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A7221V1B.ZIP11-Jan-199578754The ADI7221 program is an AutoCAD ADI file converter that takes an ASCII format ADI file and converts it to HP's 7221 plotter language.
ACADPRN.ZIP04-Jul-199249913High resolution printer drivers and batch file to start driver and ACAD. Also has a script file generator to allow batch printer plotting. Supports 9 & 24 pin printers in this demo; also 7 color printers in full version. TSR; uses about 6K.
ADI7221.ZIP06-Mar-199575029AutoCAD ADI file convertor that takes the ASCII format ADI file and converts it to HP's 7221 Plotter language. The output creates a file which can be sent to a plotter.
ADIDRV.ZIP05-Jul-1992128474ADI plotter and printer drivers for Epson 24 pin printer; HP plotters (long and short plot) using HP-GL and HP-GL2; for AutoCAD release 11-386 (and AutoSketch for Epson printers).
ADIDUD.ZIP20-Dec-1992208425Device drivers for devices that are supported by ADESK through the ADI driver config. option. Includes Epson 24 pin printers; HP-GL/2 language long and short and HP-GL long and short plotters and SVADI display driver for ACAD386 rel. 11 & AutoSketch v3.
ADIHDG.ZIP26-Nov-19936806Memory resident program to interface Hitachi tablets to AutoCAD; AutoSketch; AutoShade; etc. using a real mode ADI digitizer driver.
ADIPLT.ZIP06-Mar-199546112Transforms generic AutoCAD plotter output into useful format for unsupported drivers. Tektronic laser printers and HP/DEC PaintJet printers are supported.
ADRIVERS.ZIP20-Dec-199274117A collection of drivers that allow several different printers to beused as printer-plotters with ACAD ver 2.5 or higher or AutoSketch version 2.0 or higher. Most printers are not supported by ACAD or AutoSketch directly.
AUTOPLOT.ZIP17-Jan-199415112"Will plot to your configured plotter/file all items surrounded by the block ""blkname"". By creating multiple views of drawing within 1 file & surronding each with ""blkname"" you can automaticly print all views of your drawing."
AUTOPRNT.ZIP04-Jul-199232102Utility to print or plot as many drawings as needed in a single batch run. Full screen menus promt user to quickly accept/change settings and then operates printer/plotter unattended.
BETAHP.ZIP19-Mar-1994112108Latest AutoCAD Release 12 Hewlett Packard plotter drivers for DOS 386 and Windows. Beta versions.
CALUTILS.ZIP13-Nov-19941018893 utilities to convert Calcomp .PLT files to ascii .DXF; binary .DXF; or VGA 640x480 screen output.
DAV65.ZIP20-Dec-19921371AutoLISP routine utility to select a group of layers to be plotted.
DESKJ11.ZIP19-Nov-199462909HP DeskJet 500/500C/550C printer drivers for Release 11. Supports line widths to .70mm and color.
DESKJ12.ZIP05-Mar-199475218HP DeskJet 500/500C/550C printer drivers for Release 12. Supports line widths to .70mm and color.
DESKJC.ZIP15-Mar-199476915HP DeskJet 500/500C/550C printer drivers for R12. Supports line widths to .70mm and color.
DRAGPL.ZIP13-Mar-199533322Lets you print a large number of AutoCAD drawings without having to load each one individually. Makes use of the drag and drop feature of Windows using File Manager.
DRIVRS.ZIP20-May-19943496List of latest R12 ADI drivers. Gives names of drivers files (on CIS); the drivers the files contain; and what was fixed in the latest version.
FPRINT.ZIP20-Dec-19921145AutoLISP program to print (list) an ASCII text file from inside AutoCAD onto the screen (or to a printer if it is toggled on).
GLAC12.ZIP03-Jan-1995HP-GL/2 print/plot drivers for AutoCAD R12
HPGL2.ZIP20-Dec-199219476ADI long plot driver for Hewlett Parkard HP-GL/2 plotters; including HP7600 series electrostatic models; HP Draftmaster RX; Paintjet XL with HP-GL/2 language cartridge. May work with other HP-GL/2 compatable devices; but not tested.
HPGL2B.ZIP19-Mar-199426289Latest AutoCAD Release 12 HPGL/2 plotter driver for the DOS 386 platform. Beta version.
HPGL2BTA.ZIP20-May-199426289Updated R12 386 HP-GL/2 plotter driver (a.1.90b). Same as the plphpgl2.exp file which is shipped with R12_c3 except the pen plotter configurations (HP Draftmaster) will not use HPGL/2 instructions to fill areas. Faster plots. Not for inkjet plotters.
HPGL2SCR.ZIP03-Jan-1995Convert HPGL to AutoCAD script language
HPGLPRL.ZIP03-Jan-1995Perl scripts convert HPGL to AutoCAD DXF/SCR
LQ1000.ZIP04-Jul-19928536An ADI printer/plotter driver for the Epson LQ1000 printer. Creates high resolution (180 dpi x 180 dpi) output. Requires DOS 2.0+; AutoCAD release 2.18; 2.5 or higher; and IBM PC/XT/AT or PS/2 or compatible.
NETPLT.ZIP19-Mar-19945227Ascii text file with recommendations on efficient use of plotting AutoCAD files on a network; particularly using AutoCAD's AutoSpool feature.
NETPLTC2.ZIP26-Nov-19933270Text file describing printing and plotting to network devices with AutoCAD Release 12c2 for DOS 386 and Novell networks.
PCAD.ZIP04-Mar-199385594Printer driver for ACAD; Mirostn; Cadkey; most CAD software. Supports most printers including 9; 24 pin printers; HP; Canon; IBM laser and inkjet printers. Pen width; color; and shading; and paper size; magnification; etc. are user selectable.
PLDDOS.ZIP22-Jun-1994107980Demo of program to support ortho polygon shaped viewports. Not limited to rectangular. Viewports are sized automatically. Many settings can be changed. PLD creates and manages plots in Paper Space.
PLOTCOMM.ZIP01-Sep-19932307Text file outlining the procedure for sending an AutoCAD plot file to a Houston Instruments plotter from within a communications program through the serial port to the plotter rather than from within AutoCAD.
PLOTM8.EXE26-Feb-2001421376PlotM8 v30 by, allows the AutoCAD user to select and plot multiple drawing files via a dialog box. Works with AutoCAD 2000 Shareware. U.S.$29.95
PLOTM8.ZIP20-May-19949604R12 script generator which lets a user select multiple drawing files from a dialog box and then have plots of all of them made automatically. Gives you the option of plotting in AutoCAD drawing editor or by plotting in freeplot mode via a script file.
PLOTM8V2.ZIP26-Feb-2001330752PlotM8 v2.1 by CSG Solutions, allows the AutoCAD user to select and plot multiple drawing files via a dialog box. The user can also enter or import commands to execute prior to plotting. You can select files across drives and directories. Works with AutoCAD Releases 12, 13 and 14 only. Shareware. U.S.$29.95
PLOTSURF.ZIP22-Nov-199384665Plot graphs of functions of 2 variables.
PLTPCH.ZIP27-Nov-199311726Eliminates R12c2 DOS386 crashes when running the Plot command from AutoLisp/ADS.
POLYC.ZIP04-Aug-19933607An AutoLISP routine to convert lines; arcs; circles and polylines to polylines of a user specified thickness. Can be selected by a selection set or by layer. Allows a laser printer/plot to show line thickness. Useful for exporting to other programs.
PRTGL150.ZIP24-Jul-1994268763Pen plotter emulator; prints HP-GL files on most printers including 9; 24 pin printers; HP; Canon; IBM laser and inkjet printers. Displays and outputs PCX. Pen width; color; and shading; and paper size; magnification; etc. are user selectable.
PSFILT.ZIP06-Mar-19952444AutoCAD Postscript printer filter. This is the C Source code for a Postscript filter which speeds up printing from AutoCAD to a Postscript printer.
PS_MANY.ZIP04-Jul-199230038Utility to share a number of plotters and/or printers between a number of computers; which need not be networked. Can use a IBM PC as a plot or print server. Takes .PLT files and sends them to correct device. Req.: IBM PC; 256K; 1 HD & 1 FD.
PS_QA.ZIP26-Jul-199412356Text file with questions and answers about the PSOUT command in AutoCAD 12; for output to PostScript devices.
QPLT2.ZIP24-Nov-19945864Plotter queuing utility for HPGL/2 automatic batch plotting.
REAL8.ZIP27-Nov-199328851Method to permanently fix your AutoCAD plotter default drawing sizes.
SCR32.ZIP20-May-1994308949AutoCAD script generator which will plot multiple drawings; DXFIN/OUT; and edit multiple drawings. Select from multiple drives and directories. GUI interface. R1-12. Reviewed in April'94 Cadalyst magazine.
SLANT.ZIP20-Dec-19921680Utility that permits the plotting of drawing at any angle; not just 90 degrees (ACAD default). Has advantage over rotate command in that all entities retain their actual coordinates and orientation.
TEK4662.ZIP20-Dec-19927478Plotter ADI driver for Tektronix 4662 plotter for AutoCAD and AutoSketch. Includes a GW-BASIC source file for use with non-ACAD packages that don't use ADI interface for software that can write plotter commands to a disk file; customizable.
XPLOT.ZIP22-Nov-199319785Offline printing program.

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