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File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
ARCLDR.ZIP01-Jan-19902624AutoLISP program to create dimension leaders with arcs.
ARROW.ZIP01-Jan-19901589AutoLISP program to draw arrows.
ARROWP.ZIP01-Jan-19901921AutoLISP program to draw arrows at picked point.
ARROWSIZ.ZIP01-Jan-19901405AutoLISP program to size arrows to scale.
AUTODIM.ZIP07-Mar-200126758ADIM - Automatic dimensioning routine. Runs in AutoCAD 2000. Autodimensions all entities selected.
BALLON.ZIP01-Jan-19902409AutoLISP program to draw balloons with leaders.
BALLOO.ZIP19-Nov-19943785BALLOON generates a circled text descriptor with leader. User picks leader end then visually drags the balloon center to the most appropriate spot.
BALLOON.ZIP01-Jan-19901389AutoLISP program to draw balloons with leaders.
BALLOON2.ZIP01-Jan-19901418AutoLISP program to draw balloons with leaders.
BALLOONM.ZIP20-May-19942252"Create leaders and enclose leader text in a customizable ""balloon"". If the text has <3 characters; the balloon is a DONUT; if longer; the balloon is an ELLIPSE. Both text and balloon continue at the same angle as the last line in the leader."
CHDIMTXT.ZIP01-Jan-19901146AutoLISP program to change the values of Assoc. dimensions.
CLGLDR.ZIP20-Sep-199429106Produces a leader with multiple text lines for ACAD R12. Features include dialog input of up to 10 lines of text; dynamic drag; always left justify; and import of drawing text into dialog edit boxes.
CONVDIM.ZIP01-Jan-19901345AutoLISP program to convert from feet and inch dimensions to decimal dimensions.
CORDCH.ZIP13-Mar-19956894Lisp routine to draw a coordinate chart to quickly dimension a drawing of a sheetmetal panel that has holes drilled in it.
DAT.ZIP01-Jan-19901651AutoLISP program to perform datum dimensioning.
DATUM.ZIP04-Jul-19929938Utility for setting text height; extension offset; text offset; extension length; text rotation; angle and datum strings (all but text rotation angle) will be automatically scaled according to drawing scale.
DIMISO.ZIP01-Jan-19901804AutoLISP program to dimension in isometric mode.
DIMMER.ZIP01-Jan-19901058AutoLISP program to toggle feet and inch dimension variable.
DIMORG.ZIP20-May-19946339Extends AutoCAD's ordinate dimensioning by letting you store dimensioning setups for multiple views in a single drawing. By establishing origin point and windowing the area to be dimensioned; info. on extension lines and dimension styles is saved.
FLOWARRW.ZIP01-Jan-19901171AutoLISP program to create flow arrows.
LD.ZIP15-Jan-19952237Lisp routine which draws a leader at 60; 120; 240; 320 degree angles so you don't have to eyeball them. Writen for R11; so it should work for everybody.
LEADR.ZIP20-Sep-19948117Leader drawing routine similar to ACAD LEADER except that it allows you to type multiple lines of text. Text is entered as in DTEXT command and is left justified.
LISP.ZIP14-Jan-19958631"Lisp routine that converts feet and inch dimensions to millimeters. Converts one dimension at a time. No fence or multi-dimension selections. Results in parentheses or with ""mm"" as suffix."
OFFDIM.ZIP13-Mar-19952362Offset dimension lines from existing dimension lines.
RDIM.ZIP01-Jan-19904681AutoLISP program to create datum dimensioning.
REALFR.ZIP15-Nov-199449633"A system of fonts and AutoLISP functions which; when used together; will produce ""real fractions"" from the dimension and text commands. Allows any printable character as numerator and/or denominator character and sub/superscripts."
RIDGE.ZIP01-Jan-19901424AutoLISP program to create ridge lines.
ROTDIM.ZIP02-Mar-19921212LISP routine to rotate dimensions.
SAVEDI.ZIP27-Nov-19932131Protected Lisp file allows you to save your present dimensioning variables to a script file; so you may restore them to another drawing.
TBRMOD.ZIP14-Jan-19954737Modify AutoCAD dimensions without exploding. Done by redefining the dimension pseudo-block definition. Only lines can be modified in this version. Remove lines; lengthen; shorten and break them.
TRIG_C.ZIP20-May-19942412Lisp program that can find the area; dimensions of the sides; and angles of a triangle.

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