNOT.ZIP01-Jan-19906694AutoCAD drawing of an apartment complex.
WOMAN.DXF19-Mar-1995639715AutoCAD DXF 3D Woman Wireframe
WORLDD.ZIP04-Jul-199234348Release 9 drawing of the continents of the world with country boundaries in flat perspective (excludes Antarctica).

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