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387EMUL.ZIP19-Dec-199123906Software device driver to emulate a 387DX or SX math coprocessor; to run ACAD on systems lacking a math chip. Do you remember those days? :(
387_MATH.ZIP22-Nov-199323965387 math co-processor emulator for 386sx machines. Does not work on 286 or 486. Is this outdated?
8_5X14S.ZIP04-Jul-19925079"Prototype drawing for a 8.5"" x 14"" sheet with border and title block for a surveyor's use."
ABCZOO.ZIP18-Sep-19944800"AutoBasiC utility to zoom in and out using the ""+"" and ""-"" keys. Requires AutoBasiC run-time integrator in ABCRUN."
AC11TO10.ZIP04-Jul-199261906Converts Release 11 drawings to Release 10; version 2.2; has some limited features in the shareware version (ie; number of drawings thatcan be converted at a time)
ACADCOLR.ZIP22-Nov-19938454Changes colors for all Paradise cards released up to 1990.
ACADMAC.ZIP02-Mar-19921575A collection of SuperKey macros for AutoCAD to enhance productivity.
ACADUTIL.ZIP19-Dec-1991247915A collection of utilities; includes SuperKey macros for ACAD; text editing; draw a line tangent to 2 circles; keyboard redefinition; DIMutility; TSR management; convert text file to script file.
ACDCHORD.ZIP22-Nov-199313670ADI Mouse translator to make your mouse become a multi-button puck.
ACMENU.ZIP04-Jul-199297288A front end for AutoCAD for users to select a drawing for editing from a menu; supports the use of a mouse. Source code (Clipper) is available from the author.
ADI2PIC.ZIP08-Mar-199214352ACAD to Lotus .PIC file plotter driver to allow drawings to plot to files in Lotus .PIC file format. Program is an ADI driver to be loaded before ACAD; can be used as a standalone file translator for .PLT files to .PIC; external to ACAD.
ADIKIT.ZIP22-Nov-1993127949ADI Development Kit v 2.1.
ADIMOUSE.ZIP25-Feb-19923411An ADI 4.0 device driver for ACAD to turn a 3 button mouse to a 7 button mouse; so that ACAD.MNU can be edited to add more macro commands to be used with mouse clicks.
ADIPLOT.ZIP19-Dec-199197314Rel 2.18 or higher ADI device driver plotting utility for Epson & Okidata dot matrix printers.
ADIPLOT1.ZIP19-Dec-199197314Printer/Plotter driver for ACAD 2.18 or higher; get near plotter quality on an Epson printer; also good for Epson MX; FX; LX; or OkidataML92A (and those that can emulate these).
AFKINET.ZIP20-Dec-19926409Program that generates cameras and scenes to perform kinetic animation; updated for AutoCAD release 10; to walk through a model along a polyline; generating a script file to generate AutoShade images for each frame and an AutoFLIX command file for movies
ALOG101.ZIP05-Jul-199260612Well log digitization post-processor for .DXF files. Digitizes sonic; density or other well logs using ACAD's line & sketch commands for further use in geophysical and petrophysical programs.
ANSIKEY.ZIP20-Dec-19922807This program allows the user to program function keys 2 - 5 and ALT - alpha key combinations to create shortcut key macros in place of lengthy commands when ansi.sys is loaded.
ANUM.ZIP07-Mar-2001773Types a sequence of numbers in picked points with a defined pitch. By Yasser El-Sheikh 1999
ARCL.ZIP22-Nov-199362614Draw arcs by using the length of the arc only.
ATTIMP.ZIP04-Jul-19923808"a set of lisp routines that demonstates updating a drawing from data from an external file. Taken from ""The AutoCAD Database Book""; by Jones and fMartin; Ventana Press; 1987."
AUTOM8.EXE26-Feb-2001435712AutoM8 v2.0 by, allows the AutoCAD user the option of CHANGING, PLOTTING or PURGING drawings. Works with AutoCAD 2000 only. Shareware. U.S.$29.95
AUTOM8.ZIP26-Feb-2001333312AutoM8 v1.1 by CSG Solutions, allows the AutoCAD user the option of CHANGING, PLOTTING or PURGING drawings. The user can select multiple drawing files at once via a dialog box, the files can span across drives and directories. When using the Change option, users can enter in commands they wish to execute or import commands from a file. Works with AutoCAD Releases 12, 13 and 14 only. Shareware. U.S.$29.95
AUTOZIP.ZIP30-Sep-1997112080AutoZip version 1.1c is a drawing compression program tailored for AutoCAD R13 Win32 platform; and it addresses these storage requirements for drawing files. Compression and decompression of AutoZip'ed drawings is done automatically with standard AutoCAD commands
BASTOC.ZIP20-Dec-199228130File conversion utility to convert BASIC program source code to C program source code; excellent for updating old BASIC programs to C programs for compiling to .EXP files for release 11 and 12.
BILLMAT.ZIP01-Jan-19907584Basic program example of creating Bill of Materials from Attext output.
BL.ZIP01-Jan-199042133Program to batch process layers outside of AutoCAD.
BPPDEMO.ZIP08-Mar-199245499Batch Processing for Printing Autocad Drawings; Developed as a Utility for Unattended printing of large quanities of Drawings while no one is around.
CAD104.ZIP20-Dec-1992112885Display List Drivers for AutoCAD release 10 and standard driver for release 9 & 10; as well as P-CAD; VersaCAD and Generic CAD.
CADET2.ZIP19-Dec-199199780No longer sold or supported. ASP author Steve Saskow's text editor for ACAD; excellent external editor that integrates well with ACAD through LISP routines.
CADTEXT.ZIP02-Mar-199217461Allows merging of a text (ASCII) file into CAD applications; including ACAD; Cadvance; VersaCAD & more; requires 60K of RAM; input file is allowed to have a maximum of 8 K (100 lines x 80 characters).
CADUTILITY.EXE02-Mar-2001898702CADutility v0.4 program version entered the market in both Croatian and English version. Two distributions, freeware and trialware, were incorporated in this program version. In addition to new added freeware routines, this version also includes routines whose operation you may test for 45 days. Special novelty is the inclusion of GeoLINE v1.1
CADWRI.ZIP08-Mar-199213093Takes an ASCII text file and creates an AutoCAD compatible .DXF file(release 2.6) for import of text into AutoCAD.
CHGREL.ZIP30-Jan-1994188006Modifies release 12/11 drawings to R10 or to any other version down to 2.5. Easy to use DOS interface with mouse support. Will ask permission before deleting untranslatable entities.
CHKBSTEP.ZIP20-Dec-199230931"Utility program to test to see if a system uses a ""B"" step 386DX CPU; which causes problems with AutoCAD release 11."
CL31B7D.EXE30-Sep-1997626878CADLock(tm) Version 3.1 Beta #7 DEMO will only work on AutoCAD R13c4a
CMNU191.ZIP20-Jun-199388365"ACAD menu customizing tool. From within ACAD; add; delete; or modity Tablet; Button; and first level Popup and Screen menus. All with no programming required. Can ""learn"" macros as they are entered and includes an ""Edit"" mode for expert users."
CONDXF.ZIP20-Dec-199237184Conversion program to convert between AutoCAD .DXF (ascii) to .DXB (binary) file formats. A utility to convert from each format to the other is included.
CONVERT.ZIP01-Jan-19902345Basic program to convert AutoCAD drawings to earlier versions.
CONVRT12.ZIP20-Dec-199242550Utility program that creates a .DXF file from an ASCII file of survey cordinate data.
CPROP.ZIP19-Nov-199477129Modify text/entity properties in AutoCAD R12 through dialog or selection. Works globally on groups of entities/text for quick modifications. Makes complex changes very easy.
CREATS.ZIP01-Jan-19908755Program to aid in the creation of self running AutoCAD sessions. Program creates an AutoCAD script that can then be run to perform user specified actions on a number of drawings.
CTEXTLSP.ZIP08-Mar-19921859This routine writes a string of text around a circle defined by its center and radius.
DCADDXF.ZIP04-Jul-199274022Translates DesignCAD drawings; 2-D and 3-D; to and from AutoCAD .DXF file format.
DDCALC.ZIP26-Jul-19944909Dialog box calculator similar to Windows calculator. For R11 and R12 for DOS and R12 for windows.
DDCONV.ZIP07-Mar-20015409An AutoLisp program using DCL that performs conversions between metric and english. Compatible with AutoCad R12, R13 DOS and Windows.
DDSETV.ZIP19-Jul-199441407Dialogue box for SETVAR command for R12 for DOS. Displays current value of all SETVAR's along with a brief description.
DIGIPL.ZIP04-Jul-199254373A utility program to digitize curves using a Hewlett Packard or compatible plotter to measure point locations.
DIGITAR.ZIP02-Mar-19928984Advanced digitizing utility allows you to hand digitize a paper drawing with a mouse as a pointing device; allows for calibration.
DLG2DXF.ZIP04-Jul-199216166Converts nodes and lines to AutoCAD release 10 compatable DXF file; will work with versions as early as release 2.5.
DO_LIS.ZIP19-Nov-19947801"Referencing utility that allows user to pick and entity and then repeat the command that the user ""DO""ed. Will associate groups of entities using a custom AutoLISP command; i.e.; repeated LINE commands will keep same layer; linetype and color."
DPLOT12.ZIP19-Dec-199123937Converts HPGL .PLT files to .DXF files for importation into ACAD to be plotted.
DRAFTCOM.ZIP04-Jul-19923737531 LISP routines for release 10 & 11 to aid the draftsman in drawing in the drawing editor. All macros are 1 or 2 letter commands; for a productivity enhancement.
DRECTREE.ZIP04-Jul-199290116AutoCAD front end to allow user to select a drawing to edit before loading ACAD; then it becomes the default drawing. Also; a drawing can be loaded from within the drawing editor without exiting the current drawing; many more features.
DSDEMO.ZIP15-Mar-199445965Checks AutoCAD R11+ DWG files for corruption. Accepts wildcards and does recursive directory searches. DSDEMO.ZIP is a demo version of the commercial package.
DST.ZIP19-Mar-19942028Replacement for the AutoCAD DIST command. Pick 2 points and the distance is printed on the screen. Pcik 2 more points and that distance is printed on the screen below the first. You can continue this until you press return to get a total.
DUMP.ZIP26-Jul-19931690AutoLISP routine for inclusion in ACAD.LSP file that when called during an editing session will purge all unused blocks automatically. Will not affect linetypes; etc.
DWGMGR.ZIP19-Dec-199147404Replaces ACAD main menu; point & shoot file selection; plot utility;store plot parameters in a file or drawing.
DWGSCALE.ZIP07-Mar-20014545Function for setting Drawing Scale Factor via dialog box.
EEREMD.ZIP19-Sep-199440888ADS program to delete duplicate and underlying lines; circles; arc; points; and plines. Especially useful for cleaning up after PROJECT.LSP or equivalent. Version for R12 for DOS.
EEREMS.ZIP19-Sep-199424239C source code for an ADS program to delete duplicate and underlying lines; circles; arc; points; and plines. Especially useful for cleaning up after PROJECT.LSP or equivalent. Includes .MAK file for Watcom 9.5 C++ compiler.
EEREMW.ZIP19-Sep-199484110ADS program to delete duplicate and underlying lines; circles; arc; points; and plines. Especially useful for cleaning up after PROJECT.LSP or equivalent. Version for R12 for Windows.
EMUL87.ZIP01-Jan-199012827Memory resident program to emulate an 8087; 80287; and 80387 math coprocessor. Known to work with AutoCAD Version 9.
EZMENU.ZIP04-Jul-199235523AutoCAD menu with executable drawing directory; user is able to select a drawing to edit from a screen menu in the drawing editor.
FIXDXF.ZIP05-Jul-199244001Utility that creates a .DXF file from an AutoCAD release 9.0 or 2.6 drawing file; very fast stand alone program.
FL20.ZIP08-Mar-199265042Demo version of a file viewing program; allows user to scan thru drawing files; view and delete if desired. Supports drawings from release 2.5; 2.6; 9 and 10 of ACAD. Supports EGA monitors. Drawing can be zoomed. Demo version is limited to Demo.dwg.
FLASH.ZIP19-Jan-199418153Command shortcuts using keyboard macros and mouse.
GRAFWK61.ZIP20-Dec-1992318882File conversion utility; handles GIF; PCX; TIF; WPG; EPS and many more. Can view; convert; print; reverse; rotate; scale; crop and scan. Works with most all display cards; runs under 384K of memory. Bitmap image utility.
GRPLAYER.ZIP01-Jan-19908751Program to work with layers in .dxf files.
HOTKEY.ZIP27-Nov-199323359Hotkey support for AutoCAD. AutoLisp files let you replace key combinations with text strings; numbers; etc. Speeds data entry and command execution. All keys may be used.
IMG2DXB.ZIP19-Dec-199115468No longer supported. Converts .IMG files to .DXB files for importing into ACAD.
LAYMEM11.ZIP03-Jan-1995Saves/restores AutoCAD current layer settings
LCAD41.ZIP19-Mar-1994190625A replacement for ACAD opening menu; to select a sub-directory; drawing file; or ACAD opening menu option or the drawing editor. Also can be used within dwg editor to save current dwg and start/select another while still within editor; up to rel 11.
LCN.ZIP14-Nov-19942912"Draws solid construction lines in color (10). Vertical; horizontal; V-offset; H-offset; and 'X' intersecting at a selected point. Osnap can be used to pick selected points. ERASE feature erases all entities on layer ""CONST""."
LIBRAR.ZIP20-May-1994113941AutoCAD r12 for DOS/386 or Windows 3.1 utility which uses dialog boxes to create and maintain libraries of drawing files compressed (to save space on hard drive). Compresses most drawings 50% or more. Requires PKZIP.
LNAMES.ZIP16-Sep-19931488LISP code to make an ASCII text file of layer names in a drawing.
LOCKLY.ZIP16-Sep-19932066Lisp code extracted from CADalyst Magazine (Sept.'93) with minor modifications to lock and unlock layers in Autocad 12. You lock and unlock an entity by selecting it on screen.
LOKDWG.ZIP08-Mar-19929576Utility to lock access to an AutoCAD drawing file. Makes drawing into an unexplodeable block.
MACKEY.ZIP19-Jul-199410527Assign macros; lisp phrases; DOS calls; etc. to your function keys (ALT; CTRL; SHIFT; & regular); alpha ALT & CTRL keys; and numeric keypad keys.
MAKESCR.ZIP19-Dec-19913658ACAD script generator for printer/plotting batch process of drawings.
MEX.ZIP14-Jan-199512682Allows explosion of blocks; xrefs; dimensions and polylines. MEX allows user selection of entity type and objects; and explodes only one level. MEXALL explodes the selected entities/objects down to the lowest level possible.
MKDWG.ZIP05-Mar-199456301DOS based program that converts ASCII or binary (.DXF) files into AutoCAD drawing files (.DWG).
MKDXF.ZIP19-Mar-199450214DOS based program which creates DXF files (binary or ASCII) direct from DWG files. Includes a conversion option to produce the DXF files in R11; 10; 9; 2.6 and 2.5 formats from R12 DWG files.
NETWOR.ZIP22-Mar-199339705The presentation on how to network AutoCAD given by Vincent Everts and Bart Mellink of Cyco Software at the North American AutoCAD User Group meeting. Requires Aldus Persuasian to view.
NEWDX.ZIP04-Jul-1992161554Updated Pharlap DOS extender for AutoCAD 386 release 11; has a smaller kernel; demand paged loading for AutoCAD; XMS support; multiple memory support (utilizes VCPI; extended and expanded memory pools).
NO_REGEN.ZIP19-Mar-19932535AutoLisp routine to provide transparent no-regen zooms for AutoCAD release 10 & 11.
PAD.ZIP08-Mar-199271070"Notepad for AutoCAD release 11 drawings. Can be called up inside a drawing and up to 2 pages of ""notes"" can be made; as well as redlining the drawing."
PB_OAK.ZIP18-Jun-1993108880Packard Bell/Oak Technologies video card Super VGA ADI drivers for DOS real mode and protected mode. ADI 4.0/4.1 drivers includes one for display list processing (reduces regens).
PERFECT.ZIP22-Nov-199381869Loudspeaker design utility.
PFILE.ZIP14-Oct-199315904creates a comma-separated value file containing pline coordinates
PINADI.ZIP25-Feb-199212879NEC pinwriter printer driver for AutoDesk ADI 4.0 for 24 pin printers. Enhances printer plots for NEC printers and can be used as a post processor for plot files. Supports NEC wide carraige and color printers.
PLOT20A.ZIP08-Mar-199262483ACAD drawing plotting utility using .PLT files from plotting que at a plotter server. Can delete files after plotting to open disk space and will blank screen on long plots.
PLOTM.ZIP05-Mar-1995171613Program to manage HPGL; HPGL/2; DM/PL and SPGL plotter control files. View plots on screen; plotter communications; network plot queue; etc.
PLOTMATE.ZIP19-Dec-1991111921AutoCAD plotting utility; version 1.0.
POINTS.ZIP01-Mar-199317669Reads ASCII file coordinate data and plots points in AutoCAD.
PROBE.ZIP19-Nov-19943746Provides complete LIST information on nested entities from within the AutoCAD drawing editor. Eliminates exploding and switching out to XREF drawings.
PRODUCT.ZIP22-Nov-199377200Autocad productivity diskette.
PSFIX.ZIP07-Mar-1997896Fixes scale of postscript text created in R12 and opened in R13 or latter.
Q87.ZIP22-Nov-1994114824Math accelerator and math coprocessor emulator for PC's that don't have a math coprocessor. Reduces computation times up to 80% for graphics and AutoCAD. New version provides improved performance in Windows enhanced mode.
QC3.ZIP08-Sep-199392191Collection of LISP routines including faster command entry; screen interactive transparent calculator; 3-D zooms without regens; extended and improved block and layer commands; much more; written for release 10 and above. May work with other versions.
QSCRIP.ZIP19-Jul-199434939Enables quick generation of ACAD script files. Allows action on single or multiple files. Can be combined with batch file for automated processing. Includes Basic source code.
QUICKCMD.ZIP22-Nov-199336628Autocad enhancement utility.
RGBTABLE.ZIP27-Mar-19942117Text file of AutoCAD's standard 256 color mode Red-Green-Blue color values.
SCANP.ZIP05-Mar-199523237Finds the maximum and minimum co-ordinates of a HPGL or DM/PL plot file created by AutoCad.
SCR_ROCK.ZIP04-Jul-199244172Script file generator to automate repetative tasks in a simple; versatile and fast way.
SETCOLR.ZIP20-Dec-19928466Allows user to change the 16 default ACAD colors for the Paradise VGA ACAD drivers version 1.11 and above. It will display the default 16 colors and permit user to change each color by altering the color's RGB values.
SHNET.ZIP05-Jul-19921789"Discontinued. Now fixed in AutoCAD. TSR to prevent AutoCAD's shell command from producing an error message ""error swapping to disk"" on Novell Networks."
SHROOM.ZIP19-Mar-199332413Utility that gives a DOS application's shell more room by intercepting the shell operation; swapping out the app's program; freeing up memory and performing the shell operation; then swapping the application back in.
SLCREATE.ZIP07-Mar-2001924This lisp routine creates a slide file suitable for using in image tile menus.
STEPBACK.ZIP19-Mar-199437696Program to convert AutoCAD drawings (R12 and below) to previous versions of AutoCAD drawing formats.
STMPME.ZIP16-Sep-19935372Time-date-drawingname and Xref stamper utility. Places a stamp on your drawing like this: September 20; 1993 2:08:32 p.m. Drawing: F:0000097CADD1148UNIT3LOTSLOT88.DWG Xrefs: 1117.DWG 2436.DWG 3648.DWG.
TABLE.ZIP01-Jan-19901501AutoLISP program for BOM's.
TABPRO.ZIP24-Jan-1995278058Pastes spreadsheet data into AutoCAD drawings. Creates tables from Lotus; Excel; Quattro WQ! files or any ASI compatible database. Numeric formatting; column width and justification are retained. Works with ACAD R11; R12 DOS & R12 WIN.
TABV133.ZIP20-Jun-199346949A utility that can interface with spreadsheets that have the ability to import Lotus 123 and Symphoney WKS & WK1 files into ACAD as a table of test and if desired a cell grid to enclose the table from within the ACAD drawing editor.
TAC386.ZIP20-Dec-199222395AutoDESK P386 ADI 4.1 DEV_RC combined display and rendering display driver for Trident TVGA8800 and TVGA8900 series display cards for 256 color; 1024 x 768 resolution in AutoCAD.
TEMPV101.ZIP22-Nov-1993161548CAD master's cad template.
TOOLK.ZIP19-Mar-199435754AutoCAD commands and AutoLISP functions . Show Phar Lap statistics; free conventional/protected/virtual memory; swap file size; and number of page faults.
W2_EVAL.ZIP02-Mar-20014222W2 is an application that calculate the sectional properties for any cross section, such as: centroid, area, moments of inertia, strength modulus. These properties are necessary for calculating stresses, deflections, buckling. The program calculate the sectional properties using standard AutoCAD hatching commands. For AutoCAD 2000.
WINLISP.ZIP19-Mar-199455155Extra AutoLISP functions to interface with specific MSWindows features.
WSCR.ZIP08-May-19946517A script writing program for layers setup. Create multiple layouts on the same base drawing using layers. Once layers setup; program will write script file for you.
XIMG.ZIP08-Mar-1992186192Graphic viewing utility to view graphics files inside AutoCAD; supports .CUT; .GIF; .IFF; .LBM; .MAC; .PIC; .PCX; .SCX & .TGA file formats.
XREFCLIP.ZIP20-Dec-19925139Utility to make the task of inserting; sizing and positioning of external reference files easier by clearing the screen of all graphics; creating a veiwport exclusively for the xref; creating a layer on which to attach the xref and zooming to extents.
ZFILE.ZIP08-May-19942609"Contains 4 lisp routines that allow the user to open; end and quit drawings that are contained inside a ""ZIP"" file from inside AutoCAD. Routine works in ACAD r12 for Windows and DOS/386. Requires PKZIP & PKUNZIP v2.04g (not included)."
ZQIK.ZIP04-Jul-19925079Zoom utility to eliminate regeneration of drawing while editing; for release 10 or higher. Works transparently as part of AutoCAD's zoom command.

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