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File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
ACADTE.ZIP19-Nov-1994162980Graphical front end for Tektronix TEK222 Digital Storage Oscilloscope. User can transfer; modify and view waveforms and front panel set-ups. Will simulate button press on the scope and report diagnostic codes through RS-232 communications.
AUTOVIA.ZIP01-Jan-19902917AutoLISP program to autoroute circuit boards.
CIRCUIT.ZIP01-Jan-199078605Engineering program to aid in the creation of circuit boards.
ICPAD.ZIP01-Jan-19909234AutoLISP Blocks and menu for laying out Integrated circuits.
LOGIC.ZIP01-Jan-199024646Program to test logic circuits
LOGIDRW.ZIP01-Jan-199063854AutoCAD menu for drawing logic circuits.
OHMS.ZIP01-Jan-199018963Program to calculate Ohms.
SCHEMAT.ZIP01-Jan-199013632Program to aid in layout of schematics.
TS.ZIP01-Jan-19901587AutoLISP program to lay out terminal strips.
TSB.ZIP01-Jan-19901556AutoLISP program to lay out terminal blocks.
WNO.ZIP01-Jan-19902190Routine to write wire numbers at wire corners.

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