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There are 17 files in the AutoFLIX Movies category:

File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
AFLIX.ZIP01-Jan-1990273043Run time version of AutoFLIX for viewing movies. Including Lisp routines to play and make movies
ATTACK.ZIP01-Jan-199018030AutoFLIX movie of the U.S.S. Enterprise under attack by Klingon war vessels.
BALL.ZIP01-Jan-199036028AutoFLIX movie of a bouncing ball.
B_PIN.ZIP01-Jan-199045076AutoFLIX Movie of bowling pins.
C90.ZIP01-Jan-199012106AutoFLIX movie
DEMO.ZIP01-Jan-199024739AutoFLIX Movie from Autodesk.
EGGS.ZIP01-Jan-199023500AutoFLIX movie of sizzling eggs.
ENGINE.ZIP01-Jan-199042476AutoFLIX movie of running engine.
JETS.ZIP01-Jan-199032203AutoFLIX movie of jets in flight.
LE_MENU.ZIP01-Jan-199023380AutoFLIX movie of a menuing system.
RGB.ZIP01-Jan-199028220AUtoFLIX movie of spinning RGB torus and sphere.
RUNMAN.ZIP01-Jan-199017580AutoFLIX movie of a running cyborg.
SHUTTLE.ZIP01-Jan-19904645AutoFLIX movie of blast-off of the space shuttle.
TPBR.ZIP01-Jan-199036560AutoFLIX movie of a breathing teapot.
TREK.ZIP01-Jan-199024683AutoFLIX movie of the USS Enterprise.
VPORTS.ZIP01-Jan-19907543AutoFLIX movie of AutoCAD release 10 viewports.

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