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File NameUpdatedSizeDescription
121110.ZIP20-May-199444177Converts full DXF files created with R11 or R12 or R12 for Windows to R10.
12TO10.ZIP24-Jul-1994137721Converts release 11 or 12 drawings to release 10 without using DXF files. Drawings can be converted directly from the DOS prompt.
AC12TO10.ZIP16-May-1994137750Read and write drawing files directoly without entering AutoCAD. Will strip R11 and R12 specific entities and produce an R10 drawing fro the DOS prompt.
ACADVP.ZIP22-Nov-199320433Autocad to/from Ventura Publisher conversion utility.
AMANG214.ZIP17-Jan-1994100845Evaluation copy of AutoCAD manager to copy rename & display ACAD files
AXO_10.ZIP25-Nov-199318688Oblique axonometry of DXF drawing files ver. 10; 11; 12. Lets you transform 3DFace; Text; 3DPoly; Point; Line; Polyline; Polygon; Solid; etc. without thickness. Circles are allowed only if parallel to the projection plane. More.
CADVIEW.ZIP24-Sep-1994528673"DOS and Windows program which lets you easily trace any scanned PCX raster image with ""Visually Dynamic"" lines; arcs; circles; and complex curves and save to a vector file. Can also output to a DXF format for CAD import."
CADVIEWR.ZIP02-Mar-20011157408CADieu Viewer+ v1.0 It previews AutoCAD r13/14/2000's dwg, dwt, sld, slb, wmf, bmp, gif, jpg, pcx, tif, lsp, rtf, txt, and any text files, create slides and slide library, and extract slides from slide library. FREEWARE - Programmed in Delphi Windows 95/NT 1.1 MB
CDXF.ZIP26-Nov-199388693Two dimensional DXF (Drawing Interchange File) viewer. Designer for non-CAD experts and AutoCAD professionals to easily view DXF files without the hassle of loading AutoCAD. Uses minimal memory and disk space.
CHPACD.ZIP15-Mar-1994106365Convert between CAD and technical illustration or desktop publishing systems so you can use CAD drawings in your documentation. No size limit on files; very fast; and produces small; usable rawings. MS-DOS or Windows.
CSV2DX.ZIP18-Sep-1994108955Reads ASCII files and extracts the 1st three real numeric values in each line. Creates validated CSV file and outputs to CSV or 3D polyline DXF file.
CV.ZIP18-Jun-19931712Computervision options file for the new ACAD IGES Translator. Contains options settings which may improve data exchange with a CV system. Enables mapping of IGES groups to Entity Grouping Tool Groups; turns on the mapping of UCS's to and from matrices.
DLGACD.ZIP19-Mar-199496292Converts USGS Digital Line GRaph (DLG) files into AutoCAD DXF; binary DXF or DXB files. This demo version is limited to the first 100 entities in each DLG file. Offers a quick and inexpensive way to make maps for the USA.
DXFDWG.ZIP05-Mar-199429329Creates AutoCAD drawings from a requested subset of AutoCAD DXF files. Can be run in batch mode for unattended processing. Permits wildcard specifications for filenames.
FILTR170.ZIP22-Nov-1993179810Acad drawing filters.
OTTOPDF.ZIP07-Mar-2001628257OttoPDF is a freeware program that converts AutoCAD drawing files into Adobe Acrobat PDF files without using AutoCAD.
PCXDXB11.ZIP09-Jan-199411147Paint brush to AutoCAD translation utility.
RDSLD13.ZIP03-Jan-199563302ReadSlide is a .GIF conversion program for AutoCAD slide files.
SIRLINDW.ZIP01-Sep-1993331739A simple; shareware application that lets you quickly review AutoCAD DWG drawings without an expensive CAD workstation. Loading a drawing is as simple as selecting from a list. Viewing flexibility allows you to quickly pan and zoom the drawing file.
SIRLINDX.ZIP01-Sep-1993334684A simple; shareware application that lets you quickly review industrystandard DXF drawings without an expensive CAD workstation. Loading a drawing is as simple as selecting from a list. Viewing flexibility allows you to quickly pan and zoom drawing.
STL2DX.ZIP26-Jan-199538098Converts stereolithography (.stl) files to DXF format files.

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