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Ecotourism in Mexico

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File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
A2T.ZIP18-Mar-19951619Lisp code to explode blocks with attributes and retain attribute value as text. Text is placed on the block layer.
ATT2EED.ZIP07-Mar-19971722Transfers attributes on blocks to blocks with ADE Extended Entity Data.
BLKLIB.ZIP28-Jan-19981302579Block Library Ver 1.0
EXPBLKS.ZIP07-Mar-1997712Exports (wblocks) all internal blocks to a dwg file.
MIRBLOCK.ZIP07-Mar-1997453Mirrors each selected block individually over its x or the y axis of its insertion point. Select multiple blocks at one time.
XLSETUP2000.EXE02-Mar-2001939491EXCELLINK 2000 (V1.13 upd 2/2001) is an ARX application for AutoCAD 2000i, AutoCAD 2000 and LT2000/LT2000i (plus Map2000, Mechanical Desktop 4/5 ...). It allows to bidirectionaly hot-link attribute and block data between an AutoCAD drawing and an Excel 97/2000 sheet. Trial version limited to 10 block references at a time.

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