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File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
3DFILLET.ZIP19-Mar-19942811Lisp routine which redefines the FILLET command to allow filleting of non-UCS coplanar lines. Allows radius definition during filleting; one-pick polyline filleting; and first pick undo.
AGDT.ZIP20-Aug-1996AutoGDT Geometric Tolerancing for R12 and avobe... the easy way to do ASME Y14.5M-1994 It also support the former ANSI Y14.5M-1982 for revision of old drawing. This add-on is not a block or character; but a drawing based AutoLISP program.
AL.ZIP01-Aug-19931379AutoLISP routine that creates leaders with squiggly lines.
ALINE.ZIP01-Jan-19903072No longer supported. AutoLISP program to create a line with an Attribute attached.
ANIMATE.ZIP20-Dec-19921469"AutoLISP program to move a block along a path to create a ""real time"" animation."
ARCL10.ZIP15-Mar-19944133Lists information to the text screen about an operator-selected curve. Includes entity name; layer and color; delta; radius; arc length; semitangent; long chord; mmiddle and ordinate distance; and chord; tangent and radial bearings.
AUTOSV.ZIP19-Dec-199125548LISP routine to add to your menu picks to periodically save your drawing; time can be varied.
BARSCALE.ZIP07-Mar-20011642BARSCALE.lsp 04/19/96 Jeff Foster. The purpose of this routine is to allow the user to add a barscale into the current file based on DIMSCALE. formats available: Civil type Barscale, Fancy type Barscale.
BATCHC.ZIP20-Sep-199486435Allows selection of multiple files from a dialogue box. Next ACAD command sequence will execute on all selected files. Useful for insert blocks or xrefs; update or extract attributes; add or erase entities; make slides; dxfout; dxfin; etc.
BLDGRID.ZIP01-Jan-19901703AutoLISP program to build variable building grids.
BLINE.ZIP01-Jan-19902377AutoLISP program to create lines made from blocks.
BLINE40.ZIP07-Mar-200110904BLine Version 4.0 06/19/97 by Don J. Buschert (c) 1997 This program either inserts a break line symbol or changes the linetype of the selected object into a break line. The default is to change the linetype.
BOX.ZIP01-Jan-19901239Example routine that will draw a BOX or rectangle between 2 points.
BOXIT.ZIP01-Jan-19901304Lisp routine to DRAW A BOX AROUND A LETTER
BOXS.ZIP01-Jan-19901303AutoLISP program to draw rectangles and boxes.
BOXSEC.ZIP01-Jan-19903215AutoLISP program to create sections of boxes from existing drawings.
BSOLID.ZIP07-Mar-200113077This LISP-ROUTINE fills up ANY boundary created with POLYLINES (SPLINES), ARCS (YES!), CIRCLES, ELLIPSES. It's a great help in filling up LOGOS, making colored presentation-plots. It should run on Releases 12 & 13 (DOS & WINDOWS).
BTLOON.ZIP04-Jul-19925797LISP routine to replace the basic balloon program in AutoCAD. Program repeats until cancelled; allows transparent pans and zooms. A return at prompt for balloon # allows numbers to increment automatically or repeat.
CABLE.ZIP01-Jan-19901665AutoLISP program to draw cable ladders.
CCURVE.ZIP01-Jan-19901353AutoLISP program to generate vector curves.
CHELEV.ZIP07-Mar-1997468Changes the current elevation of an object to the elevation of a selected object.
CHGDIA.ZIP26-Jul-19946206Lisp routine to change one or more diameters to a new value. Speedy with minimal user input. Selection filter processes only diameters. Works with picklist or launch first. Highlights and lists diameters in the selection set.
CHNGM8.ZIP20-May-19946378Lets R12 users select multiple drawing files from a dialog box and then enter a script sequence that could have AutoCAD process and make repeated changes to the selected drawings.
CIRRAD.ZIP07-Mar-1997415Changes all the circles on a layer to a specified radius.
CLINE.ZIP01-Jan-19903449AutoLISP program to create composite plines; made up of mutiple blocks.
CLONE.ZIP01-Jan-19901246Autolisp program to clone entities to another specified layer without moving original from its position.
CLONE2.ZIP05-Jul-19921196Autolisp program to clone entities to another specified layer without moving original from its position.
CLOUD10.ZIP20-May-19942175Revision cloud lisp routine. You just draw a window around the area where you want the cloud. Also has varying arc width to produce a hand drawn effect.
CNSTR.ZIP01-Jan-19902500No longer supported. AutoLISP program to create temporary construction lines.
CONNECT.ZIP01-Jan-19901404AutoLISP program to draw leaders without arrows.
CONST.ZIP01-Aug-19932469AutoLISP routine that draws construction lines at various locations and offsets.
CSPLINE5.ZIP01-Jan-19902212AutoLISP program to create cubic splines.
CURVE.ZIP22-Nov-1993356762Curve Digitizer.
CURVY.ZIP19-Mar-199432656LISP routine to simplify the leader creation process. Uses polylines to make the leader lines. Lets you use create a leader line out of arcs and lets you add multiple lines of text; bubbles or other figures to the end of the leader line.
CVPOLY11.ZIP07-Mar-20014054CONVPOLY will convert all of the LINEs and ARCs encountered on a specified layer (or drawing) into POLYlines, and if desired, join them together where possible.
DD.ZIP07-Mar-20011070There are actually two lisp routines in one. You can produce detail designators with Circle or Elleptical shape around your detail. Specify detail desegnator location, type detail No. and sheet it will be shown.
DDA.ZIP07-Mar-2001149307This program calculates the area of a polyline and writes the area as well as user supplied data to a text file. This data can then be brought into a datbase or spreadsheet program like Excel.
DDAREA.ZIP07-Mar-20012800dda.lsp (DD Area) is an AutoLisp program for use with AutocadŽ. This program calculates the area of a polyline, boundary, or selected entities and writes the area as well as user supplied data to the selected point on the drawing and or a text file.
DETAIL-EN.ZIP07-Mar-200116398DETAIL - The DETAIL command creates an enlargement of a specified area of a 2D drawing. It also labels the detail and the enlargement with the detail name and scale factor.
DETAIL.ZIP20-Dec-199212389AutoLISP routine to explode a portion of a drawing for a detail in a baloon.
DFTCMP15.ZIP18-Jan-199438111Set of Utilities to make AutoCAD less prompt & input device senisitive. Copy; move & stretch commands work by Distances without specifiying from to points. Requires R11 or 12.
DIMDAT.ZIP22-Nov-199361175Dimensioning Utility.
DIVDIST.ZIP01-Aug-19932952"AutoLISP routine that places marker or lines on an entity at equal or given intervals OR places markers or lines on a path specified ""on the fly"" at equal or given intervals."
DRAFTOOL.ZIP20-May-1994200036"Title block/attribute management for AutoCAD R12 (DOS/Windows). Define ""smart"" title blocks with programmable attributes. Utilities for re-ordering and editing attributes. Dialog box interface. Includes on-line help and documentation."
DTL.ZIP04-Jul-19923836Extracts a section of a drawing for a detail. The lines; arcs and circles are trimmed to the box boundary. Plines and equal scale blocks are exploded one level before trimming.
DUPCHK.ZIP10-Dec-19921443Deletes duplicate entities.
DX.ZIP14-Sep-199461929AutoLISP program for R10 and higher. Allows user to modify the endpoint of a line; arc; or polyline without changing its orientation in the current XY plane.
ELE.ZIP07-Mar-2001649Changes all entities to elevation zero. Also lines with different start and end point elevations. R14 Freeware
EZOFF.ZIP01-Jan-19904745AutoLISP program to offset objects with the option of deleting the object offset; and offsetting with one pick for object and side to offset.
FILLET.ZIP14-Jan-19953687Release 12 lisp routine which redefines the FILLET command to allow filleting of non-UCS coplanar lines. Allows radius definition during filleting; one-pick polyline filleting; and first pick undo.
FLAT.ZIP01-Jan-19901435Leaders with text centered on arrow.
FREEHAND.ZIP07-Mar-20014904Modifies lines and polylines to appear as if drawn freehand.
GAPS.ZIP07-Mar-20011250Locates and marks ends of arcs, lines, and plines that are close but not exactly coincident. Gaps are marked by drawing circles on the current layer.
GOWIPE.ZIP24-Sep-1997219Deletes all WIPEOUT objects from the drawing.
HCL.ZIP01-Jan-19901362AutoLISP program to create horizontal construction lines.
HONEY.ZIP04-Jul-199211613Prototype drawing with borders for manufacturing in B; C and D sized formats. Release 2.6 format.
ISECT.ZIP27-Nov-19931577Not supported. Intersects two lines in 2d. Buggy.
ISOANG.ZIP22-Nov-19933547Draw angles inside an ISO plane.
ITEMB102.ZIP04-Jul-19926982"LISP routine that is an enhanced leader function written to address an application need for item ball creation. It draws a leader and inserts a ""balloon"" item ball at the end."
LALIST.ZIP19-Mar-19942565AutoLISP program gives survey information for an arc: radius; degree of curve; arc length; chord length and bearing; start; end and radius point coordinates. For lines: length; bearing; start and end coordinates. All bearings in surveyors' notation.
LEADERM8.EXE26-Feb-2001593920LeaderM8 v2.1 from, creates 8000+ different styles of leader-lines, using single or multi-segment polyline arc and/or line segments. Requires AutoCAD 2000. Shareware, U.S. $29.95.
LEADERM8.ZIP26-Feb-2001139264LeaderM8.lsp v1.4 from CSG Solutions, creates 8184 different styles of leader-lines, using single or multi-segment polyline arc and/or line segments. 31 types of arrowheads, 19 types of endings, auto-numbering bubbles, import text into a multi-line text ending, export text out of a drawing, on-line help, pop up command list. Requires AutoCAD R12, R13, or R14. Shareware, U.S. $29.95.
LINES.ZIP01-Jan-19901718AutoLISP program to draw parrallel lines for plotter optimization.
LTLNCL.ZIP20-May-1994105439Construction line and light lining program that helps layout a drawing as you would on a drafting table; with the same look and feel. Reduces the input of coordinates by letting the user pick intersection points of construction lines laid out for project
MATHDX.ZIP09-May-199435116Processes ASCII file containing a rectangular table of space-delimited numbers representing Z-values of a 3D surface; and produces a DXF file with polyface mesh which can be loaded into AutoCAD. Source code is included.
MEETPNT.ZIP26-Nov-19932603Lisp routine to draw a yellow point on your current layer at the intersection point of two lines which would meet only if extended. Works with LINES and 3DLINES only.
MSRT.ZIP01-Jan-19901109AutoLISP program for multiple insertions.
NEWPLI.ZIP01-Jan-19902364AutoLISP program to create new form of Plines.
NUMBER.ZIP07-Mar-20011252This program allows the user to insert incremented numbers by digitizing only one location for each number. Great for Numbering items in a drawing.
OSNAP.ZIP01-Jan-19902499AutoLISP program to emulate extra osnap commands.
PANACEA.ZIP20-Dec-1992137410Program to customize the colors used by a Panacea DLD (Display List Driver) to change the color of any ACAD screen object; remap any color between 0-255; t specify the RGB value and save these changes or return to the ADI or VGA defaults.
PANELS.ZIP22-Nov-199316548Create Hoffman enclosures.
PAR.ZIP01-Jan-19901452AutoLISP program to draw parallel lines.
PARALINE.ZIP01-Jan-19903441AutoLISP program to create parallel lines.
PBOX.ZIP04-Aug-19931161AutoLISP routine that draws a retangular box as a polyline.
PCIRCLE.ZIP01-Jan-19901596Utility to create a polyline circle.
PERP.ZIP01-Jan-19901522AutoLISP program to draw perpendicular lines.
POLY.ZIP09-May-19945500Use with any of the edit commands listed in cmdlist to select entities with an existing polyline. The polyline can have arcs in it; but it will be treated as if it was all straight lines since it uses only the verticies of the entities.
POLYGON.ZIP04-Aug-19932521AutoLISP routine that draws several polygons not yet available in AutoCAD rel 10; including: RECT; a rectangle based on 2 corner pts & a rotation <; PARA; a parallelagram based on 3 pts & a rotation <; RIGHT & ISOS for right and isosolease triangles.
PTEXT.ZIP07-Mar-20012855PTEXT.lsp Places text along any specified path(polyline) Viji Varghese Kerala India March '99
PURGM8.ZIP20-May-19945725Lets R12 users select multiple drawing files from a dialog box and have AutoCAD purge them; to reduce their file size. Will open all selected drawings; perform an audit on them; check for errors; and then wblock out the drawing.
PUTNUMS.ZIP07-Mar-2001876PUTNUMS.LSP will ask you for a starting value and increment, and then continue to prompt for insertion points, inserting each value justified to middle center, as long as you continue to pick points. From the April issue of PaperSpace - the LUG newsletter.
PWEED.ZIP09-May-19901774Removes vertices from selected polylines according to specified parameters. If 2 points are less than the minimum specified distance apart, the 2nd is removed. If 3 points form an angle less than the specified minimum, the middle one is removed.
PZEDIT.ZIP07-Mar-20013479PZEdit will adjust all of the vertices Z coordinates of any selected 3d Polyline to a user specified elevation, regardless of the current elevation of any one vertex. It has not been tested on Acad R14. Freeware
QPON.ZIP30-Jan-199486964Running auto snap utility that allows you to quickly snap to one ora combination of all modes. Use with the PLINE/LINE commands.
RCLOUD.ZIP07-Mar-20015585This routine draws revision clouds using pline arcs with a 0.0 beginning width and a (0.02 x Scale Factor) ending width to give a hand drawn appearance. will prompt for a revision number After completing the cloud, a revision tag will be placed with the proper number and a leader.
RECT.ZIP04-Aug-19931651AutoLISP routine that draws a rectangle as either a line or a polyline.
RECTANG.ZIP01-Jan-19901327AutoLISP program to draw rectangles.
REGSTA.ZIP26-Jan-199531953AutoCAD R12 drawing of an engineering stamp.
REVCLOUD.ZIP01-Jan-19902574AutoLISP program to create revision clouds.
RLINE.ZIP01-Jan-19901920AutoLISP programs to create multiple lines on specified layer.
RMTEXT.ZIP20-May-19943235"Removes unwanted ""spaces"" that may inadvertantly creep into drawings. Solves problem of zooming extents causing drawing to shrink down to miniscule size."
ROT.ZIP27-Nov-19931704Lisp routine to rotate entities parallel to the world coordinate plane. User picks two points on the axis of rotation and a third on the item to rotate.
ROT2ENT.ZIP07-Mar-20014093Rotates objects relative to a specific angle or angle of another entity
SAVE_END.ZIP04-Jul-19924199Undefines ACAD save and end commands and redefines them with new versions with date and time stamps in drawing; includes POP menu for pull down selection for release 10.
SECTION.ZIP01-Jan-19901589AutoLISP program to create section arrows.
SELSET.ZIP09-Sep-19933579An improvement on AutoCAD's SSX.lsp program; easy-to-use way of selecting entities by their properties - color; layer; thickness; entity-type; etc. Once selected; can be acted on by any AutoCAD command.
SETPROP.ZIP09-Sep-19932494Lisp routine to set element creation properties; such as color; linetype; etc. to match a specified entity. Displays entity's properties and asks user to confirm the settings to make them the current ones.
SMP.ZIP07-Mar-200138822Simlify process of creating typical section mark. fill the blanks in dialog box and you will be able to create section marks. It was tested in R12, R13, and it is modified to work with R14.
SMPB.ZIP07-Mar-200140832This is another version of Section mark routine. No dialog box, just to make it work faster. It creates different type of section mark, designed to accomodate longer drawing numbers. First select the insertion point for section mark (location of the buble), than specify direction of section mark, and finaly - third point, the location of section mark end. It is simplified and allows only four positions UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT
STRIPZ.ZIP22-May-199428723Strips the Z; or elevation; component from all or selected entities in a drawing file. Includes LSP front end component ZERO.EXE; a program that runs as an external process through the ACAD.PCP file.
SYMLIN.ZIP19-Mar-19943007LISP routine which draws a line with user defined symbol along it.
TABLE2.ZIP04-Jul-19922038LISP routine that generates a table in an AutoCAD drawing.
TRIANGLE.ZIP01-Jan-19901229AutoLISP program to draw triangles.
TRIMS.ZIP07-Mar-20013042Multiple Trim inside or outside of selected window boundary. Cut.lsp is adapted from Section.lsp by Bob Jones's Section.lsp. Cut.lsp now includes a dialog box interface. This program is FREEWARE.
UNSTAC.ZIP14-Jan-19956129"Unstacks the default stacked fractions in R13 dimensions with Arch. or fractional units. Unstacked dimension remains associative; but later edits make it ""regenerate"" again."
VC.ZIP19-Mar-199438002Multi-function vertical curve calculator for AutoCAD R12. English or metric units. Quick screen plots and printing to all ports or a file. Allows different horizontal and vertical scales; plots a grid around the curve (optional); much more.
VCL.ZIP01-Jan-19901358AutoLISP program to create vertical construction lines.
VECTOR13.ZIP17-Jul-1995138493Vector 1.3 for Autocad R12 - outdated version
VECTOR22.ZIP17-Feb-1999236497Create solid fills in AutoCADŽ without hatching. Vector can fill existing polylines (open or closed) and bounded area. Since the fills are made in AutoCADŽ you see what you get before plotting. You can also control visability of overlapping entities, for instance, place text over a color fill or the brown bridge over the blue river. Vector 2.25 for AutoCAD R12 DOS/Win31 and R13_C4 DOS/Win31/Win95/WinNT Shareware $125
VERT.ZIP08-Jul-19923625Allows you to easily draw verticle highway alignments in AutoCAD. It will construct and label a complete highway centerline alignment.
WERKES.ZIP01-Jan-19902603AutoLISP programs to draw revision bubbles; etc.
XR2B.ZIP19-Sep-19941622"Detaches an Xref selected by pick; inserts it at the correct location and rotation and freezes the layers that were frozen in the Xref. Scale factor of ""1"" is assumed. Good for large Xrefs with multiple frozen layers."

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