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File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
ARAB1.ZIP01-Jan-19901169AutoCAD stars hatch pattern.
AUTOHTCH.ZIP04-Jul-19922619Htch.lsp works in conjunction with hatch icon menus and add hatch.mnu to the icon menu selection in place of standard acad menu selections to add ease of use to hatch selections.
CARBON.ZIP15-Nov-19941069"Carbon fiber composite material hatch in the standard 6K tow weave with 0.1875"" pre-preg cloth pattern."
DIAMONDS.ZIP01-Jan-19901074AutoCAD hatch pattern to create diamond hatch.
HAT30.ZIP03-Sep-199339966Hatch utility for AutoCAD Release 10; 11; 12 and 12 for Windows. Allows dynamic hatching; no more trial and error; Associative hatching; Hatch Editing; Hatch referencing; Hatch pattern stretching!
HATCHER1.ZIP24-Sep-1994568820Collection of 100 AutoCAD hatch patterns. Mostly designer patterns but also some patterns to be used in professional drawings. Includes R12 menu system; BHatch compatibility; cursor menus isntead of screen menus in some areas; etc.
HATPAK.ZIP01-Jan-199032293AutoCAD hatch patterns for many styles.
HGEN2000.ZIP02-Mar-200119847HGEN (V2.0 upd 6/2000) is an ARX application for AutoCAD 2000 or Rel.14 (or MAP or Mechanical Desktop). It converts your AutoCAD drawing to hatch pattern (.PAT definitions) so you can easily convert your logos, symbols or patterns to hatches which can be used in standard _HATCH or _BHATCH commands. Shareware version is limited by adding the "DEMO" text to any of your patterns and can be used only for evaluation.
INSULATE.ZIP21-Mar-19931239Lisp routine that draws insulation type hatch between two points at a specified width.
LOGS.ZIP01-Jan-19901104AutoCAD hatch pattern to create logs.
OCTAGON.ZIP01-Jan-19901114AutoCAD hatch pattern to create octogon shapes.
PARQUET.ZIP01-Jan-19901053AutoCAD hatch pattern to create parquet flooring and walls.
PATTERNS.ZIP01-Apr-19906793Misc. Hatch patterns for AutoCAD.
REDBRICK.ZIP01-Jan-19901170AutoCAD hatch pattern to create red brick.
RNDMDOTS.ZIP01-Jan-19901550AutoCAD Hatch Pattern to create random dots.
SHARK.ZIP01-Jan-19901138AutoCAD Hatch pattern of sharks to promote hatching creation program.
STONE.ZIP19-Nov-19941398Weather edge stone hatch pattern for a wall.
TRI_HEX.ZIP01-Jan-19901087AutoCAD Hatch pattern to create tri-hexagons.
WHALE.ZIP01-Jan-19902374AutoCAD hatch pattern to create whales.

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