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File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
2LAYR.ZIP22-Nov-19939794Layer control program used to set layers; turn layer on or off; freeze and thaw etc.
CHGLAYER.ZIP22-Nov-19931240Move from layer to layer with 1 button ease.
CHLAYE.ZIP19-Mar-199311908AutoLISP program to allow changing of layer names in .DXF files.
DDBS.ZIP18-Mar-1995110283"Suite of AutoLISP and DCL routines for manipulating layers according to the ""Layer Naming Convention for CAD in the Construction Industry"" from the British BS1192 standard."
DWGLST.ZIP20-May-199439435Lists all the layer or block names in an AutoCAD drawing to a user specified file. Can be used to search a series of drawings for a specific layer or block. Directly reazds the drawing file for R2.5 through R11. No need to load AutoCAD or convert files.
LAPOWERTOOLSE14.ZIP01-Feb-20011089075Very easy to use AutoCAD Layer Manager (version r14). English Version. It makes Layer Standards implementations an easy task. It's operator friendly without any impositions. The operator selects the Layer thru a categorized interface and the software generates the final Layer Name on it's own. Itīs 100% costumizable and the definition file is a open text document that can be distributed company wide so every operator complies with the same standards. Register free before March 15, 2001
LAPOWERTOOLSE2000.ZIP01-Feb-2001676220Very easy to use AutoCAD Layer Manager (versions 2000/2000i). English Version by Henrique Saias plus Bonus Tools. Register for free by march 15, 2001
LAYER.ZIP01-Jan-19904685AutoLISP programs and menus to facilitate changing of layers.
LAYERS.ZIP20-Sep-19945076Collection of Lisp routines to work on layer settings. Use these to save your on/off; thawed/frozen; locked/unlocked; colors and linetype settings of all layers.
LAYMEM.ZIP24-Nov-199411731Protected Autolisp program that memorizes the current ON/OFF and FREEZE/THAW status of all the layers in a drawing file and writes those settings to a file; for later restoration.
LAYMENU.ZIP01-Jan-19903315AutoLISP programs and for selecting layers from the existing set.
LAYMGR.ZIP09-May-199417224Layer managing program to change layers; copy objects to layer; freeze/thaw; lock/unlock; on/off; separate layers; set layer; toggle layers. Works with R12 DOS and Windows.
LAYMOD.ZIP01-Jan-19901738Globally modify items on layers.
LAYSET.ZIP01-Jan-19901383AutoLISP program to set layers.
LL.ZIP30-Jan-19942058Produces a list of all layers that are ON and THAWED and displays them as text in the drawing or writes the names to a file.
LMV40.ZIP19-Mar-199441320AutoLISP routine for drawing layer management. Pick an entity on the layer and set to it; freeze it; isolate it; rename it and more. You can do the same for grouped layers.
LSET.ZIP13-Mar-19951855Layer setting utility to set layer current (in place of LAYER SET command). Thaws layer if it is frozen; then sets it current; ending the annoying practise of having to cancel the LAYER SET command and issue a LAYER THAW command; then another LAYER SET.
LTB.ZIP20-Sep-1994112774ADS utility for AutoCAD R12 for DOS or Windows. Lets you control layer visibility through on-screen selection of entities. Use dialog box of command line functions to identify; set; lock; freeze or turn off a selection of layers.
LXDEMO.ZIP20-May-1994243706R12 DOS and Windows utility to manage layers in user definable groups. Uses DCL based point and shoot interface. Layer color; linetype and visibility can be manipulated by group. One pick lets you display only the layers you WANT to see.
LXV13.ZIP14-Jan-199587749AutoCAD 13 for DOS ADS utility that displays a selected layer or layers while freezing all non-selected layers. Functions permit viewing forward or backward one layer at a time or making a selection of layers to view. Speeds the identifying of layers.
LXVIEW.ZIP20-Sep-1994117449AutoCAD 12 for DOS ADS utility that displays a selected layer or layers while freezing all non-selected layers. Functions permit viewing forward or backward one layer at a time or making a selection of layers to view. Speeds the identifying of layers.
LYSTYL.ZIP23-Jan-199514971Helps you manage layer modes by assigning descriptive names to multiple setups. You set layer modes for a task and assign a name to the setup. Names can be up to 32 characters with spaces and punctuation. Nothing is appended to the drawing.
MATCHL.ZIP01-Aug-19931191AutoLISP routine that sets the layer to match the layer of the entity you point to.
OFF.ZIP01-Jan-19901653AutoLISP program to turn off layers by selecting objects.
SETLAY.ZIP01-Jan-19901335AutoLISP program to aid in setting layers.
SETLAYER.ZIP01-Jan-19901129AutoLISP program to aid in setting layers.
SHEET2.ZIP15-Mar-199454713R12 ADS application which saves and restores layer settings. On/Off; frozen/thawed; locked/unlocked; etc. Sheets can be stored in drawing or in an external file. Includes complete AutoLisp interface.
SLAY.ZIP19-Sep-19943614Sorts drawing entities by lexical order of layer name. Entity order can determine which entities obscure which other entities on the display and output. Proper naming gives the user control over entity order.
SLAYER.ZIP01-Jan-19901521AutoLISP program to move entities of a certain type to a certain layer.
THAW.ZIP01-Jan-19902567No longer supported. AutoLISP program to allow thawing of layers without regeneration.
THWANG.ZIP30-Jan-199415831A REGEN in paper space after a LAYER thaw can lock PC if there are no model-space viewports that need to be REGENed. This patch will fix the problem on R12/c1/c2 DOS versions. Copy to acad directory and run.
TLM.ZIP13-Mar-199535913AutoCAD layer manager featuring ability to store layer status inside a drawing and restor status globally or to a viewport.
WLAYER.ZIP01-Jan-19901722Create a block of each layer of an AutoCAD drawing.

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