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File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
ABCRUN.ZIP18-Sep-1994256150Integrators for AutoBasiC Release 2.3. Needed to run AutoBasiC programs. See ABCZoom for instructions on use.
ALLY30.ZIP08-May-1994244998AutoLISP programming environment and debugging tools. Finds errors & cross-references functions & symbols. Shows scope & hierarchy. Uses color coding to pinpoint parentheses & quote errors. Integrates your favorite DOS text editor. ACAD r10-12 DOS or WIN
AUTODC.ZIP01-Jan-19908372Decompiles protected AutoLISP files.
AUTOGRAF.ZIP05-Mar-19952625"Pascal and Fortran source code to produce graphics in AutoCAD data exchange format. Only ""movea"" and ""drawa"" (TCS- style) are supported."
CC.ZIP01-Jan-19908857CC outputs a color display showing parenthese matching and level of nesting for AutoLISP programs.
CRYPTS.ZIP19-Nov-199426290"Demo version of a program to provide the ability to encrypt a DCL file; store the encrypted file in an ADS executable file; and recreate the DCL file ""on the fly"". Uses Microsoft C/C++ compilers."
CWDEMO.ZIP04-Jul-1992176548An editing environment for AutoLISP programmers; program constantly passes info to programmer as the program is created or edited; using colored text and parentheses. Instant access to definitions and LISP functions; variables; more.
DCG101.ZIP22-Nov-1994142127Assists AutoLISP and ADS programmers in the development of DCL dialogue boxes. Automatically generates properly formatted DCL code. Eliminates switching between ACAD and text editor in the creation; previiewing and debugging of DCL dialogue boxes.
DEBUG.ZIP01-Jan-19903788AutoLISP program to aid in the debugging of AutoLISP programs.
DEBUGLSP.ZIP14-Jan-19952129Lisp routine useful in debugging Lisp routines. Place a break function within the code being debugged. Set TEST to a non-nil value and run the routine. Program will pause at the break so user can determine variable values at the time.
DOCUMENT.ZIP01-Jan-19908800Program to aid in the creation of comments in AutoLISP programs. Allows for editing of existing comments also.
DOLISP.ZIP01-Aug-19938280AutoLISP routine that creates LISP routines from entities drawn by the CAD operator.
FNTDOC.ZIP15-Nov-19943517An aid to documenting the multiple font types available in AutoCAD. Provides full documentation of all font styles on a computer.
GETFIL.ZIP09-Sep-199410360LISP program with DCL interface that mimics the AutoLISP getfiled command; but returns a list containing multiple files selected in the dialogue box. Uses routines from DOSLIB ADS library.
HEADER.ZIP01-Jan-19902174AutoLISP program to add headers to your AutoLISP file.
INCLUDE.ZIP04-Jul-19922122LISP routine to write include functions to an output file while in the AutoLISP interpreter.
JOINUP.ZIP15-Sep-199311143EXE file which removes white space from lisp files. Strips all comments and joins all lines into one continuous line. Unlike a kelvinator; it will not rename variables and fucntion will not lose their identities.
KELV.ZIP01-Jan-199030193Kelvinator from Autodesk. Encrypts files to promote originality.
LCK11B.ZIP19-Dec-199113424Program to check for matching parentheses.
LEDIT.ZIP18-Jan-199484946Autolisp editor for use in autolisp development. Can also edit any ASCII format file.
LISPHL.ZIP01-Jan-199017177Program for online AutoLISP reference.
LSPLOK.ZIP14-Jan-199580054Source code security tool for all version of AutoCAD. Encodes a DCL or LISP file so it can only be read by AutoCAD. Also decode function.
MNUCRYPT.ZIP01-Jan-19908337Program to encrypt AutoCAD Menu files to further originality.
NRPAPI.ZIP27-Nov-199344566"New tips; notes; warnings; samples and corrections for the book ""The AutoCAD Professional's API Toolkit"". From contributions by Matt Gerten; Mike Dickason; Al Dass; Eric Sattler; Kurt Hampe and ACAD forum messages."
PARNCHK.ZIP01-Jan-199029880Program to check; report; and format parentheses for AutoLISP.
POPUP.ZIP01-Mar-19921890Utility to help create popup menus.
PRETTY.ZIP01-Jan-19901343AutoLISP program to print a user defined function to a file.
PROTECT.ZIP01-Jan-19908891Program for protecting AutoLISP code to promote originality.
PROTOBOX.ZIP19-Mar-199451027Lets you graphically lay out and generate DCL code for custom dialog boxes within AutoCAD. Demo copy is fully functional; but cannot read existing or newly created DCL files.
ROA.ZIP01-Jan-19903478No longer supported. AutoLISP program to reorder attributes inside blocks.
ROUND.ZIP01-Jan-19901248AutoLISP program to round numbers.
SYMS.ZIP01-Jan-19905411AutoLISP program to update symbology and associated tablet menus.
UTILIT.ZIP14-Jan-1995160865Interactive utility that produces script files for use with AutoCAD for printing drawings; purging unused objects; creating slide shows; converting DWG files to DXF and DXF to DWG; IGS to DWG and DWG to IGS.
VLISPD.ZIP19-Nov-1994174639Fully functional demo release of a LISP editor for Windows. Features include Clipboard support; dynamic parentheses & quote counter; LISP formatting; context sensitive help; Function master; Variable master; find close paren.
VM211.ZIP19-Mar-199392994Utility program to aid in changing and using ACAD's system variables (over 100) through a menu driven program. Provides on line help and defaults. Most release 11 variables are represented.

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