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There are 52 files in the CADD Civil Site Development Details category:

File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
G204201X.DWG10-Nov-199830313G204201X- Chain Link Fence Foundation (N.T.S.)
G204202E.DWG10-Nov-199867374G204202E- Typ. Layout - 5 Strand Barbed-Wire Fence (N.T.S.)
G204203E.DWG10-Nov-199890356G204203E- Typ. Barbed-Wire Drop Gate (N.T.S.)
G204204E.DWG10-Nov-199891027G204204E- Typ. Panel Gate (N.T.S.)
G204205E.DWG10-Nov-199813401G204205E- Dap Detail (N.T.S.)
G204206E.DWG10-Nov-199815509G204206E- Gate Detail (N.T.S.)
G204207E.DWG10-Nov-199817961G204207E- Swaged Eye and Forked End (N.T.S.)
G204208E.DWG10-Nov-199820977G204208E- Wire Rope Clamps (N.T.S.)
G204209E.DWG10-Nov-199820625G204209E- Wire Rope Clamp Detail (N.T.S.)
G204210P.DWG10-Nov-199823246G204210P- Brace Panel w/Deadmen Detail (N.T.S.)
G204211X.DWG10-Nov-199866138G204211X- Deadman Detail (N.T.S.)
G204212X.DWG10-Nov-199895301G204212X- Pipe Guard Detail (N.T.S.)
G204213P.DWG10-Nov-199832376G204213P- Corner or End Detail with Deadman (N.T.S.)
G204214E.DWG10-Nov-199840334G204214E- U-Bolt at Line Post (N.T.S.)
G204215X.DWG10-Nov-199826717G204215X- U-Bolt at Cable Anchor Post (N.T.S.)
G204216X.DWG10-Nov-199834533G204216X- Bottom Rail Details (N.T.S.)
G204217X.DWG10-Nov-199821925G204217X- Truss Rod and Band (N.T.S.)
G204218E.DWG10-Nov-19988676G204218E- Brace Rail Clamp Detail (N.T.S.)
G204219E.DWG10-Nov-199838814G204219E- Fastening Details (N.T.S.)
G204220X.DWG10-Nov-199812866G204220X- Grounding Detail (N.T.S.)
G204221E.DWG10-Nov-1998306781G204221E- Swing Gate Details (N.T.S.)
G204222E.DWG10-Nov-199837789G204222E- Line Post Attachments (N.T.S.)
G204223E.DWG10-Nov-199876127G204223E- Chain Link Security Fence (N.T.S.)
G204224E.DWG10-Nov-199816565G204224E- Extension Arm Details (N.T.S.)
G204225E.DWG10-Nov-199821415G204225E- Extension Arm Details (N.T.S.)
G204226P.DWG10-Nov-199881906G204226P- Double Swing Gate (N.T.S.)
G204227E.DWG10-Nov-199889774G204227E- Chain Link Security Fence (N.T.S.)
G204228E.DWG10-Nov-199814965G204228E- Barbed-Tape Mounting Detail (N.T.S.)
G204229E.DWG10-Nov-199877867G204229E- Ornamental Iron Fence Detail (N.T.S.)
G204230E.DWG10-Nov-1998333036G204230E- Wood Fence Gate Details (N.T.S.)
G204231E.DWG10-Nov-1998303228G204231E- Wood Fence Details (N.T.S.)
G204232X.DWG10-Nov-199861758G204232X- Wood Post Details (N.T.S.)
G204233E.DWG10-Nov-1998165065G204232X- Wood Post Details (N.T.S.)
G204234E.DWG10-Nov-1998251380G204234E- Wood Fence Details (N.T.S.)
G204235P.DWG10-Nov-1998244626G204235P- Sliding Gate Details (N.T.S.)
G204236P.DWG10-Nov-199811829G204236P- Guide Wheel Detail (N.T.S.)
G204237X.DWG10-Nov-199851225G204237X- Slide Gate Detail (N.T.S.)
G204238E.DWG10-Nov-199811467G204238E- Guide Wheel Detail (N.T.S.)
G204501P.DWG10-Nov-199812722G204501P- Handicap Parking Symbol (N.T.S.)
G204502X.DWG10-Nov-199827803G204502X- Street Sign Post (N.T.S.)
G204503P.DWG10-Nov-199823541G204503P- Turn & Straight Arrow (N.T.S.)
G204504P.DWG10-Nov-199817849G204504P- Typ. Turn Arrow (N.T.S.)
G204505P.DWG10-Nov-199821701G204505P- Crosswalk and Stop Line (N.T.S.)
G204506E.DWG10-Nov-199814893G204506E- Sign Panel Attachment (N.T.S.)
G204507X.DWG10-Nov-199821093G204507X- Break-Away Detail (N.T.S.)
G204508E.DWG10-Nov-199867628G204508E- Typical Delineator Types and Mountings (N.T.S.)
G204509X.DWG10-Nov-199848963G204509X- Delineator Post Locations (N.T.S.)
G204510P.DWG10-Nov-199818180G204510P- Handicapped Parking Detail (N.T.S.)
MAP00001.DWG17-Jun-1999203000Index of all 95 symbols in MAP00001.ZIP
MAP00001.ZIP17-Jun-1999428000Collection of 95 Site Plan Symbols for Construction Contract Plans; Standard Highway Plans; Topographic Expressions; Standard Compilation Symbols; Compilation Control Symbols; all in English Units
MAP00002.DWG17-Jun-1999128000Index of all 144 symbols in MAP00002.ZIP
MAP00002.ZIP17-Jun-1999449000Collection of 144 Site Plan Symbols for Construction Contract Plans; Miscellaneous Site Plan Symbols; Traffic Control and Information; Water Supply Facilities; Mechanical and Electrical; Sewer and Sewage Facilities; Recreation Facilities; English Units

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