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File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
ACADAPP.ZIP01-Jan-19903563Description of AutoCAD specific book called AutoCAD Applications; featuring real-life production examples of solutions to AutoCAD problems.
ACADATTR.ZIP04-Jul-199211528An article that appeared in Cadence Magazine August; 1988; with C Source code for reading and writing to an ACAD .DXB file for attribute access.
ACADRAM.ZIP01-Jan-19905079Description of memory usage while inside AutoCAD.
ACADSUIT.ZIP18-Jun-19931508Online Today article on lawsuit by AutoDesk Inc. against Walden's Computer Hut for copy violations.
ACADUSGP.ZIP01-Jan-19907896Listing of national AutoCAD user groups.
ACADWP5.ZIP25-Feb-19921533Text file describing how to import an AutoCAD drawing into WordPerfect 5.0 or 5.1; to be used as a WordPerfect graphic in a document; which can be edited in WP.
ADELIB.ZIP26-Nov-199314139AutoCAD Data Extension for Windows ADS-based API library support document. This file ships with every copy of ADE; and is installed into the main ADE directory.
ADIDOC40.ZIP25-Feb-1992114645An ASCII text file describing the procedures for developing and ADI driver for ACAD; using the ADI Developers' Kit 4.0 (not included). Included are some illustrative drawings related to the text.
ANSI.ZIP01-Jan-19901806Description on how to use ansi codes with AutoLISP.
ATAB.ZIP01-Jan-19904154Review of ATAB; AutoCAD table generator.
AUTOFAX.ZIP19-Sep-19941556Text file describing method of faxing ACAD drawings using Quick Link II communication software.
BM6.ZIP01-Jan-19901321Description of testing for ANSI compatibility
C3QNA.ZIP20-May-19944544Questions and answers on AutoCAD R12 C3 for Windows and DOS. 12 questions and answers.
C4Q_A.ZIP19-Jul-19943588Answers about c4 release of ACAD R12 for Windows; including new features; bug fixes; patch operation and reliability; and reconfiguration.
CADENC88.ZIP19-Dec-199189206Directory of LISP routines in Cadence Magazine; Jan. to August 1988 issues; approximately 50 files described in detail as they appeared in the magazine.
CADENC94.ZIP05-Mar-199572049Directory of LISP routines in Cadence Magazine; Jan. to Dec. 1994 issues. 12 archived files containing detailed information on files and articles in the magazine.
CADFILE1.ZIP19-Dec-19913419Text file listing Cadence issues by # and volume; listing LISP routines and utilities in that issue. Vol.1 No.2 thru Vol.4 No.2.
DISCOVER.ZIP01-Jan-19904693Review of Leif Ericksen's AutoCAD Tutorial Videotape series.
DOS5.ZIP22-Mar-19935255This ASCII text file contains an advisory note from Product Support that discusses configuring MS-DOS 5.0 for use with AutoDesk's products. In particular; AutoCAD 386 versions using PharLap DOS extenders and VCPI.
EMMLSP.ZIP01-Jan-19902200Description of how to use AutoCAD with extended memory; extended dos utilities; and extended AutoLISP. By Brad Zehring of Autodesk; Inc. Training department.
ENTITY.ZIP01-Jan-19902339Reprint of A FidoNet National AutoCAD Forum message on problems with AutoCAD Release 10 and entity selection sets.
ERRORS.ZIP01-Jan-19903035Listing of AutoCAD Fatal Errors and their possible solutions.
HANDSEED.ZIP16-Jul-199640905Run on drawings which get HANDSEED errors. R13 (?)
HATCH.ZIP01-Jan-19902004AutoCAD hatch pattern Tutorial.
LAYERM.ZIP14-Nov-19945196Text file with ad for a catalog making program and instructions for making a menu of layer functions that you can add to any existing AutoCAD menu.
LISPCON.ZIP01-Jan-199014255Descritption of 1988 A/E/C Autodesk AutoLISP Conference.
MACACAD.ZIP01-Jan-19903595Press release of AutoCAD ported to the Macintosh.
MATHCAD.ZIP01-Jan-19905681Review of MathCAD software; for solving complex mathematical equations.
NETWRK.ZIP18-Mar-19956980Document (in RTF format) with questions and answers on network issues; network license server; network operating systems; PC NFS; hardware locks and operation.
NODES.ZIP01-Jan-19904032Description of Node usage in AutoLISP.
R11UPD.ZIP19-Dec-19919170A press release from Autodesk describing all the additions to rel.11update; Pharlap DOS Extender 2.6.
R12386C2.ZIP26-Nov-199318739An ASCII text file describing Release 12c2; with questions and answers; corrections to AutoCAD manuals; and information on bonus CDROM.
R12BUG.ZIP18-Jun-199317383The tenth posting of the unofficial bug list for ACAD R12. A total of 89 bugs that have been publicly discussed in the CIS ACAD forum. This file covers release 12c0 and 12c1. Release 12c2 resolves many of these. See C12c2bg for these bugs.
REL10.ZIP01-Jan-19904051Autodesk release of release 10.
SCRIPTS.ZIP01-Jan-19902246Description on using scripts.
SIG.ZIP01-Jan-19907883Information from the Houston AutoCAD SIG.
SYSREQ.ZIP18-Mar-19955032Document (in RTF format) with questions and answers on system requirements and performance for R13.
VCPI.ZIP01-Apr-19903575Technical specification of virtual control program interface.
W12BUG.ZIP20-May-199414408Final posting of the unofficial bug list for ACAD R12c3 for Windows.
WIN3CA.ZIP19-Dec-19914393Text file containing Compuserve conversations discussing the ways ACAD 386 can be run under Microsoft Windows 3.0; including config.sys file parameters and autoexec.bat file parameters.

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