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File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
ACADFNTS.ZIP26-Nov-1993399927AutoLISP program to aid in creating and customizing fonts for AutoCAD. Anyone can customize fonts without needing extensive knowledge of AutoCAD shape files. Also generates the actual shape code.
ACAD_TED.ZIP05-Jul-19928761No longer supported. Edit AutoCAD drawing text in a word processor type of environment within the drawing editor; using a full screen/line editor interface.
ADDRN.ZIP01-Jan-19901326Insert multiple sequencial numbers.
ADDTEXT.ZIP23-Jan-19941441Add prefix/suffix to text.
AN-INC.ZIP07-Mar-20011502A routine to copy and increment joined text and numbers. For instance, copy ABC123 an indicated distance and increment it to ABC124.
ARCTEXT.ZIP04-Jul-19922113LISP routine to write text on an arc.
ASCII.ZIP01-Jan-19901196AutoLISP program to generate ascii tables.
ASCIITXT.ZIP01-Jan-19901561AutoLISP program to import Ascii files into AutoCAD drawings.
ASCSCR21.ZIP04-Jul-199267349ASCII to Script file conversion utility; converts ASCII output from other programs and converts the data into x;y (and optionally z) coordinates into and AutoCAD script file.
AUTOLETR.ZIP01-Jan-19901684AutoLISP program for inserting text values in rows.
AUTONUM.ZIP01-Jan-19901308AutoLISP program for inserting number values in a row.
BFED11.ZIP27-Jan-1994170465Lets you create vector fonts for AutoCAD in SHP format. Edit features include copy; move; rotate; VGA & SVGA support; built in calcualtor and context sensitive help.
BOLDTEXT.ZIP01-Jan-19901411AutoLISP program to create bold text.
BOXSTKER.ZIP07-Mar-20011431Stack Text. BOXSTKER A program to align text, LEFT JUSTIFIED, with a BASE text at any angle.
BOXTEXT1.ZIP07-Mar-20013906Draws a lwpline rectangle enclosing each entity in a selection set of TEXT &/or MTEXT entities. Version: 1.0 Date: 14 May 00 for R14.
BUSTTEXT.ZIP01-Jan-19901406AutoLISP program to break text.
CADET.ZIP22-Nov-1993329062Edits and spell checks AutoCAD text & attributes. Full-screen text editor with menus; mouse support; search and replace; word wrap; cut and paste; full justification and spell checker. For AutoCAD R10-12 DOS or Windows.
CASECHG.ZIP01-Jan-19901394AutoLISP program to change case of text.
CHGTEXT.ZIP04-Jul-19921771LISP routine to change sub-string in selected text entities.
CHOP.ZIP01-Jan-19901639AutoLISP program to break text strings after specified words.
CHTXT.ZIP14-Jan-19956071Builds a list of all text in a model; including height; block names; text styles and number of text entities. Lets you change text height or style; inside or outside of blocks.
CTEXT.ZIP01-Jan-19902203AutoLISP program to curve text around circles and arc's
CTSIZE.ZIP19-Sep-19941795Change size; style and width of text for multiple selected entities. Will filter out non-text entities selecteed.
CTXTHT.ZIP01-Jan-19901463AutoLISP program to globally select; based on user specified parameters; and change text.
CURVETXT.ZIP01-Jan-19901556AutoLISP program to curve text arounf circles and arc's. Encypted.
DAV21.ZIP20-Dec-19921627AutoLISP routine to change existing text in a drawing; an improved version of AutoCAD's changetext command.
DDEDTX.ZIP18-Mar-199512227Edit AutoCAD text-like objects. Handles TEXT; ATTDEF; ATTRIB; MTEXT; and DIMENSION objects with dialog boxes for each. Nice for people who don't like to edit R13 dimensions and mtext. For R12 and 13 for DOS and Windows.
DDSTYL.ZIP14-Jan-1995101555AutoCAD R12 for DOS or Windows text style manipulation program with a dialog box interface. Only works with fonts with SHP and SHX files. No postscript font support.
DIMF.ZIP22-Nov-19938872Fractional dimension font; where numerator is over the denominator.
DLEADE.ZIP14-Jan-199515816LISP code to let users pick combinations of leader line styles. Friendly dialog box shows what types are available.
DRAWTEXT.ZIP01-Jan-19901805AutoLISP program to draw text characters from AutoCAD enities.
DWGTXT.ZIP01-Jan-19901555Autolisp program to import text into AutoCAD from ascii files.
ED.ZIP01-Jan-19902863AutoLISP program to edit strings of text with full cursor control on the AutoCAD command line.
ED2.ZIP04-Jul-19922863LISP routine to edit text in the AutoCAD drawing editor; on the graphic command prompt line.
EDITTEXT.ZIP01-Jan-19902047AutoLISP program to aid in editing text.
EDTXT.ZIP19-Nov-19942354Edits all AutoCAD text entities from a single lisp routine. Uses DDEDIT for Attdefs and DDATTE for attribute lists.
ET21.ZIP01-Jan-199015194Text Editor to link with AutoCAD.
EXPLTEXT.ZIP01-Jan-19901548AutoLISP program to explode text into words and letters.
EZTAGS10.ZIP18-Jan-199424771Routine to insert balloons; triangles & hexagons to reference B.O.M.; notes; etc. Includes an edit function to globally or individually edit tag values. Custom blocks can be arranged. A 1.2 version exists.
FGTEXT.ZIP01-Jan-19901422AutoLISP program to create text with a dot notation.
FZ.ZIP01-Jan-19902868AutoLISP program to freeze and thaw text strings.
GENSTR.ZIP01-Jan-19901197AutoLISP programs for text manipulation.
GEOTOL.ZIP25-Nov-199329046AutoLisp routine that helps you construct a geometric tolerancing block; which is a text string with a polyline box around it. The font used emulates simplex for the standard characters but also includes symbols created per Y14.5M-1982. ACAD release 12.
GTCHANGE.ZIP01-Jan-19901927AutoLISP program to change text generation specifications.
KANJI.ZIP09-May-1994175960A set of AutoLisp routines to create and modify Kanji text strings; that can also have desired parameters such as justification; height and base angle.
LETTER.ZIP01-Jan-19901495AutoLISP programs to enter block text on the drawing.
MODBKT.ZIP26-Jul-19941712Select text embedded in a block and edit or replace the text string using an Edit dialog box. Will pop up the existing string in a dialog and allow you to edit and replace the text. Loops until a return is issued at the Select Block Text prompt.
MULTINUM.ZIP01-Jan-19901373AutoLISP program to number sequentially in a row.
NEWTEXT.ZIP01-Jan-19901422AutoLISP program to import text from Ascii files.
PDWORD.ZIP05-Jul-199211370Converts an ASCII text file into an AutoCAD script file that can be loaded into an AutoCAD drawing file; release 2.0 and up.
PDWORD2.ZIP01-Jan-199011338Utility to turn text files into AutoCAD Drawings.
PL_LDR.ZIP27-Nov-19938769AutoCAD 10; 11; 12 lisp routine to simplify the leader creation process. Leader lines are constructed from a polyline. Supports multiple lines of text and bubbles or other figures.
READFILE.ZIP01-Jan-19901168AutoLISP program to read files from AutoCAD.
SPELL.ZIP01-Jan-19901667AutoLISP program to spell check drawings.
SPSINP.ZIP20-Dec-19922386Spread sheet interface macro to read text files charactor by character; building a set of columns from the data. Numeric data is expected to be found in comma delimited format (typical output format for most spread sheet programs).
STEXT.ZIP19-Nov-19942985Searches for a text string within all text entities in a drawing. If the string is part of a text entity; the entity is highlighted and a red box is drawn around it.
TABLECR.ZIP27-Nov-1993103224Lisp routine to automate the drawing of tables of text. Automatically generates row and column lines. Every time you hit the enter key; the cursor will move to the next column/row position. This will let you interactively fill in the table.
TB.ZIP04-Mar-20011750Very powerful lisp!!, the lisp breaks all the lines around a text area. Updated for 1996 code.
TED32.ZIP22-Nov-199324883Autocad text editor.
TEXTDRAW.ZIP01-Jan-19901846AutoLISP program to import ASCII text.
TEXTED.ZIP01-Jan-19902666AutoLISP program to line edit text.
TEXTEDIT.ZIP09-Sep-19932270AutoLISP routine that performs a global editing of text attributes.
TEXTEND.ZIP01-Jan-19901453AutoLISP explaination of how to find end of text.
TEXTFI.ZIP13-Mar-19953115LSP and DCL files to find text anywhere in a drawing.
TEXTSRCH.ZIP09-Sep-19932170AutoLISP routine that performs a global character search and replace.
TUK.ZIP01-Mar-199222021Not supported. Text utilities including menu; has features to handle text in a drawing including ASCII text import; export to an ASCII file; import schedules; search and replace text strings; global test property and global justification change.
TXCH.ZIP01-Jan-19901189AutoLISP program to change text.
TXSIZE.ZIP20-Dec-19921356AutoLISP routine to change the size of existing text within a drawing to any size desired.
TXTIN.ZIP01-Jan-19901555AutoLISP program to import ASCII text.
TXTWIDTH.ZIP01-Jan-19901736AutoLISP program to calculate the width of text.
TYPEWRIT.ZIP01-Jan-19901637AutoLISP program to emulate a typewriter.
UNDSCR.ZIP01-Jan-19901374AutoLISP program to underline text.
WT.ZIP01-Jan-19901714Write text to a file.
_CHGTEXT.ZIP01-Jan-19901771AutoLISP program to allow replacement of strings in text values.

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