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File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
AERIAL.ZIP26-Nov-199369036"Allows transparent use of AutoCAD's Aerial View display list driver. Simple Visual Basic application that provides a floating ""stay on top"" button that gives the user instant access to the aerial view window. Requires VBRUN300.DLL."
ATTEXT.ZIP19-Mar-199437984Allows attribute data extraction from AutoCAD entities inside drawings (DWG) at the DOS prompt without loading AutoCAD. Supports most features found in the AutoCAD ATTEXT command including compatible template files and ASCII output comma or space delim.
BACKUP.ZIP26-Nov-19933215LISP routine to save a drawing to a drive or directory.
DCGPAT.ZIP20-Sep-19941363Workaround to avoid error message when installing DCG100.
DEPRIV.ZIP14-Jan-199511284"Removes unnecessary comments and white space from an AutoCAD LISP program file. Runs from DOS command line. You enter names of input and ""stripped"" output files."
LOADLI.ZIP13-Mar-19958835Windows 3.1 program to keep track of AutoLisp functions. Lets you browse through directories and read the first few comment lines in each lisp routine.
PURGE222.ZIP21-Sep-1994146427Save disk space by purging your .DWG files. Allows 100% purging of AutoCAD drawings from DOS. No DXFs are required. Single pass.
PURGECL.ZIP21-Sep-1994159794Save disk space by purging your .DWG files. Allows 100% purging of large batches of AutoCAD drawings from DOS. No DXFs are required. Single pass.
PWDM12.ZIP20-Sep-199447627Automatically detects and repairs corrupt PWD file. Manages network and single user PWD files. Detects and removes expired PWD locks.Forced logouts directly or by tagging. Lives in Harmony with AutoCAD - uses full PWD file locks before operating.
UNPLOT.ZIP25-Jan-1994260568AutoCAD ADS application that imports HPGL and HPGL/2 files into an AutoCAD drawing as true drawing entities. Also can randomize line endpoints and zig-zag long line segments to produce a hand sketched effect. For R12 DOS or Windows.
V9N3.ZIP09-May-19944467Code listings for March; 1994 issue of CADENCE Magazine
V9N5.ZIP08-May-19947365Code listings for April; 1994 issue of CADENCE Magazine

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