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File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
1_BC_CAD.ZIP26-Nov-19935423Misc. AutoLisp routines for AutoCAD release 9+. Angle of any size with filleting corners; Clss; Dmstyl-change DIM style to another; Mrin-mirror objects by insertion points; DMwth; Atted; Clt; Ped; Pep; Scal; Plate-el; Seq; Ted.
3DPLIN.ZIP15-Sep-19932509Converts 2D-Polylines to 3D-Polylines. The original PLine is deleted and the new entity is created via entmake. AutoCAD does not like to do this operation and has to be tricked into it. Also change thickness of association of selected 3D-Polylines.
ACAD.ZIP01-Jan-19902903Sample ACAD.LSP for AutoLISP developers.
ACADLSP.ZIP13-Mar-19921515Draws a line tangent to 2 circles; from the first circle; in a clockwise direction; to the second circle.
ACADOLD.ZIP20-Dec-19921301AutoLISP routine to remove LISP variables from the system.
ACADTOOL.ZIP01-Jan-19905121Collection of 25 routines for early versions of Autocad. Circa 1986!!
ACADUT1.ZIP22-Nov-19931479411 AutoLisp utilities for old versions of Autocad, Circa 1987!!!
ACADW.ZIP01-Jan-199014751Misc. AutoLISP files including Text import; vertex; text height.
ACRLEN.ZIP01-Jan-19901646AutoLISP program to measure distance of an arc.
ADDNUM.ZIP01-Jan-19904200AutoLISP program to add numbers picked from the AutoCAD editor screen.
ADDQUE.ZIP01-Jan-19901864AutoLISP program to add drawings to a plot que.
ADEDEMO.ZIP04-Jul-199226926AutoLISP Developers Environment full screen editor for creating and debugging LISP code. Fast and easy to use; color codes for unmatched pairs of parenthesis. Edits files larger than 64K; req: 50K disk space; 128K ram; DOS 3.1+.
AN.ZIP01-Jan-19901227AutoLISP program to aid in annotation.
ANGLE.ZIP01-Jan-19901363AutoLISP program to measure angles
APNEW.ZIP15-Sep-19932437Improved version of the popular automatic purging lisp routine. Embedded in a document describing how it works and the only drawing it will fail on.
APT.ZIP04-Jul-19921353LISP routine designed to replace or redefine the standard quadrant Osnap. User may input any desired angle.
ATTMOD.ZIP01-Jan-19901382AutoLISP program for changing attribute values.
AUDITOR.ZIP01-Jan-19902541AutoLISP program for material takeoff and estimation.
AUTOCA.ZIP30-Jan-19943592"Lisp routine which generates a ""rubberstamp"" type of sine wave representation to be used for technical ""Show and tell"" meetings or to assist in clarifying angular motion sequences."
AUTODESK.ZIP22-Nov-199322505Autodesk Lisp routines.
AUTOSA.ZIP01-Jan-19903979AutoLISP program to save drawing if longer than preset time.
AUTOWELD.ZIP05-Jul-199279504Weld.lsp works in conjunction with weld icon menus and add weld.mnu to the icon menu selection in place of standard acad menu selections to add ease of use to welding symbol selections.
BAR.ZIP26-Nov-19934550Sample routine showing how to implement a percentage done bar in R12 AutoLISP and DCL. Of limited use due to AutoCAD R12 dialog API restrictions.
BEEP.ZIP01-Jan-19901170AutoLISP program to generate a beep.
BESTFITLIN.ZIP07-Mar-20011088Best Fit Line. You can select several points and the routine will calculate (using Least Square Method) the line that fits best between the points, and then draw the line.
BIRD.ZIP01-Mar-19921837Automatically sets up viewports and provides birds eye view.
BLK.ZIP01-Jan-19901385AutoLISP program to allow selection of blocks to insert from screen menu of previously inserted blocks.
BLK20.ZIP01-Jan-19901597AutoLISP program to convert multi-layer and multi-linetype blocks to layer 0 and change to bylayer thus creating generic blocks.
BLKSERCH.ZIP01-Jan-19901347AutoLISP program to search and report on all occurances of block inserts.
BLKWRT.ZIP01-Jan-19902137AutoLISP program to write blocks used in a drawing to a report.
BLOCKO.ZIP01-Jan-19901340AutoLISP program to write block inserted in a drawing to a report.
BORE.ZIP15-Sep-199335216Generates 2 dimensional X;Y and Z charts with options including Dual Units; Dual Charts; Breaks; Notes; Metric Numbers with commas; Layer Control; text justification; and Alphanumeric hole names. SAve and load options to streamline setup of configuration
BRACE.ZIP04-Jul-19922217LISP routine to draw a large brace when given 2 endpoints.
BUILDIT.ZIP01-Jan-19901147AutoLISP program for controlling input to getkword function.
CADENCE.ZIP01-Jan-19904001Misc. routines.
CALC.ZIP01-Jan-19902413AutoLISP program to simulate feets and inchs calculator.
CBLOCK.ZIP01-Jan-19902427AutoLISP program to count blocks.
CD.ZIP01-Jan-19901392AutoLISP program to generate curve data from arc's.
CFG.ZIP01-Jan-19901174AutoLISP program to configure standard AutoCAD template for digitizers.
CFKEY.ZIP01-Aug-19934336"Lisp routine that allows you to ""program"" the function keys on your keyboard to issue AutoCAD commands. Lets you save key definitions in a batch file."
CG.ZIP01-Jan-19901697AutoLISP program for hatching grids.
CHATT.ZIP20-Sep-19943049Lisp routine to make selected changes to the selected attributes.
CL.ZIP01-Jan-19901632AutoLISP program to display the color and linetype on the statusline of the AutoCAD editor.
CLOUD.ZIP19-Dec-19911463LISP routine for drawing clouds.
CLOUD2.ZIP05-Jul-19921419LISP routine for drawing clouds.
CLRSCR.ZIP01-Jan-19901156AutoLISP program to clear the AutoCAD text screen.
CLUBLISP.ZIP19-Mar-19932121A collection of 5 Lisp routines to set an item to a new layer; define & save keyboard macros; freze layer by picking an item in it; and change text string by match and substitution
COMM50.ZIP19-Mar-199443070Many commands and AutoLISP functions not included with release 11/12. 20 trig functions; star/spiral/3dbox; cavity; delete layer; text editing; change scale factor on inserted blocks; setlayer; freeze layer; speedup; conversion; zoom; and many more.
CONNECTB.ZIP07-Jan-19955237AutoLISP program to do load-time variable clean up/garbage collection.
COPYFILE.ZIP01-Jan-19901175AutoLISP program to copy ascii files.
CRTEST.ZIP01-Jan-19902243AutoLISP program to test colors on different hardware setups.
CTOS.ZIP15-Sep-19933233Copies entities from/to mspace/pspace. Takes into account any user coordinate systems and entity rotations that may be in effect. Fast and easy to run.
DATEIT.ZIP01-Jan-19901107AutoLISP program to store the date in an AutoLISP variable.
DDATTE.ZIP30-Jan-19944758Revised version of DDATEXT.LSP that fixes two bugs. 1. Explicit selections ignored and extract always global. 2. Does not honor noun/verb entity selection. From Tony Tanzillo.
DIARY.ZIP27-Nov-199313501Lsip desk diary for AutoCAD 12.0 that provides a monthly calendar from January 1993 through December; 1997. Allows notes to be placed within the calendar.
DISTANCE.ZIP01-Jan-19901206AutoLISP program to measure distances.
DLOG.ZIP01-Jan-19903421AutoLISP program to create and display ddatte (dynamic attribute dialog box for system variables.
DRLISP.ZIP20-Dec-199257474A fully working demo of the commercial packge. The demo has a few of the utilities (Autofont and Headline); commercial package has 84 different utilites. Autofont is a font generator for text characters and shapes; Headline is a humorous diversion.
DT212B.ZIP23-Jan-1995176574Lisp routines in a smooth MENU package for engineering drawing production with R12 DOS. ROTATEcopy; SCALEcopy; Duplicate; lineTRIM; FILLETnt; CHAMFERnt; Length; SCALE; and Stamp.
DVIEWTW.ZIP01-Aug-19931431AutoLISP routine that sets DVIEW twist angle by pointing to an existing line.
DWGISS.ZIP15-Sep-199417925Allows you to copy a selection of DWG or DXF files to a temporary directory and then copied or zipped to a floppy disk. Can create self-extracting ZIP file. Will use PKZIP span feature for multiple disks if necessary.
DWGSCR.ZIP01-Jan-19902310AutoLISP program to create a script based on existing drawing.
DWGSTAMP.ZIP30-Jan-19942158Lisp STAMP routine which will stamp your drawings with the date time USER in Autocad and the DWG name and path.
DXFP.ZIP25-Feb-199229186"DXF utility to parse ASCII and binary dxf files produced by release 10 of ACAD. Supports the parsing of ""entities"" section of DXF files only. For use by applications that need to read DXF files to serve as application code building blocks."
EALIGN.ZIP27-Nov-19931780Lisp routine to align selected entities left aligned or right aligned.
ELF110.ZIP20-Jun-1993154467A library of commands and functions contained in a single .EXP file designed to enhance ACAD. Provides LISP programmer with 15 utility and file management commands; and over 170 additional functions for AutoLISP. Many powerful tools for LISP prog.
ENCODE.ZIP08-Mar-199211473"Encode strips LISP code of comments and writes a new file as a single line of code. This makes AutoLISP routines that have been ""Encoded"" load and run faster; as well as take up less memory."
ENGMATH.ZIP01-Jan-199035094AutoLISP program for many engineering math functions.
ENTMKR.ZIP19-Nov-19949158"Compiles a list of entmake descriptions from all the entities in a drawing. Stores the list in a ""DXG"" file which takes up less space than the corresponding DWG file."
ERROR.ZIP01-Jan-19901221AutoLISP program to retrieve AutoLISP error messages.
ESLIDE.ZIP01-Jan-19903933AutoLISP program to selectivly create slides from objects.
FILE.ZIP01-Jan-19902585AutoLISP program for file manipulation.
FILTER.ZIP01-Jan-19901921AutoLISP program to allow filtering of types of entities allowed in selection sets.
FMSADE.ZIP30-Jan-199417542FMS 3.2 Beta Patch. Thsi file should fix problems encountered with FMS 3.2 and the ADE c1 release.
FMSADS.ZIP30-Jan-19948889FMS 3.2 Beta upgrade. Updated version of one of the Lisp files in the 3.2 beta release. You need to reference this file if you are running ADE c1. Place unzipped version in your lsp directory under you FMS32 installation.
FTREE.ZIP01-Jan-19901742AutoLISP program to create Fractal trees.
GETTAN.ZIP01-Jan-19901352AutoLISP program to continue until tangent is met.
GLOBESLT.ZIP26-Jul-19932696AutoLISP routine that allows the user to make a more powerful selection set.
GORE.ZIP15-Sep-19932474Creates a flat pattern for segment of a sphere or a hemisphere based on the center point; a radius or diameter; and the number of segments in each direction to draw the pattern.
GOTOIT.ZIP15-Nov-19942937Allows you to select a block or an X-ref and go to it.
GRAPH.ZIP20-Dec-19921705AutoLISP program to create mathematical function graphs. It uses an AutoLISP function evaluation of a number of points in the defined interval as the data points to plot the function.
GRIDTOOL.ZIP07-Jan-19954696"AutoLISP program for design aid for laying out compositional grids with user definable primary and secondary spaces. Can be used to draw partially overlapping grids using ""XOR ink"" with resulting screens capturable by Windows or SunOS as bitmaps."
GRREAD.ZIP01-Jan-19901076AutoLISP program to read defined and redefigned ansi keyboard codes.
HANDRAW.ZIP30-Jul-1996Hand draw look for your drawings Lisp routine Evaluation Demo
HEAVEN.ZIP27-Nov-199319356Dialogs that replace the DIST and LIST commands. Also a dialog that set the automatic save interval. Dialog box for editing multiple pieces of text with full undo control. Search and replace dialog to take the place of the old CHGTEXT lisp routine.
ICALC.ZIP01-Jan-19902538AutoLISP Program to return values from math calculations back to AutoCAD prompts.
ICON.ZIP01-Jan-19901890AutoLISP program to allow use of ICON's with pre-Release 9 versions.
INPUT.ZIP01-Jan-19905271AutoLISP programs to control input/output.
INSIDE.ZIP07-Jan-19951679AutoLISP program for polylines.
IOUTIL.ZIP01-Jan-19901903AutoLISP program to control Input/Output.
KRAM387.ZIP01-Jan-19901834AutoLISP programs including I/O utilities and data typist.
KRAMER12.ZIP01-Jan-19902126AutoLISP programs including conversion from decimal to hexidecimal; title block utility.
L.ZIP08-Mar-19921303"A LISP routine that loads a LISP routine (example; instead of typing""load ROUTINE""; you would type L Routine)."
L2C_23.ZIP15-Mar-1994316356AutoLISP to C (ADS) translator. Requires Watcom C++ or Metware High C/C++ compiler. Produces DOS and Windows ADS application directly from LISP. 100% source code protection and up to 10 times the speed of interpreted LISP.
LARC.ZIP08-Mar-19922291Allows a user to pick a circle or arc; then inserts leader at proper angle towards center of arc. Allows for 2 part leader.
LARRAY.ZIP01-Aug-19931453AutoLISP routine to equally space between rebar blocks to linear retangular array equally between two existing blocks.
LI.ZIP01-Aug-19931914AutoLISP routine that will walk through a block definition; displaying the contents.
LINEAR.ZIP01-Jan-19901453AutoLISP program to extract linear feet.
LISPFAQ1.TXT03-Jan-199946180AutoLisp FAQ Part I by Reini Urban
LISPFAQ2.TXT03-Jan-199948703AutoLisp FAQ Part II by Reini Urban
LLOAD.ZIP20-Dec-19925778AutoLISP routine that allows you to create a list of LISP file names that you load frequently; and lets you load any of them by typing the number associated with the filename.
LOG.ZIP01-Jan-19901104AutoLISP program to log true drawing times.
LSP.ZIP26-Nov-19932595LISP routines to break lines where they intersect two other lines and draw a hidden line between the other two lines.
MACRO.ZIP01-Jan-19901785AutoLISP program to create AutoLISP macros while inside AutoCAD. Program acts as a command recorder playing back commands given by the user.
MACROC.ZIP15-Jan-19954712Routines for zoom; quick extension of line by first zooming in close; quick trimming of line; drawing circle as the trim line; single pick break of lines/plines at intersections; streamlined XREF attach; powerful XREF detach; and many more.
MATH.ZIP08-Mar-19921927AutoLISP on-line calculator program; performs many functions of a hand held calculator within drawing editor. Can add; subtract; multiply; divide; square and do square roots.
MEASANG.ZIP01-Aug-19931295AutoLISP routine that measures the angle between two intersecting lines.
MENU2.ZIP01-Jan-19903038AutoLISP program to create ANSI menus inside AutoCAD.
MESSAGE.ZIP01-Jan-19902485AutoLISP program to leave self displaying messages in AutoCAD drawings.
MISCLISP.ZIP01-Jan-19909872AutoLISP programs including export and import multiple locations of text.
MISCPROG.ZIP01-Jan-19902842AutoLISP programs including dimensioning; parallel lines; tapped holes; etc.
MODE.ZIP01-Jan-19905131AutoLISP program to toggle system variables.
MOFFS.ZIP27-Nov-19932006Lisp routine that take's an entity pick; offset direction; and distance list in the form 3@2 2@5 and offset the selected entity in the specified direction 2; 4; 6; 11; and 16 units. Any number of distance/increment pairs can be used.
MOHR.ZIP01-Jan-19901685AutoLISP programs including
MORE.ZIP01-Jan-19903320Sample ACAD.LSP
MORPH.ZIP17-Jan-19955101AutoLISP program to extrude a pline section through an arbitrary pline path. Lets the user select a polyline contour representing a final state; then morph the 1st contour into the 2nd by a specified number of transform stages.
MYKEY.ZIP01-Jan-19901597AutoLISP program to record marcros and play upon one letter commands.
NA.ZIP02-Mar-19921574A LISP routine for entering a north arrow into a drawing.
NEMI-MISC-LISP.ZIP07-Mar-200118614Miscellaneou Routines by L. Nemirovsky 1992/95/97; CM.LSP - this program is designed to copy or mve entities from MODEL SPACE to PAPER SPACE ; CMM.LSP - same as CM.LSP only it is designed for R14 (only) based on new clipboard features; PEND.LSP - this little program put break line on the end of pipe, user have to pick two points; BR.LSP - this simple routine will create a breake line with one "wigly" line in the middle.
ONEKEY.ZIP01-Jan-19901820AutoLISP program to record one key playback macros.
PCOM.ZIP01-Jan-19901279AutoLISP programs to allow selection of objects for input of commands.
PDIST.ZIP22-Jan-19942544AutoLISP 2.6-based user defined command that measures the distance between 2 points along a polyline.
PERIM.ZIP26-Nov-19932750Lisp routine to find; calculate and write on your screen; the perimeter or length of a selected object. May be useful for costing of WEDM work.
PICANG.ZIP01-Jan-19901520AutoLISP program to select angle with one pick.
PLOTPT.ZIP01-Jan-19901459AutoLISP program that allows connecting of pts read from external file.
POLAR.ZIP01-Jan-19901243AutoLISP program to return polar coordinates.
PPLANE.ZIP20-May-19941805Written by Barbara Chavez. AutoLisp program which will draw a 3D paper airplane.
PROP.ZIP01-Jan-19903453AutoLISP program to view entities properties.
PROTXLSP.ZIP02-Mar-199210470AutoLISP encryption utility; allows AutoLISP to run the LISP routine in ACAD; but contents of program is kept confidential.
RECURSE.ZIP01-Jan-19902441AutoLISP program to perform functions on recursive directories.
REGN.ZIP01-Jan-19901205AutoLISP program to allow regeneration of objects.
REPEATIT.ZIP01-Jan-19901218AutoLISP program to allow for repeatable macros.
REVDAT.ZIP09-May-19946288Revision date; time; drawing name and user name stamping on drawings.
RNAME.ZIP01-Jan-19901880AutoLISP program to provide the ability to attach a name to a point.
ROSS.ZIP01-Jan-19901824Lisp routine that draws tangent lines between circules and copies lines to a parallel position.
SCALE.ZIP01-Jan-19901356AutoLISP program to show scaling of points.
SEGALAUG.ZIP01-Jan-19904305"3 Programs in one: (1)Multi-drawing redefinition macro…;(2)NEW EXPLOSION ROUTINE by KEN SEGAL IN ADDITION IT WILL SUCCESSFULLY ""EXPLODE"" A MIRRORED BLOCK; (3)Function to create 3D curves from AutoLISP expressions."
SEQUENCE.ZIP01-Jan-19906713AutoLISP program to adjust display sequence of blocks.
SFILL.ZIP22-Jan-19942354Constructs an even division of solids between any 2 arcs; lines or polylines on any elevation plane.
SHORTCOD.ZIP01-Jan-19901702AutoLISP programs to provide one keystroke commands.
SIDEVIEW.ZIP01-Jan-19902034AutoLISP program to create a side view while drawing front view.
SIZER.ZIP01-Jan-19901536AutoLISP programs to resize drawings.
SNAP.ZIP01-Jan-19901271AutoLISP program and menu to change snap.
SORT.ZIP01-Jan-19902458AutoLISP program to sort drawing for plotting optimization.
SP.ZIP09-May-19944030LISP routine that prompts you during loading of a drawing for selected purges (BLOCKs; DIMSTYLEs; LAYERs; LTYPEs; textSTYLEs).
SSTEST.ZIP01-Jan-19901571AutoLISP program to aid in selection of objects.
STAMP.ZIP01-Mar-19923174No longer supported. Stamps the drawing with a date mark.
STATUS.ZIP27-Nov-19933204"Lisp routine to beautify your status line. It displays layer name; paper space status; drawing name and ""*"" if it's been edited in the current session; the date and time updated at the processing of every ACAD comand; and ortho and snap status."
STRIP.ZIP01-Mar-19922190Strips redundant lines from AutoCAD drawings.
SUMLIN.ZIP01-Jan-19901883AutoLISP program to add lengths of lines.
SV_ENV.ZIP22-Jan-19942693Saves the current LISP environment into a file with the name of the drawing and with the extension .LSP. For example say the current drawling is body.dwg the saved lisp environment file will be body.lsp.
TABCNFG.ZIP01-Jan-19903300AutoLISP program to configure digitizing tablets.
TODAY.ZIP19-Mar-199424124DCL and AutoLisp routines that will tell you today's date (for example; Jan. 30; 1994). Handles dates from 1993 through Dec. 31; 2000. Not encrypted.
TRACK.ZIP04-Jul-19921949LISP routine to list entities in a drawing; with entity properties and type.
TRIG.ZIP01-Jan-19906821AutoLISP program to perform trigonometric functions on right triangles.
TRIGFUN.ZIP01-Jan-19901529AutoLISP program to aid in trigonometric calculations.
TXE.ZIP20-Sep-19942561Edits the following text type entities: text; attributes; attribute definitions; and dimension text.
UNDEFINE.ZIP01-Jan-19901434AutoLISP program to create a new 'END' command; adding creation of a slide.
UTOO14.ZIP23-Jan-199522250Lisp routines for balloon & leader; tolerance setting; easier command for linear DIMs; easier command for circular DIMs; clever parts tag; autoloader and memory settings.
UTOO16.ZIP13-Mar-199523634Lisp routines for balloon & leader; tolerance setting; easier command for linear DIMs; easier command for circular DIMs; clever parts tag; autoloader and memory settings.
VECTOR.ZIP01-Jan-19901788AutoLISP program to calculate vectors.
VIEW.ZIP01-Jan-19901514AutoLISP program to create and restore views.
VIEWSET.ZIP01-Jan-19902488AutoLISP program to create and restore views automatically.
VOL3NO4.ZIP01-Jan-19906085Cadence magazine vol. 3 num. 4.
VOL6NO11.ZIP19-Dec-199137422LISP files from Cadence Magazine Volume #6; Issue #11. DIM routines;TEXT editing (spell checking); LISP compiler; on screen CLOCK; more
VSAVE.ZIP01-Jan-19901804AutoLISP program to save and restore views.
WHEREI.ZIP27-Nov-19931316Lisp routine that will find and display the full pathname for any file found on the ACAD search path. Especially useful for ensuring that the correct copy of menu; lisp; and font files are loaded.
WSECT.ZIP20-May-19943367Written by Brigitte Robertson. AutoLisp program which will construct an exterior wall section (parametric 2D).
XPLODEWW.ZIP24-Jul-19943615explodes 2D blocks in the WCS of unequal scales. Nested blocks are not exploded; but they will be equally scaled and look correct. They may not reside in the WCS.
XTRUD.ZIP17-Jan-19958366AutoLISP program to extrude a specified section through a specified path. Uses a number of global variables; rather than local variables; to avoid repetitively passing large lists as arguments.
YORN.ZIP01-Jan-19901073AutoLISP program to get user input.
Z3.ZIP01-Jan-19901251AutoLISP program to provide precise zooming.
ZOOM.ZIP01-Jan-19902203AutoLISP program to provide zoom functions.

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