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Ecotourism in Mexico

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File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
3DHOME.ZIP29-Jul-1995291116Home design create 3d plans automatically for Windows
ARCHDET.ZIP1205603DCSV 12 Architectural Detailing Package for Autocad Requires Digitizing Tablet. For Autocad R12 and R10
CAD650_.ZIP27-Jul-1995511087shareware-functional demo of good 2D CAD program
DC215.ZIP29-Jul-1995459465Draftchoice cad program for DOS
DCWIN2.ZIP29-Jul-1995428279Draft choice v2 widows cad program
DRAFTC20.ZIP03-Dec-1995533857DRAFT Choice for Windows 2.00 Award CAD Package
FEM3D.ZIP07-Mar-200134232The FEM3D Stress Analyser
GAMMACAD.ZIP30-May-1995212462Gamma CAD (Shareware) This program is a CAD program for Windows. It has a lot of features. A full featured CAD program for Windows. It provides a wide range of functionality in an easy to use package. Drawing elements include: lines; arcs; circles; ETC.
HOME26.ZIP29-Jul-1995135043Homeplan - plan only cad program for DOS
PC3D-A.EXE.ZIP30-May-1995278761Protocad 3D This is an AutoCAD type progam. It's shareware. If your an AutoCAD user; It's not that powerfull; but comes with many features.
PCBCA110.ZIP29-Jul-1995199790PCB cad program for DOS
PCBCATTL.ZIP29-Jul-199510659PCB supplement I
PCDCAD.ZIP29-Jul-1995357004PCB supplement II
PWRCAD.ZIP29-Jul-1995273920CAD program fro DOS. draw scematics of hydrolic; pneumatic; control & elec circuit
TK316E1.ZIP05-Mar-19961351991Tek Illustrator 3 for Windows 1of 2 Technical CAD
TK316E2.ZIP05-Mar-19961341872Tek Illustrator 3 for Windows 2 of 2 Technical CAD
TOPDRAWA.ZIP29-Jul-1995320610Top draw cad program. for Windows part 1/3
TOPDRAWB.ZIP29-Jul-1995321801Top draw cad program. for Windows part 2/3
TOPDRAWC.ZIP29-Jul-1995230463Top draw cad program. for Windows part 3/3
TSCD401E.ZIP21-Jan-19962141102CAD/DRAW 4 L1 (32bit) v4.00 [Win95] Technical illustration; drafting; graphics. Powerful; fast and easy to use. Full set of drawing and construction tools; hatchings; dimensioning; symbol management; bitmap objects; TrueType and PostScript fonts.
TWIS16EG.ZIP19-Feb-19961318143CAD 2D/3D Full OLE 2.0 Support MultiDoc/View

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