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File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
ATTPROP.ZIP19-Mar-19942523Prompts for block name or default (Pick). Then lists attributes contained in that block and prompts for attribute name.
BKC.ZIP01-Jan-19901682AutoLISP program to break crossing center lines.
BOMB2.ZIP19-Mar-19943015Explodes unequal X/Y; rotated and mirrored blocks (except those with scale factors of unequal magnitude). Prompts you to select objects which it filters by a layer name. checks scale factors' magnitude before mirroring.
BREAKL.ZIP01-Jan-19901483AutoLISP program to break lines around inserted blocks.
BRKDSH.ZIP01-Aug-19931588AutoLISP routine to break a line between 2 intersecting lines and break that line into a specified number of dashes and breaks for when you need to show a braken dashed line but defining a new linetype is a hassle.
CALC2.ZIP01-Aug-19933901Calculator useable within ACAD or transparently within a command; will return to ACAD a floating point value so it can be useful to use within commands requiring real numbers as input. Works similar to a desktop calculator; many scientific functions.
CHG3.ZIP05-Mar-19955896AutoLISP program to allow global entity access and editing. This is done by presenting the user with a numbered menu of the selected properties; then prompts the user to enter the number of the property to be modified and the new value for that property.
CLIP.ZIP05-Jul-19923396"LISP routine to ""clip"" entities; similar to ""trim"" command; to clip entities from a selection set across a drawn borderline."
CPW.ZIP01-Jan-19901260AutoLISP program to globally edit polyline widths.
DDCTXT.ZIP09-May-199422620Set of three utilities to globally change height; rotation; width; style; justify; obliquing; create new text styles; and snap to different parts of text.
DELBLK.ZIP01-Jan-19901424AutoLISP program to slectivly delete blocks from drawing.
DELLAYR.ZIP01-Jan-19901163AutoLISP program to delete all items on a layer.
ECONO3.ZIP19-Jan-19946200Redundant line replacement program.
EXPLODIT.ZIP01-Jan-19901130AutoLISP program to explode any block; even those with different or negative x;y;and z factors.
FENCE.ZIP04-Jul-19925650LISP routine that will cut out entities enclosed within a fence placed by the user. These entities will be returned in a selection set and processed by the command issued at the prompt.
FILLET2.ZIP01-Jan-19901450AutoLISP program to fillet lines.
FUNCTN.ZIP20-May-19947117Redefines the function keys for Object Snaps. Only works witht he DOS versions of AutoCAD R9-R12. All ten object snap modes are supported. Uses function keys F2 through F7 and F10 through F12. Author will customize to your needs.
GLUE9.ZIP01-Apr-19901791Draws a line between farthest most points of user selected lines and erases user selected lines.
GOBLK.ZIP01-Aug-19935233AutoLISP routine that places a user specified block on a line; arc or polyline and breaks that element at the edges of the block. The user is allow to align the block with the element interatively. Finds edges of a block from the block's own geometry.
HEAL.ZIP01-Jan-19901253AutoLISP program to repair broken lines.
HEALARC.ZIP01-Jan-19901356AutoLISP Program to repair broken arcs.
HIDE.ZIP01-Jan-19901186AutoLISP program to hide lines under objects.
HIDELP.ZIP01-Jan-19901900AutoLISP programs to break ellipse's.
HIDEPART.ZIP01-Jan-19902109AutoLISP program to allow part of a block to be hidden.
INSBRK.ZIP01-Aug-19932281"AutoLISP program inserts a block named ""insbrk"" (looks like a rotated ""N"") into a line and breaks the line at the end of the block to form a breakline symbol."
INTERS.ZIP03-Jun-19932305AutoLISP program to edit many different intersection types.
LINTC.ZIP01-Jan-19901517AutoLISP program to create lines tangent to circles.
LN2PLINE.ZIP01-Jan-19901404AutoLISP program to change all lines to plines.
MTRIM.ZIP01-Jan-19901677AutoLISP program to trim multiple objects.
M_UTIL.ZIP15-Nov-19942676Two handy AutoLISP routines. MMIRROR.LSP allows simultaneous mirroring of multiple objects. MDDATTE.LSP provides sequential editing of a series of blocks with attributes without multiple DDATTE commands.
ONPLANE.ZIP04-Jul-19922465LISP routine to get orientation of 2-D polyline segment for labeling.
PERPNODE.ZIP19-Dec-19911375LISP routine to draw lines perpendicular to an endpoint of a line.
PFIX.ZIP01-Jan-19902208AutoLISP program to fix polylines.
PICKPROP.ZIP04-Jul-19921568LISP routine to change properties of selected entities by picking another entity with the same property.
PIPE_BRK.ZIP04-Aug-19931413"AutoLISP routine to draw a pipebreak symbol (looks like an inverted ""8"") at the end of a pair of parallel lines."
PLPRO.ZIP19-Nov-199431285Rapidly finds and corrects boundary errors in AutoCAD drawings. Assists in creating complex hatch boundaries and converting drawings to GERBER data.
REMEXTRA.ZIP05-Jul-19921559LISP routine to remove extra lines from a drawing that duplicate another line segment.
REPTEXT.ZIP26-Nov-19933695AutoCAD 12 LISP utility to search and replace text items in a drawing; including within block definitions; dimensions; and attributes. It will also process these entities in nested blocks to any depth.
SCEX.ZIP19-Nov-199417152"Routine to explode bad scale blocks which cannot be exploded by the ""Explode"" command. Works with Releases 11 and 12."
SKIP.ZIP01-Jan-19901250AutoLISP program to jump over lines with an arc.
SQUARE.ZIP04-Aug-19931699AutoLISP routine that performs a mirroring of objects about the X and/or Y axis.
TAPER25.ZIP01-Jan-19901331AutoLISP program to taper lines.
UNDER.ZIP09-Sep-19931873Creates a function called UND; which performs like an object snap overide; selects objects covered by other objects with a single pick point.
WIDEN.ZIP01-Jan-19901778AutoLISP program to widen lines.
XPLODE.ZIP19-Mar-19935181Replacement of ACAD explode command. Allows user to controll all attributes of the component entities of a block or set of blocks while exploding them. User can select entities desired.
XYSCALE.ZIP09-Sep-19933031No longer supported. AutoLISP routine that works like AutoCAD's SCALE command; but allows the user to specify the X and Y scales; transforming an entity in many ways.

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