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File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
ACADCPS.ZIP20-Dec-199220010A prototype drawing and menu system for ACAD to prepare X;Y & Z; polyline; text and symbol data from a BASIC program that extracts data from an output DXF file.
ACAD_CPS.ZIP01-Jan-199020010AutoCAD Civil contouring front end.
ADIRT99.ZIP07-Mar-200149137AutoDIRT v.1.4 Digitally Interpolated Retrofitted Topography Copyright (C) 1999 Geoffrey P. Gaudreault. AutoLISP application that drapes smooth 3d surface meshes over topographic data. The meshes can be hidden, shaded, and rendered, and can be brought into any 3d application that supports the DXF format.
AREAL.ZIP07-Mar-20011267Label the area of a closed polyline in ac., sq. yds., sq. ft. in either Acres, Square Yards or Square Feet. It will also label open polylines according to the area that AutoCAD returns for them. By Henry C. Francis Revised 6-18-94
BENSON.ZIP01-Jan-19901478AutoLISP program to AutoHatch boundrys.
BOUNDRY.ZIP01-Jan-19903692Program to create property boundries; program to note the bearing and distance between two points or the two ends of a line for Architects and Civil Engineers.
BOUNDS.ZIP01-Jan-19903948AutoLISP program to generate Meets & Bounds table in drawing.
BRG-NEMI.ZIP07-Mar-200116951This routine design to put bearins labels on segments of separate lines. It will get length of the segment and bearings (in Survay Units) with presision of two digits of a second something like this S 22d35'12.45" E. For R14 & 2000
CIVIL-3.ZIP08-Mar-200122679BDLBL labels existing lines with bearing and distance. TRANS draws and labels lines from bearing and distance input. ARCLEN writes the arc length to the command line. ARCINFO writes delta, radius, T, & length, to command line. ARCTEXT writes delta, radius, T, & length, to the current layer as text. From 1989 - 1992
CIVILKIT.ZIP22-Dec-2000102608Acollection of routines for civil engineering. Add or subtract a constant from a selection set of text;co-ordinate Table Generator;Import Label coordenates; Create Longsection from 2D Contours; Incremental Numbering; Plot 3d points and more; shareware $15
CIVILTOOLS.ZIP07-Mar-200128227Several Civil Engineering routines in a single file.
COGO.ZIP01-Jan-19902215AutoLISP program to aid in coordinate geometry.
COGO218.ZIP01-Jan-19902439AutoLISP program to aid in coordinate geometry.
COORD.ZIP01-Jan-19905964AutoLISP program to aid in coordinate geometry.
CORD2FIL.ZIP07-Mar-20011227The purpose of this routine is to allow the user to pick points and have the coordinates written to a file with the extension .crd.
CTYAREA.ZIP01-Jan-19902260AutoLISP program to calculate area of boundries.
CURVEDAT.ZIP05-Jul-19922955"LISP routine and block drawing that allows user to select an arc entity; such as a highway curve; and will display a ""standard"" highway curve data table for that curve in an ACAD drawing. Only works on 2-D arc entities; not on polylines."
DET1.ZIP27-Jan-1994367579AutoCAD detail drawings of paving; curbs; and gutters.
DIVAREA.ZIP07-Mar-20011796DIVAREA.LSP Land division utility. Divide boundaries in equal areas or parcels
HORIZ.ZIP01-Jan-19905500Program to aide in road design.
INT.ZIP07-Mar-200146075Will draw street intersections either manually (one quadrant at a time) or automaticlly from a *.INT (intersection file). A "street intersection" can be an angle point, tee, Y, or any number of quadrants. INT.LSP was written for Autocad R12 & R13.
LABELAREA-AR1.ZIP07-Mar-2001766This simple routine design mainly for engineering. If closed areas are created with PLINES and area needed to be calculated and stored for further use, load and run AR1.LSP - routine will create textstyle LABEL$ (romans) and layer LABEL$, will make them current, than prompt to select PLINE BOUNDARY and select hight for the text and label location.
LOCATE.ZIP01-Jan-19905665Locate station offsets.
OS-REF.ZIP07-Mar-20016189OS-REF is a short AutoLISP routine that enables a list of co-ordinates (usually Ordnance Survey) to be produced by picking points within a drawing. Its primary use enables civil engineers to quickly produce setting out co-ords for any given construction site, highway alignment etc.
PG11.ZIP20-May-199493713Generates; grids and labels a civil profile by station and elevation at any vertical exaggeration. Both DOS and Windows ADS versions.
PL_DESC.ZIP07-Mar-200139240Routine to create a property description file based on pline boundary and write the output to a file.
POSTIT.ZIP01-Jan-19903328AutoLISP program to layout boundries.
PROFILE-NEMI14.ZIP07-Mar-200116799This program is to build quickly a profile. Picking intersection points and points on the contours. Programm will read distances and elevations automatically and draw profile. For R14 only.
RDWAY.ZIP07-Mar-200117340RDWAY will draw Roadways complete with Edge Of Pavements, Easements, and Right-Of-Ways. Layer names, Colors, and Linetypes for the constructed Roadways are kept in a configuration file and can be changed in the Options dialog box. The Options dialog box allows you to choose which lines and arcs to draw, (Edge Of Pavement, Easement, or Right-Of-Way) and easily change the distances for the widths of the different items drawn.
ROAD.ZIP01-Jan-19901549AutoLISP program to aid in the layout of roads.
SHTPT.ZIP01-Jan-19901443AutoLISP program to layout shot points.
STAKE.ZIP01-Jan-19903847AutoLISP program to aid in radial stakeout.
TABLEV3.ZIP07-Mar-20013063I have adapted it to write the coords with a z level directly to a table in AutoCAD 2000. The labels and Z levels are optional and you can either type them in or pick them from autocad.
TRVRS.ZIP01-Jan-19901232AutoLISP program to perform transversals.
VERCUR31.ZIP01-Jan-199017806Lotus worksheet for designing roads.
XANDY.ZIP01-Jan-19901454Place northing and eastings with leader.
XYLEADER.ZIP07-Mar-20012762An AutoLISP routine that creates and fills out a chart with x and y coordinates as points are selected. This program makes a leader with x and y coordinates as text for the point selected.

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