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File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
ACADBKD.ZIP01-Jan-19901775AutoCAD menu for drawing block diagrams.
ACADSD.ZIP19-Mar-199432908LSP; MNL; and MNU files to let those with AutoVision; AutoSurf; Designer and AME to use a single menu.
AMATE270.ZIP18-Jan-1994154835Autocad menu system and file manager.
ANSIMNU3.ZIP20-Jan-19943638Color ANSI AutoLISP menu system.
AST3.ZIP01-Jan-19908569AutoCAD menu used at AST; Inc.
AUTO_MNU.ZIP02-Mar-199215796Customized menu system for AutoCAD release 10; with auto-layering; redefined function keys; faster menu picks (with faster execution).
BLK2.ZIP17-Jan-19941975.LISP file retreives all named blocks from database & displays theirnames in the sidebar menu to be selected with mouse/puck.
BUTTONS.ZIP25-Feb-19923814An ACAD buttons menu for 8 button digitizer puck; with an accompanying drawing; for customizing by the user.
CMENU16.ZIP18-Jan-199444521Utility to customize the AutoCAD drawing editor menu(s).
GENES.ZIP01-Jan-19904324AutoCAD Menu routines.
LC313.ZIP22-Nov-199364652Replaces Autocad's opening menu.
MENU.ZIP19-Dec-199194148Custom Menuing for ACAD 2.6 and above.
MENUMKR.ZIP08-Jul-1992296843Utility to easily create and edit AutoCAD menus customized to the indiviuals' needs. Pop-up help windows available for all AutoCAD commands & Menu Maker commands. Includes a sample menu to start with and a tutorial for beginners; rel 9.0+.
MOUSE.ZIP18-Jan-199411151Use 3 button mouse to take full advantage of screen menus; pull downs; icons & dialouge boxes.
PCONFRE2.ZIP04-Jul-1992148177Custom AutoCAD menu for release 10; with tablet overly; some functions disabled in this version; complete with registration.
PDMENU.ZIP01-Jan-199016079AutoCAD Public Domain Menu.
PKEY12_1.ZIP19-Jan-1994224903Power key menu system for AutoCAD. (Not fully tested with R11).
PKEY12_2.ZIP19-Jan-1994316810Power key menu system for AutoCAD. (Not fully tested with R11).
PKEY12_3.ZIP19-Jan-1994261107Power key menu system for AutoCAD. (Not fully tested with R11).
POP10.ZIP04-Jul-199210291"Allows user to remove sidebar ""screen"" menu from the drawing editor and replace it with a pull down menu; which makes for a larger graphics screen."
PULLDOWN.ZIP01-Jan-199014725AutoCAD Menu implemented in pulldowns.
RESUME.ZIP01-Jan-199013591AutoCAD Menu to layout AutoCAD Resumes.
RTD.ZIP18-Mar-199528579RTD menu and lsp file.
TAB.ZIP01-Jan-19901868AutoCAD tablet menu.
TABLET1.ZIP01-Jan-19905086AutoCAD digitizing tablet menu.

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