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File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
ACADFONT.ZIP19-Dec-199182039A colletion of AutoCAD text fonts.
ARABFN.ZIP18-Jun-19937752Sample Arabic font for dimensions only. Use as any ACAD font; will work for automatic dimensioning in Arabic. Demo of a full line of Arabic fonts; including THULUTH; NASAKH; KUFIC and others.
ARCHFONT.ZIP17-Jan-19948664Redefine font styles. Enter font shape; file name; path & archfont.Regen and the drawing will have the new font.
AUTOFONT.ZIP19-Dec-1991110671ACAD font creation utility and keyboard utilities; version 1.0.
AWOLF.ZIP01-Jan-19906286AutoCAD Text font; Arrow Wolf pattern.
BLOCK.ZIP01-Jan-19903846Text font to create block letters.
BLOKFONT.ZIP01-Jan-19902111AutoCAD text font to create block text.
BOLD.ZIP01-Jan-19907223AutoCAD text font to create bold text.
BOLDSHDW.ZIP01-Jan-19908069AutoCAD text font to create bold shadowed text.
BROKEN.ZIP01-Jan-19905247AutoCAD text font to create broken text.
CHISEL.ZIP01-Jan-19904173AutoCAD text font to create chisel point text.
COMPLEX.ZIP01-Jan-19903545AutoCAD text font ot create complex text.
DIMPLEX.ZIP01-Jan-19903163AutoCAD text font for creation of Dimplex text.
DITALIC.ZIP01-Jan-19904112AutoCAD text font for creation of ditalic text.
DOMPLEX.ZIP01-Jan-19903721AutoCAD text font to create domplex text.
ES.ZIP01-Jan-19901236AutoCAD text font for ES style text.
FILLED.ZIP04-Jul-199221570An AutoCAD text font of filled letters.
FONT10.ZIP01-Jan-199033040AutoCAD Text Fonts for a variety of text styles.
FONTGEN.ZIP20-Jan-199414515Interactivly creates a font code from a drawn image for character numbers 32-255.
FORTRA.ZIP04-Jul-1992223906 AutoCAD fonts: Block; outlined block text font; Script; fancy script style font; I_Gothic; Italian Gothic; G_Gothic; German Gothic; Italic_T; like ACAD's Italic but embellished with triple strikes; Triplex; like ACAD's Complex with embelishment.
FRACMO.ZIP01-Jan-199024421AutoCAD text font to create fraction text.
GOTHIC.ZIP15-Sep-199319290Display font using true arcs and tangents to look good at any printed size. Outline; bold. Filled; bold; double outline; shadow; 3D; etc. are available to registrants.
GOTHICEN.ZIP01-Jan-19905069AutoCAD text font to create Gothic text.
GRECO.ZIP01-Jan-19901065AutoCAD text font to create greek text.
G_GOTHIC.ZIP01-Jan-19905069AutoCAD text font for creating gothic text.
HANDLET.ZIP01-Jan-19903859AutoCAD text font for hand lettered text.
HANDLTR.ZIP01-Jan-19902241AutoCAD text font to create hand letter text.
HANDTXT.ZIP01-Jan-19904153AutoCAD text font to create hand lettered text.
HEBREW.ZIP18-Jun-19931894AutoCAD .SHP font shape file of Hebrew language. It has been left in ASCII format to allow examination and so changes can be made. Can be compiled into .SHX ffile with ACAD's conpile font utility.
HELVBOLD.ZIP01-Jan-19905467AutoCAD text font to create helvetica bold text.
HELVOUT.ZIP01-Jan-19902099AutoCAD text font to create helvetica outline text.
HELVOUT2.ZIP05-Jul-19923164AutoCAD Helvetica Outlined font; .SHX file and uncompiled .SHP file for user editing.
HELVSANS.ZIP01-Jan-199010886AutoCAD text font to create helvetica sans seriff text.
HRSH2ACD.ZIP20-Jan-199495817Appx. 19 diferent fonts in the A-Z alphabet plus greek & cyrillic along with hundreds of special symbols. Also 4 files of oriental fonts containing symbols from 3 Japanese alphabets.
ITALCOMP.ZIP01-Jan-19903475AutoCAD text font to create complex italic text.
ITALIC.ZIP01-Jan-19903663AutoCAD text font to create italic text.
ITALIC_T.ZIP01-Jan-19904164AutoCAD text font to create italic triplex text.
ITALTRPX.ZIP01-Jan-19904164AutoCAD text font to create italic triplex text.
ITC.ZIP01-Jan-19904166AutoCAD text font to create italic complex text.
IVY.ZIP01-Jan-19905611AutoCAD text font to create ivy text.
I_GOTHIC.ZIP01-Jan-19904707AutoCAD text font to create italic gothic text.
LCD.ZIP01-Jan-19904576AutoCAD text font for creating LCD readout text.
MONOTXT.ZIP01-Jan-19902066AutoCAD text font to create Mono-spaced text.
MROMAN.ZIP12-Feb-19933712A mono-proportional text font for AutoCAD; designed to emulate the standard ACAD font Romans; allows columnar text to align properly. Contains only uppercap letters and numbers; full character set and .SHX source file available with registration.
MROMANS.ZIP01-Jan-19903988AutoCAD text font to create Roman text.
OLDE_S1.ZIP01-Jan-199013523AutoCAD text font to create old english sans seriff text.
OUTLINE.ZIP01-Jan-19903588AutoCAD text font to create outline text.
PATENT.ZIP09-May-199428266Font style patterned after the United States Patent Office.
RUNES.ZIP18-Jun-19931510AutoCAD .SHP font shape file of Celtic runes. It has been left in ASCII format to allow examination and so changes can be made. Can be compiled into .SHX ffile with ACAD's conpile font utility.
SCREEN.ZIP01-Jan-19908790AutoCAD text font to create screened text.
SCRIPT.ZIP01-Jan-19903610AutoCAD text font to create script text.
SCRPCOMP.ZIP01-Jan-19903614AutoCAD text font to create complex script text.
SCRPSIMP.ZIP01-Jan-19903107AutoCAD text font to create simplex script text.
SHADOW.ZIP01-Jan-19906708AutoCAD text font to create shadow text.
SHX2SHP.ZIP18-Jun-199311159Decompiles AutoCAD .SHX font files to .SHP files for viewing and editing and customizing. Includes ability to group in parentheses; using hex codes; signed or unsigned numbers as appropriate and creating mnemonic names for unnamed shapes.
SHXFNTS.ZIP04-Jul-199250135A collection of 14 fonts for AutoCAD: Block; G_Gothic; Helvout; Italc_t; I_Gothic; Olde-01; Olde-S1; S0; S1; Script; Simpfrac; T0; T1; Triplex.
SHXVW.ZIP18-Jun-199335403A viewer for ACAD .SHX font files. Just select the font file and enter some characters to display. The program reads the vector information from the .SHX file and displays it on a VGA monitor. First version; doesn't support arc definitions in font file.
SIMPFRAC.ZIP01-Jan-19902736AutoCAD text font to create simplex fractions.
SIMPLEX.ZIP01-Jan-19902774AutoCAD text font to create simplex text.
SKETCH.ZIP01-Jan-19902624AutoCAD text font to create sketch lettering.
SOLID.ZIP01-Jan-199018591AutoCAD text font to create solid text.
STENCIL.ZIP04-Jul-19923344A stencil font for AutoCAD with both .SHP and .SHX files.
TRIPLEX.ZIP01-Jan-19904496AutoCAD text font for creating triplex text.

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