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File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
3SORTS.ZIP19-Mar-199475196Three sort routines. SELSORT; QSORT; and MSOPRT.
A2T200.ZIP24-Jul-199412260Lisp routines to put text; identical to a block's attributes in every way; exactly on top of the attributes. The block is not exploded; so the attributes are still underneath the text. User may turn off all attributes so that text placement is obvious.
ASETOA.ZIP24-Jul-19944955Converts links to tables created with ASE to a format ADE recognizes. Links created with ASE will be left intact. Options to use the first column of the table as the table link key and more.
CADSTA.ZIP14-Jan-199596085Expert shell that helps you run AutoCAD/386 in Windows. Checks for correct Windows settings; manages AutoCAD settings; offers basic file management and launches AutoCAD.
CADU22.ZIP03-Jan-1995AutoCAD PD/ShareWare addons directory; Dec'94
CADV22.ZIP03-Jan-1995Directory of AutoCAD addon producers; Dec'94
CALAREA.ZIP24-Jul-19941996Calculates the total area of a selection set of closed polylines (non-polylines and open polylines are automatically rejected).
DXFDOW.ZIP14-Jan-199513198Work around for AutoCADs problerm dealing with very large handles. If handles exceed 'FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF' AutoCAD tries to begin with 'F00000000000'; which causes double handles and sometimes fatal crashes.
GENESYS.ZIP19-Mar-1994193115"Extracts the ""DNA"" or drawing creation information criteria and output it to either a boxed or linear format with all inherited information that belongs to that drawing."
HMLOGO.ZIP19-Sep-19944582AutoCAD forum logo (GIF file) for WinCIM 1.2 users.
HMLOGO2.ZIP20-May-19946931CompuServe AutoCAD forum logo in GIF format. For WinCim 1.2 users; it will display on screen while they are in the forum.
KELV13.ZIP14-Jan-19952643Standard Kelvinator protected symbol definitions for AutoCAD Release 13.
LEADM8.ZIP23-Jan-199571879Creates 8184 styles of leader lines using single or multisegm;ent ployline arc or line segments. 31 types of arrowheads; 19 types of endings; auto-numbered bubbles; import text to multi-line text; export text from drawing; online help; etc. for R12+.
MASTER.ZIP14-Jan-199524269Matrox Impression popup GUIs. Additional on-screen popups that work with the Matrox Impression cards inside AutoCAD R12 for DOS. Attractive text and images to access AutoCAD Edit; Draw; Object selection and Object snap commands.
MOTNONLY.ZIP18-Sep-19945451Text file describing the use of Apolonius parametric front-end design tool to design a line of 20 bicycles in one day. Illustrates the dramatic time savings possible in designing any family of products similar in design except for sizes and dimensions.
MVWGDE.ZIP20-Sep-19942253Draw line guide in MSPACE to define limits of VPORT. Useful to those who create multiple viewports at different scales.
PEDITL.ZIP24-Jul-19942011Pedit linetype regen of polylines. Set linetype regen on/off for a selection set of polylines (non-polylines are automatically rejected).
PHON07.ZIP15-Jan-19958620An on-line phone book which may be used within AutoCAD. Lets you add; delete; edit; and search for name; company; address and phone number.
SCRTAB.ZIP24-Nov-1994274788Adds toolbars to right and bottom of AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT screens. You can specify number of rows and columns and use BMP files for buttons. Can be customized while running; and buttons can be copied or moved.
SHIELD.ZIP20-May-19942093"Creates an anonymous; unequally scaled block of an ACAD R12 drawing to hinder editing by others. Author says it can be simply ""un-Shielded""; but you have to figure out how. Works on paper space AND model space entities."
SORTST.ZIP15-Mar-19944579Routine for testing the sort routines used in 3SORTS.ZIP (produced by BASIC d.o.o. of Slovenia using their Lisp2C translation software).
TABLES.ZIP20-May-199417204AutoLISP functions for defining custom tables which can be inserted in drawings. Prompts for any undefined parameters/cell contents during isnertion. Includes manual and sample Bill-of Material and Hole Sizes/Quantities.
ZOOMPS.ZIP17-Jul-19943754LISP routine for automated zooms in paper space or model space drawings. Switches between paper and model space automatically as necessary for the zoom. Registrants receive a similar pan function.

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