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File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
3D-VOLTS.ZIP07-Mar-20011882865Freeware for R14 There are 7 arx Files that draw the following 3D Screws, a Fillister head slotted, Fillister head phillips, Pan head slotted, Pan head phillips, Round head slotted, Round head phillips, and a Hex washer head slotted. Each file draws the screw with , a external tooth lock washer, a flat washer, and a hex nut.
BEAM.ZIP20-Dec-19922898This program will draw a steel beam based on similar dimensions as found in the A.I.S.C. Steel Handbook.
BOLT.ZIP01-Jan-19902273AutoLISP program to create bolts.
BOLTNWT3.ZIP12-Feb-199310560LISP routines to aid in production of 2-D bolts; nuts; washers; schematic threads and tapped holes.
BRACKETS.ZIP01-Jan-19902017AutoLISP program to create brackets.
CAM.ZIP01-Jan-19902163AutoLISP program to draw cams.
DAF.ZIP20-Dec-19922005LISP routine for drawing ductwork; including center lines.
DUCT.ZIP20-Dec-19922132AutoLISP program to create HVAC ductwork; when used in conjunction with flexd.lsp; flexible duct can also be created. For use with AutoCAD release 2.5 and up.
EASY_C.ZIP17-Jul-199415013Generates CNC code from ACAD polyline. Uses 2D polylines with or without arc segments; curved and splined. Uses 3D polylines of arbitrary orientation; also splined 3D polylines.
FACET.ZIP01-Jan-19905438AutoLISP program to create facet's.
FENEST.ZIP01-Jan-19902905AutoLISP program to create finite element nests.
FINISHSM.ZIP18-Jan-199438224 Autolisp files containing ANSY Y-14.5 surface finish symbols.
FLEXD.ZIP20-Dec-19922063AutoLISP program to create HVAC flex duct; works in conjunction with duct.lsp; for AutoCAD release 2.5 and up.
FLG_PAK.ZIP20-May-1994118109AutoLISP programs to create a multitude of nozzles in minutes. A typical nozzle configuration can be generated at full scale; per ANSI specs; with 100% accuracy; in less than 1 minute. All flange information is from a common database you can edit.
FRAME.ZIP01-Jan-19901306AutoLISP program to create frames.
GEARCA.ZIP27-Nov-199338420Simple Windows spur gear calculation program for drafting spur gears. Will produce the dimensions needed to draw the gear and will send construction geometry via DDE to AutoCAD (Windows version). Requires VBRUN200.DLL.
GEARS.ZIP15-Mar-199448501Draws dimensionally correct involute gears with the ease of loading a menu. Parametric program generates gear teeth relieved to allow proper meshing down to a 10 tooth count. Draws pitch circle and individual tooth forms.
HARDWARE.ZIP01-Jan-19902209AutoLISP programs for Nut's and Bolt's
HEATCALC.ZIP01-Jan-19904008Program to perform HVAC Heat loss calculations.
HEX_LSP.ZIP01-Jan-19905653AutoLISP programs to create nut's and bolt's.
LINK.ZIP01-Jan-19906701AutoLISP programs to analyze three bar linkages.
MECH.ZIP08-Mar-19923457Assortment of mechanical drafting routines. Dhole draws a drilled hole. Thole draws a drilled & tapped hole. VThole draws a view of a tapped hole. Dowel draws any side dowelpin. 5 more routines included.
NPEIDE.ZIP20-Sep-19944068674 flat layout programs: concentric cone; eccentric cone; square to round transition and mitred pipe bend. Output as DXF file or CNC program for a 2 axis CNC profile cutter.
NPEIUT.ZIP18-Sep-19948500524 LISP utilities including flat cone layout; slot drawing; circular hole patterns; block handling; and file handling. Program is limited use evaluation copy.
NULINK.ZIP01-Jan-19903576AutoLISP program to analyze 3 bar linkages.
PNEUMSIG.ZIP01-Jan-19902367AutoLISP program to create Neumatic Signal line for flowsheets and Process and Instrumentation lines.
PPAK_PRO.ZIP20-May-199479565Single program written in AutoLISP that lets you create double line piping layouts from inside AutoCAD. All pipes and connections are constructed according to ANSI specifications. Gathers information from an ASCII database system.
PSLOT.ZIP15-Mar-199411804Release 11 and 12 commands to draw single and multiple polyline slots. Includes dialog control box for release 12 version; slide files for horizontal and vertical slot used by the dialog box image button; and a test drawing showing how usage.
PTOL.ZIP01-Jan-19902271AutoLISP program to aid in geometric tolerancing.
SHCS.ZIP02-Mar-19923620A menu driven utility for drawing screw heads in a drawing parametrically.
SLOT.ZIP01-Jan-19901617AutoLISP program to draw slots.
SPRCSEC.ZIP01-Jan-19901440AutoLISP program to create sections of sprockets.
THERMAL.ZIP01-Jan-19903231Lotus worksheet to perform HVAC thermal calculations.
THREADS.ZIP01-Jan-19901592AutoLISP programs to create screw threads.
TPIPE002.ZIP01-Jan-199044827Program to perform piping pressure drop calculations.
VESS.ZIP01-Jan-19901334AutoLISP program to create vessels.
WELD.ZIP01-Jan-19901757AutoLISP programs to create weld symbology.

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