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File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
ACADSAVE.ZIP22-Nov-19932855Auto save feature for autocad front end. (replaces autolisp).
ACADUT40.ZIP05-Jul-1992253575Utility to select an ACAD drawing and launch drawing editor; or start a new drawing with prototype drawing. Also can load lisp routines from a menu; view slides from a menu and insert blocks from a menu; all in the drawing editor.
AMATE231.ZIP19-Dec-1991145823A front end for AutoCAD to select a drawing; and launch the drawing editor; also a menu system and file manager; works with other CAD packages; and allows for extended drawing names for better descriptions.
AMATE27.ZIP06-Mar-1995154835Menu/file management system which can work as a front end to AutoCAD or any other CAD package which uses the .DWG file format. Descriptions and other file management features are available for organizing your drawings.
AM_DEMO.ZIP04-Aug-199273143AutoMaster drawing manager demo; hard disk management and AutoCAD interface front end also performs batch plotting and automates common tasks.
AV.ZIP19-Mar-1993333494Drawing management and viewing utility (a working demo of the commercial package). Allows fast viewing; redlining markups; a printing/plotting utility; has multi-ple viewports for many CAD; vector and raster file formats.
CADSHL21.ZIP20-Dec-1992138037CAD file management system; shell interface for all AutoCAD functions and network file management. This is a working demo with limited functions of a commercial product.
CADTRK10.ZIP04-Jul-199265071AutoCAD front end that keeps track of jobs; users and time spent working in drawing environment; date stored in simple data files that can be edited from CADTRACK. Keeps monthly log of jobs for billings. Req: DOS 3.3+; ACAD 10+.
DWGPTH.ZIP20-May-199450311DOS based program used to modify paths stored within AutoCAD drawing files. May be used to change the hard coded paths contained within a single drawing; or in a group of drawing files.
DWGREG.ZIP19-Mar-19942122LISP routine that uses the Norton FI (fileinfo) program to attach and list information to/from drawing files. FI.EXE must be on the DOS path. Also uses DOS SORT; MORE and FIND programs; and the SH command to shell to DOS.
FM.ZIP01-Jan-19902452AutoLISP programs to manage AutoCAD files on screen in the drawing editor. Includes vviewing slides for existing files; deleting files; copy and rename; all and more from inside drawing editor.
MMATE11.ZIP19-Dec-199189443Program Launcher; file management and DOS shell utility; with mouse support.
NEWDWG.ZIP01-Jan-199018591AutoLISP program to load a new AutoCAD drawing while still in AutoCAD.
PULDWG23.ZIP04-Jul-199251172Replacement for the AutoCAD main menu using pull down menus.
RECDWG.ZIP19-Mar-19944503Two LISP routines to track hundreds of drawings. One routine checks a drawing against a list and; if missing; runs a second routine. The second routine records drawing information.
SAVE2A.ZIP09-Sep-19931263AutoLISP routine to automate saving a drawing file to a floppy diskette in drive A:; modified to accomodate release 11's popup dialogue boxes.
SELDWG.ZIP01-Jan-19906584Program to provide menu support for loading AutoCAD drawings; etc.
SELDWG_3.ZIP19-Dec-199118306Utility to select an ACAD drawing and launch drawing editor.
SYL.ZIP08-Sep-1994164756Alternative to generic compression utilities for storing AutoCAD drawings. Improves on compression ratios for DWG files. The ADS version allows users to save their drawings into a compressed format without leaving AutoCAD.
SYLADS.ZIP21-Mar-1993132474A symbol library program for ADS; designed for the management and distribution of large symbol libraries. Can compress 70 meg .DWG libraries into 6 meg of LYL; then can ZIP to 1.8 meg. Access 32 char block names. Shareware Rel. 11 Windows version.
SYLZIP.ZIP05-Mar-1995221602Alternative to generic compression utilities for storing AutoCAD drawings. Improves on compression ratios for DWG files. Operates from DOS command prompt outside of AutoCAD.

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