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File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
ACAD-CPS.ZIP07-Mar-200119413AutoCAD/CPS interface program. Digitized contour reconstruction. In MS Basic old utility. Use of Autocad for CPS/PC data input.
CMTDEM.ZIP19-Nov-1994147932Tool for drawing and labeling parcel boundaries. Provides flexible annotation placement; automated cul-de-sac creation; quick area labeling; break lines/curves function. Also has compound; reverse; 2 tangent & 3 tangent curves.
CMT_JR.ZIP19-Nov-199472815Tool for drawing and labeling parcel boundaries. It is a subset of the commercial version of CAD Mapping Tools.
CONT10.ZIP19-Mar-19945534Contour polyline repair kit for civil engineers; surveyors; photogrammetric mappers; etc. LISP routines to find unequal elevations; do a polyline add; and do a polyline extend.
GSURF2.ZIP20-May-1994114860Complete GENeral SURFace modeling and contouring package that lets you input XYZ point data from keyboard; data collector or other device. Creates triangulated irregular networks (TIN); contours and 3D meshes directly into an AutoCAD drawing.
LAT-LON-DIST.ZIP07-Mar-200136838This utility software is designed to calculate the distance between two (2) known latitude and longitude coordinates.
LATLON.ZIP15-Mar-199447098Converts latitude and longitude coordinates into X and Y coordinates. Creates DXF output file. User can define central merian and base parallel as an initial starting point from which all X/Y are set. Also converts X and Y to Lat-Lon.
VECTORMS.ZIP22-May-1994137671Mapping toolkit for AutoCAD with global line to polyline join; global fuzzy join; polyline filter; polyline solid fill; boundary solid fill; and entity visibility cotnrol.
VOLARE10.ZIP25-Nov-199319008Computes the volume of digital terrain model from DXF file composed of 3DFACES defined from 3 or 4 points; not necessarily plane. Computes oblique area of 3DFACES and horizontal area. Also scalar number Oblique area/Horizontal areas; etc.
WGLISP.ZIP07-Mar-200196368SPLINE ver. 1.0 Custom Symbolic Linetypes for Mapping
WRLDMAPS.ZIP26-Nov-199364904Reads an ASCII text file with latitude and longitude coordinates. An AutoCAD script file is created that draws a continuous line connecting all data points. When a blank line in the ASCII file is encountered; a new line is drawn beginning with next #.

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